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  1. Hello everybody! We need a hard-hitting attorney specializing in landlord/tenant matters. One who can act quickly. Our landlord is refusing to renew our apartment lease just because I reported him to a city of Houston agency for not taking care of our roach infestation. That agency then got Adult Protective Services to interview our landlord without our approval and this pissed him off. He told me that was the sole reason for not renewing our lease. Which is against the law according to the Texas Property Code. To top it off he agreed to do whatever it takes, including another Actisol treatment, to take care of the problem after I replaced all of our cardboard boxes with plastic storage bins. We spent hundreds of dollars and many months doing this. But in the end, all our lame landlord could come up with was that the problem wasn't his fault but instead the roach infestation was a result of us having too much furniture! And the landlord knows all too well that moving again would be very hard on my elderly mother. He helped get her to our apartment after she collapsed on the sidewalk in 2018. Thanks.
  2. Anybody remember a club on Hawthorne Street in Montrose? From Westheimer you turned right on Montrose Blvd and then left on Hawthorne and it was on the right. It was a house converted into a club. Saw Dr. Rockit and others there in the late 70's and early 80's.
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