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  1. it sounded like you were referring to population density, of course townhomes with less than a foot separation is dense.
  2. Dense is relative, each of those big townhouses has maybe 3 people
  3. I've never seen corrugated sheet metal used so much in residential buildings than Houston. My favorite is those tin boxes in midtown by Camden city centre
  4. Is it possible they add extra width on both sides with decorative brick etc, but I just wonder why they went around the utility pole like is it that hard to move the pole or integrate it into the sidewalk? Looks like the guy putting down the cement was just like not my job...
  5. Hmm I only see like 4 or 5 but they couldn't pick a better market to sell and I just feel sorry for any of the buyers that are buying in this market and have to live with another two years of construction noise after buying their home for likely all time high...
  6. Interesting, the brand new restaurant and parking lot still hasn't opened. Would they just demo it to start this or has this been scrapped/held off for a few years. Seems like a waste after spending all that money on the restaurant and paving the lot, even though they restaurant kind of looks like it's made of cardboard. I just hope those renters on the back of pearl at the mix know what they might have to deal with if construction starts lol Ah I just noticed it says long term proposed. So probably 3+ years until it starts. It just means it has zoning approved which in houston is like instantly (?) haha.
  7. Wonder what types of renter this will attract. It's not that much cheaper monthly than the rest of the cookie cutter wrap apartments, and probably more per square foot. And you miss out on the pool, gym (?) etc. I'm assuming it has an elevator but maybe just one slow one. I don't know how much the savings on the structured parking and amenities will actually be passed down, and having a multistory parking is great for hurricane season.
  8. Anyone know the status of the restaurant? Will the parking lot be a separate development as well or remain parking, they just repaved it.
  9. It's nice for future residents that the neighborhood is already built out and quiet. Hopefully the increased traffic doesn't cause any issues
  10. Wonder why they thought it was a good time to start now... Also there is a recent heated thread on the midtown nextdoor with some angry neighbors lol
  11. They rebranded to Taylor Heights and I believe are now leasing. The project looks very "value-engineered" as a nice way of saying really cheaply built-looking but I'm no expert. The floorplans bit larger than average which is nice. But jeez they just made this congested intersection even more congested.
  12. I'm guessing the developer is overjoyed they chose concrete over wood frame considering lumber prices currently. Also does anyone live in block 334 or on the red line? It's horn is actually really loud I can hear several blocks away I couldn't imagine living right next to it.
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