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  1. This is kinda old news now, but I hadn’t seen it here: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/04/09/midway-cos-ceo-steps-down.html He seemed to be the one pushing this development, so we’ll see what happens.
  2. Almost every day I think about those buildings. They were about as cool as anything ever built in Houston. If they hadn’t been demolished, they would surely be transformed into something cool like The Post or some really big farmers market/food hall. Instead, we have 1990’s-era Spring Cypress manifesting in their place.
  3. From your lips to God’s ears! I surely hope so. Although, as someone who lives nearby this development, the empty fields were actually really nice and almost like a big park. So many of us treated it as our neighborhood’s green space, which it sort of became. Crappy development is definitely going to be a net negative for the neighborhood.
  4. Is your assertion that good urban design, good development = luxury? I believe a lot of architects, planners, developers, city officials, and policy makers would take issue with that. Including the 2 projects right next door - The Exchange and Hardy Yards Apartments, both of which are examples of decent workforce projects.
  5. If it indeed is as bad as it looks, this is truly awful development for being so close to transit, so close to downtown, and in the year 2021. What an incredible disappointment the Hardy Yards has become. Truly a lack of leadership and vision.
  6. So far it looks like a lot of surface parking and 90s-era garden style apartments.
  7. If you haven’t already shared your opinions on how the area gets planned with the Downtown District, here’s how: https://swa.mysocialpinpoint.com/wdvisionplan_2 BTW, it’s the “Warehouse District”.
  8. Agreed. I’m a fan of incrementalism and think if we can keep improving the public spaces and streetscapes while adding residential, retail will follow. To me, a bunch of connected small places and spaces in a walkable area is better than big projects like aquariums. That said, I’d love to see one or two public squares added downtown in key places. Similar to how Mexico City and many European cities have several plazas separated by only a few blocks.
  9. What a travesty to cover it up again.
  10. Sure was! Maybe the sketchiest block downtown at the time, and that’s saying A LOT for that time. Although, I’m still a little sad they tore down the West building across the street. BG Place has very little appeal at ground level. Very disappointing.
  11. So happy to see this! I believe that space has actually been vacant since the garage opened in 2006?
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