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  1. I went by the site this morning and it appears that some minor dirt work has started. I didn't see a crew on site but that could have just been bad timing.
  2. Is there a projected construction start date? I am struggling to find any timeline details other than the proposed "Opening Spring 2022" via X Social Communities website.
  3. I really hope the pool wasn't a key selling point😂
  4. I recently talked with Mill Creek Residential and they mentioned 17 stories I don't believe that this will be 38 as depicted above.
  5. Has there been talks of who the GC will be? I know G.T. Leach usually works with Randall Davis but I have not heard any updates on this.
  6. It looks like the tenants are beginning to vacate, I drove by this morning and there were moving trucks with workers.
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