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  1. those would be the penthouses, no? I would imagine they would be a little swankier.
  2. It was a pretty ambitious amount of space they leased up.
  3. I will never understand how it is profitable to have a mattress store on every block. How often are people buying these things?
  4. how so? this one appears to be about 10% the size of Disco Green.
  5. Ruffling feathers is definitely the goal of every major developer.
  6. Just what I have heard from some land guys in the area. Looking at their holdings, it appears that 2800 Clinton was a separate purchase than KBR but I can't be sure of that.
  7. it does seem off that Post would run off a paying tenant when a lot of their retail at the newest phase is still empty. I suppose it could all be locked up and they just haven't started moving forward yet. That spot where Barcadia is will be great if the Super Block is ever developed.
  8. I'm not sure that is true. I've been hearing that Cathexis has been grabbing up more adjacent land rather than selling it off. Who knows though, they play it pretty close to the vest.
  9. This one looks like mustard colored crap when driving down the Spur
  10. The Lofts on Post Oak is a pretty nice looking building IMO. Not very well constructed from what I have seen, but it fits the area pretty well.
  11. from looking at the menu and reviews, it sounds a lot like Taco Milagro.
  12. I believe it's the same tract of land being referenced by the original poster. Looking at HCAD though, it seems that Cathexis also owns 4100 Clinton, along with the KBR land. The New Zealand group must have the adjacent lots.
  13. No...I am talking about the land that was bought by the foreign investment group.
  14. That's interesting. I was under the impression that there were some environmental issues with that land and it would take at least another year to get that resolved.
  15. pretty inaccurate thread title
  16. I wouldn't imagine Camden is having an money problems right now. Do you think they're waiting for the go ahead from the Midtown TIRZ before starting construction?
  17. well that sucks. this project is starting to look like vaporware!
  18. sounds like your agent was acting as a sub agent to the seller. That was more common way back in the day but I doubt it was the case in 2003. Again, read the Information About Brokerage Services. It spells things out pretty clearly. https://www.trec.state.tx.us/pdf/contracts/op-k.pdf
  19. you can read Chapter 2 of this TREC course. It's pretty fascinating stuff! http://www.cetc-net.com/tests/9elec/ethicsupdate3.0.pdf This site takes some information from the TREC courses as well. It spells things out a bit more: http://www.exclusivebuyersagents.com/duties.htm The "Information About Brokerage Services" form also does a good job of stating our duties to the client.
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