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  1. I can't even count the number of shows I've seen at the old Summit. I think my 1st one was Van Halen in 1984 & right after that my mom worked in the law department for the bank & commercial real estate companies that managed the building so I was there monthly throughout high school & after I graduated pretty much weekly. Biggest prelude memories included Beastie Boys opening for Madonna's Like a Virgin tour in '85 at Hofheinz Pavilion. My friends & I went specifically for the Beasties who immediately got boo'd off stage. Who knew how big they would be a year later
  2. Flashback! This was the first place I had a (publicly legal) beer on my 21st birthday. 1989.
  3. Reviving an old thread because such good memories! Here's a good resource for TX music venues, including these: http://rockinhouston.com/venues/sam-houston-coliseum/54?groupBy=Years http://rockinhouston.com/venues/houston-music-hall/55?groupBy=Years It's obviously not a complete list since I saw bands at the very end of these venues' runs that aren't listed at all like the Beastie Boys/Cypress Hill/Rollins Band in Nov 1992, Ministry in Dec of the same year, & the Black Crowes' High as the Moon show in '93. It was a really rough hall by that point, seriously felt like
  4. This is how/where we used to get into Power Tools when we were underage. Hop down to the bayou & walk along the bank (sometimes insanely muddy...because Houston), and into a back door that was never locked. This was a couple years before we frequented legally every Thurs & Sat night & before friends ended up running & owning the joint. Hell, I even worked the door there for a bit. I never knew about a crypt there but I remember a massive flood in '92 (I think...could be '93) that shut PT down for a while so they took over a basement space next door that could've very well been
  5. Several friends & I worked at various stores in the Galleria between 1988 & 1992, haven't seen its layout in years but can remember many store locations from that era if this project ever materializes.
  6. I remember grand opening night & it being a big deal in general for awhile. I also remember cruising by there one night after closing with a friend that decided he wanted the parking sign with their logo on it. He stopped the car right on Kirby, got out, yanked the sign out of the ground concrete & all & threw it the back seat through an open window. Drove off like it was no big deal. From there we cruised lower Westheimer with this thing sticking out the side of the car like an advertisement banner. Pretty sure we'd get shot today for half the things we did back in the 80's.
  7. Ha! There was an actual band there?? I didn't hear about that, assumed it would be the regular DJs that spun there, which honestly weren't that bad at all. My group opted for a non-quarantined evening of house party hopping then straight to Galveston for the weekend. Pretty typical summer agenda.
  8. Yup, can confirm it was mostly an Elsik & Hastings hangout. It was actually pretty great for approximately 2 years but that's what happens when you build a place specifically for an age group & that age group is notoriously fickle about what's cool & what's not. And yeah the demographic changed just as quickly, by 89-90 it got pretty ghetto but it was pretty cool in the early days. Lots of games, the couple of clubs actually did play good music, the water park was legit & we played beach volleyball religiously almost every day for at least one of those summers. My senior year
  9. Do not recall a C&W club/bar by that name in Houston but there's the historic Yellow Rose strip club in Austin. If i'm not mistaken, it's the one Katy native Rene Zellweger worked while at UT. I heard she was "just a waitress" but that's what they all say.
  10. Nice. Lots of history there. My pops played Gilley's a number of times back in the 70's & 80's. What I wouldn't give for one of our original 'I Rode The Bull At Gilley's' t-shirts now!
  11. Interesting. I lived in Mission Bend (Leona) at that time & saw none of this. My parents got a lot & had a really nice home built at the end of 83, we moved in around Feb of 84 & that's where I lived all thru high school at Elsik. Never once saw a foreclosure or even an empty house until the 90's. In fact, we still had empty lots on our cul de sac when we moved in and over the years new homes were built around us. Purchase price of ours in 83 was about $120k and it was sold the first time in 2005 for a profit. I just saw it was listed a few days ago at $250k. Not sure what part of
  12. Link is dead. Any chance you have this vid elsewhere? What is it exactly?? I worked in the Galleria in 89 & 90.
  13. Watch Robocop 2, it was pretty much all filmed on location around HTown. I watched a couple of scenes being filmed at that end of Main & they didn't have to do much to make it look like "future dystopian metropolitan Detroit'.
  14. Hey @georgetowngal Any chance you still have this sign??
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