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  1. Oh my gosh the memories! I lived at the Carousel Apartments and my mom would give us money to walk over and see a movie- I was only 5 or 6 and my brother was 7 or 8! I remember sometimes our mom would get us warm Shipley's Donuts. I still have toys from Playhouse toys (I am 52) and I remember all the stores you are all mentioning. I remember there was a gap jeans ("Fall into the gap!") there too. I think there was Florsheim shoes? Or some fancy (to me) shoe store. I remember the sound inside that mall. Once our mom gave us money to go to one of the little temporary fairs they had in the Gulfgate parking lot and some kids pickpocketed my brother and took all of the tickets he had just bought. We were pretty poor, so we were so upset because it was a sacrifice for our mom to pay for that.
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