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  1. As a side-note, but perhaps it has more to do with it as a long-term trend... Why does it seem like north-side management is in particular completely inept? Just compare their website's to midtown's, it's beyond embarrassing. They can't sell themselves at all. It's a train wreck. Seriously think we should set up a coup. (maybe I am just pissed atm...)
  2. Do we know if they do any mixed development? Looking at their website I don't see a list of past projects. Never mind. They have a list of apartment properties after looking for awhile didn't spot a mixed use... damn. Hopefully they have more in mind for it than just apartment spam. Although that many apartments insures that the neighboring mostly abandoned warehouses get flipped into something commercial. What about see attached, is that our only hope of something that isn't an apartment? Or is that already planned too? (also anyone else constantly running into stray dogs in this area, holyshit people put your dogs up, have 311 on speed dial)
  3. It's a giant ugly eye sore in it's new ROW, basically. That sums it up. If you walk out there and actually measure out where the road will be it's going to block what is now a really awesome view and turn it into a really trashy one. That does suck. I've seen no data to support the claim that it's currently 'dangerous' (I've been to meetings wherein Txdots made the claim, but again - a salesman's concern trolling bare assertion), but I have that it's simply to cut a couple seconds off travel, and it will probably turn a big swath of nice park into the next hobo encampment, other than that - no, the furniture warehouse or whatever that is won't be much of a loss and the road wouldn't be all that bad except for how raised it'll be to go over main and the light rail, without a single doubt detracts from the major appeal (or what could be) of that area outside it's proximity to DT. The new connectors to and from Near North into DT will be really nice, that's the only win for the northside. In the long-term if other projects are handled correctly, like the 140-180 million now dedicated to the north channel dig and construction, then even the top half of Jail house island could be a neat feature for the area. Overall I think the area has a lot of promise regardless.
  4. Theyre digging on the other fields this morning as well. Thats almost all of them save for the one adjancent to the abandoned parking lot?with the fence around it. But walking on the field about a week ago next to the fenced off area i notice they had fresh stakes in the ground and utilities had sprayed the lines. Does anyone know if the rest of the sites are going to start building out/breaking ground soon or are they just early surveying phase to see whats possible? As for I45 thing, its a collosal waste of money but dont expect the city to put up any real fight, downtown finally gets pierce elevated a gaint noose around its neck taken off and the otherside, while getting destroyed in the nearterm, will be buried. This means much of downtown is reconnected to its surrounding - this is great for downtown. Its without a doubt part of the built in political back scratching of this project. The north side definitely gets the short end of the stick, well have to wait and see how ugly it really is and how much of the adjancent park is destroyed. But its not getting significantly changed, too much in it the city has wanted for decades now.
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