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  1. Oh I got stories about the Galleria! I pretty much grew up in the Galleria from 1983 until I moved to Austin in 1997. Parents frequently took me there & the general Galleria/Memorial area for shopping, dinners, Farrell's, ice skating, Christmas festivities, etc. until I was old enough to drive, then I practically lived there. When I wasn't working in one of the many clothing shops (almost exclusively for the discounts), we were hanging out there during the days, & sneaking back in at night to party, show off to our girlfriends, rollerblade the smooth floors. Remember vividly working at DJ's/Dejaiz & Cignal (the "high end" stores under the Merry-Go-Round umbrella), Tannery West (before Wilsons bought all the leather places out), Barney's of NY. Had many close friends that worked all over the mall: Tiffany, Chanel, Saks, Lord & Taylor, North Beach Leather, Charles Jourdan shoes, Wild Pair. Seems like we'd see someone we knew really well every 5 minutes there. Also plenty of celebrity sightings. Had some local celebs (political types & news personalities) that were regular customers at some of the places I worked but we'd also run into all the local ball players & other athletes that trained there for Olympics, etc. Met Michelle Kwan at the ice rink (sooo tiny!! I was at least a foot taller than her). Used to see bigger celebs roaming the halls in between work. Saw an entourage of flashy folks headed my way & in the middle was Morris Day from The Time. I normally say something to famous people if they make eye contact & it doesn't look like I'm chasing them down but he was so f-ing suave & in his own bubble that I just let him float by. He did notice that I recognized him so he flashed a huge smile, nodded a "what's up" and winked. That whole group looked they were in a music video. Also spied another one of my musical idols Alex Van Halen walking the 2nd floor above where I was working and realized & was coming down the escalator in front of my store so I strolled out to meet him when he hit the bottom. We had already nodded a what's up at each other & he knew I was coming out so I guess already planned on having that fan chat. SUPER gracious dude, walked right up to me with his hand out, asked me how I was doing, etc. Told him I'd always been a huge fan, named a few of my fave songs ("Dude. Hot For Teacher. Are you KIDDING ME with that intro???"). My female coworker knew I wouldn't ask for an autograph but would treasure it so she ran out with a blank card & asked him to sign it TO ME! Lol Glad she did that now. It's been stored away for several years but remember exactly what it says. Addressed it to me by name & said "Keep rockin'!" & drew a stick figure of I assume himself but looks more like Ed, holding up his drumsticks, big hair & all. Mentioned a few other nefarious events around the mall on other posts here: the "Mall High Club" in the glass elevators, crashing the hotel roof pool at night & watching what were most likely extramarital affairs and/or porn shoots going on live, lights-on thru open curtains, sneaking in from the roof really late at night into what used to be called Galleria III (not sure about the naming for the different sections now) into the smoothie place & either eating the ingredients or actually making smoothies. This is the area that had the newest, smoothest floors to rollerblade on, it was like an ice rink. It was also a relatively small square around the area so we'd have obstacle course/roller derby races. They eventually started rotating a security guard to roam the hallways of the whole mall but it was easy to time his loops by peeping thru the skylights in multiple parts of the mall from the roof. We knew once he left area III we had a good 30 minutes for shenanigans in that part of the mall. Rinse & repeat. Too bad there were no cell phone cameras back then, would've had several movies worth of material! I do have some random disposable camera pics somewhere though but nothing too incriminating. Here's one of me & a couple of besties hanging out on the roof of Saks at like 2 or 3 am after some random night out in 1988, either at NRG or Xcess on a Saturday night. I'm on the far left. These are some of my best memories really, just a few chill friends with a boombox of good music, drinking beers under the stars & looking out at the Houston skyline, talking til sunrise.
  2. So those glass elevators exposed to that whole part of the mall & offices....one of the big 'bucket list' challenges we had back in high school (in the 80's) was to have sex in one from the time it took the doors to close, get to the top floor then back down again. Pretty easy feat at 17. Matter of fact, a buddy of mine has the record for twice in one trip. Good times.
  3. Every try binocs to watch the "swimming pool-goers" a block over at The Men's Club?? Yeah, there's an open-air VIP pool back there, shaped like a giant grand piano iirc
  4. We used to watch people walk around naked & have sex with the curtains open there back in the day. Lights on at night...guessing on purpose. There was a spot you could get onto the roof near the pool that gave you a view you couldn't get elsewhere. We used to climb to there then hop the fence to swim late at night in the summer & in the winter they usually drained it so we'd skateboard, make out "and stuff".
  5. I believe you're thinking of Yaga Ragz. Really small Jamaican-inspired store decorated just like this & carried mostly their own brand of t-shirts (remember the 'Mo Bettah' & 'Da Rootz Vibe' catchphrases they used on stuff) but a handful of OP, Hobie, Stussy, & Mossimo shirts & shorts back in the very beginnings of those surf fashion companies. That family started on the streets of Galveston in the 80's & moved their way up to the big leagues in the Galleria by the early 90's. Had LOTS of stuff from that store.
  6. There was an always-broken fire exit door to/from the roof that would dump you right behind this place in the food court up there. We used to roam the halls all hours of the night back in the late 80s
  7. I can't even count the number of shows I've seen at the old Summit. I think my 1st one was Van Halen in 1984 & right after that my mom worked in the law department for the bank & commercial real estate companies that managed the building so I was there monthly throughout high school & after I graduated pretty much weekly. Biggest prelude memories included Beastie Boys opening for Madonna's Like a Virgin tour in '85 at Hofheinz Pavilion. My friends & I went specifically for the Beasties who immediately got boo'd off stage. Who knew how big they would be a year later?? At that point they came back on their own for License to Ill and sold out the Summit, where me & most of 8 or so friends I crammed into my car got Minor in Possession tickets for drinking beer in the parking garage on the way in. The good old days of "here's your $50 ticket, enjoy the show". At worst the cops would make you pour all your booze out. Ouch! More Beastie Boys memories at the Summit include the Check Your Head tour in '92 when they were at probably their utmost prime. I remember the house lights going out to completely black, a deafening roar & some other noise we didn't recognize, then the lights coming back up as the Beasties took the stage. The whole Summit was beyond moving, it was flowing. Almost every single human in that building that wasn't on the floor was making their way towards the floor & the stage and in the bright blue & white lights it looked like water pouring from the top of the building down. One of the most physically unreal concert experiences I've ever had. It was amazing. Some of my best memories include (but aren't even close to the # of times I've been in that building, including Houston Rockets playoffs & Finals): 1984 Van Halen (back-to-back sold out nights) 1985 PRINCE! (and Shelia E) - Purple Rain (6 sold out nights) 1986 David Lee Roth - Eat 'Em & Smile 1987 Beastie Boys - License to Ill 1987 U2 - Joshua Tree (back-to-back sold out nights) 1987 Def Leppard - Hysteria 1988 INXS - Kick 1988 David Lee Roth - Skyscraper (with Poison) 1988 Michael Jackson - Bad (3 sold out nights) 1988 George Michael - Faith 1990 The Cult - Sonic Temple 1991 George Michael - Cover to Cover 1991 Garth Brooks 1992 U2 - Zoo TV 1992 Metallica - Wherever We May Roam 1992 Morrissey - Your Arsenal 1993 Peter Gabriel - Secret World 1993 Depeche Mode - Devotional (2 sold out nights) 1996 Kiss - Alive Worldwide (their full makeup, all original reunion) 1996 Harry Connick Jr - private charity event 1996 The Smashing Pumpkins w/Garbage - Infinite Sadness I was (am) a music fanatic so these were only some of the Summit shows...hundreds of others at most every venue in Houston, many more across TX & Colorado (try Red Rocks if you can!). Anyone remember the Lollapalooza shows when they actually traveled??
  8. Flashback! This was the first place I had a (publicly legal) beer on my 21st birthday. 1989.
  9. Reviving an old thread because such good memories! Here's a good resource for TX music venues, including these: http://rockinhouston.com/venues/sam-houston-coliseum/54?groupBy=Years http://rockinhouston.com/venues/houston-music-hall/55?groupBy=Years It's obviously not a complete list since I saw bands at the very end of these venues' runs that aren't listed at all like the Beastie Boys/Cypress Hill/Rollins Band in Nov 1992, Ministry in Dec of the same year, & the Black Crowes' High as the Moon show in '93. It was a really rough hall by that point, seriously felt like it would cave in on us at any moment. At one point in the Crowes show the monitor/speaker stack on one side of the stage fell into the first few rows of the audience prompting a huge apology from the band because it cut the show short (luckily by only a couple of songs) & a promise from Chris Robinson that they would be back ASAP & play for free to those of us that hung on to tickets stubs. That next free show ended up being the one that was broadcast live around the world & ended up as the "High In Houston" bootleg CD from the radio recordings and now legally available as "Texan Tornado". It was the very last show to be held at the Coliseum. There are a couple of videos on YouTube of the whole show, albeit shaky audience handheld ones, but historic nonetheless.
  10. This is how/where we used to get into Power Tools when we were underage. Hop down to the bayou & walk along the bank (sometimes insanely muddy...because Houston), and into a back door that was never locked. This was a couple years before we frequented legally every Thurs & Sat night & before friends ended up running & owning the joint. Hell, I even worked the door there for a bit. I never knew about a crypt there but I remember a massive flood in '92 (I think...could be '93) that shut PT down for a while so they took over a basement space next door that could've very well been a crypt. I can still smell the wet limestone & mold!
  11. Several friends & I worked at various stores in the Galleria between 1988 & 1992, haven't seen its layout in years but can remember many store locations from that era if this project ever materializes.
  12. I remember grand opening night & it being a big deal in general for awhile. I also remember cruising by there one night after closing with a friend that decided he wanted the parking sign with their logo on it. He stopped the car right on Kirby, got out, yanked the sign out of the ground concrete & all & threw it the back seat through an open window. Drove off like it was no big deal. From there we cruised lower Westheimer with this thing sticking out the side of the car like an advertisement banner. Pretty sure we'd get shot today for half the things we did back in the 80's.
  13. Ha! There was an actual band there?? I didn't hear about that, assumed it would be the regular DJs that spun there, which honestly weren't that bad at all. My group opted for a non-quarantined evening of house party hopping then straight to Galveston for the weekend. Pretty typical summer agenda.
  14. Yup, can confirm it was mostly an Elsik & Hastings hangout. It was actually pretty great for approximately 2 years but that's what happens when you build a place specifically for an age group & that age group is notoriously fickle about what's cool & what's not. And yeah the demographic changed just as quickly, by 89-90 it got pretty ghetto but it was pretty cool in the early days. Lots of games, the couple of clubs actually did play good music, the water park was legit & we played beach volleyball religiously almost every day for at least one of those summers. My senior year in 87 they hosted a joint Elsik/Hastings graduation party but no alcohol & it was a lock-in. Great idea if that was your thing & the parents loved it. Have to applaud the concept. Nice Prince quote, btw.
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