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  1. I’m and so happy I found this conversation! My father and his brothers lived at Faith Home when they were kids. They went to a foster home and where eventually spit up. He went back there again before being adopted and living in Rosenberg with the Wests’. My dad was born in 1941, his name is Thomas Gene West (Huffman before being adopted). I would love to hear if anyone knew him. He told me stories and spoke fondly of his time there. I wish I would’ve listened more but I was young and thought he would be here forever, sadly he passed in 2008. I do remember him saying they were given a small allowance and he would go see a movie. I’m guessing the one on w. Grey? He took me by there when I was a teenager. Maybe someone remembers his brothers..? Julius Kent Huffman and his other brother Patrick. I remember he said his mom would come visit him but was unable to care for him. His dad also came to visit but when he was 10 he learned his father had died. I sure wish there were pics of Faith Home during that time period. I would love to see what it was like when he was there. He’s been gone for over ten years now but I still miss him terribly. Any info general or specific about him or that time period would be greatly appreciated!
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