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  1. Construction is underway at 931 W 19th Street Houston, Texas 77008 for "Roast N Brew House" Roast N Brew House - Facebook Roast N Brew House
  2. Noticed a TABC Notice in the window of the old Copper Penny at the corner of Shepherd and 24th St. The applicant is PBZ, LLC.
  3. Austin's Loro from Aaron Franklin (Franklin's BBQ) and Tyson Cole (Uchi) If this is accurate, it will be a welcome and highly anticipated addition to the Heights.
  4. More information from The Leader "Piper said a new restaurant at that location will be similar to the former Grafittis at Union St., which his family owned at 2003 Union St. and closed in May 2017. The restaurant featured graffiti art on the walls and a menu of flame-grilled burgers, wings and steaks. Piper said it is uncertain whether the upcoming restaurant on 19th will keep the Grafittis name but said it will be a full-service bar and restaurant that will be both kid- and pet-friendly. He said there is interior work being done in preparation for a summer opening."
  5. Big Star Bar to close soon
  6. Looks like someone has leased or purchased the old Golden Cafe at 1430 W 19th, at the intersection of 18th, 19th and 20th. There is a TABC notice in the window for “PBZ Holdings LLC” mixed beverage and late night permits requested. Some me preliminary demo work seems to be in progress.
  7. It seems like some years ago that a sign went up on that property for Russo's Wood Fired Pizza, which I think was related to the chain of Russo's pizza places in and around Houston.
  8. And now Canard will close on 12/31: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/12-21-16-canard-closes-december-31-foreign-correspndents-treadsack-heights/
  9. Two new spots coming to 19th Street: 1) Indian Restaurant in the new building next to the Ka/Hugs&Donuts/Fat Cat strip center: http://theheightslifehouston.blogspot.com/2016/09/the-post-youve-all-been-waiting-for.html https://tarkaindiankitchen.com/ 2) Bar in the old La Pachanga location at 1235 W 19th. They have already started on the remodel of the old bar. http://www.mcintyreshouston.com/
  10. I'm not a betting man. If I were, then I'd wager these details have already been hammered out. HEB wouldn't invest in a firm just to get signatures given the numerous variables of how to conduct the local election on this narrow issue. It isn't impossible for them to find space just outside of the Heights dry zone. I think its clear they want that specific space. The sequence of events from the close of Fiesta to the petition suggests that this wasn't a coincidental series of events.
  11. A quick google search on Skinny Rita's Grille found that it is a new concept from the group behind Ruggles Green.
  12. The old Wind Water Gallery is going to become a YogaOne studio. http://yogaonehouston.com/locations/ 548 W.19th St.
  13. New bar/restaurant by the Downhouse team to take over block on N. Shep. between 18th and 19th. http://blog.chron.com/29-95/2013/08/cusack-knight-mason-announce-hunky-dory-plans/
  14. I noticed a TABC Application Notice on a recently closed used car lot at Shepherd and 15th St. Not that I care, but I thought this area was within the "dry" boundary. The name is "Heights Beer Garden." Its the orange building on the southwest corner, across from the Tortilla factory. Incidentally, I've noticed a number of the used car lots up and down Durham and Shepherd have closed recently.
  15. This was posted last night http://www.29-95.com/restaurants/story/cks-steakhouse-killens-bbq-progress-report The original plans had to be scraped and they're talking of building a new structure.
  16. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/eating/2013/01/ken_bridge_opening_new_cantina.php From the link, Ken Bridge (Pinks, Lola, Witchcraft, Shepherd Park) is behind the development.
  17. Moose

    Beck's Prime

    Hubcap on 19th street opened a few weeks ago. They open at 5 and I think it is closed on Sundays. Lunch service is rumored to start next week.
  18. Maybe it is just one person, but with the fight and fuss the civic club put up against La Hacienda on 26th and Couch I wasn't sure. Looks like the actual location is the old Mi Cocina Victor's Cafe: Via Swamplot
  19. More from @hubcap_grill @Hubcap_Grill Ricky Craig "It's ridiculous! Some peeps in the heights are trying to stop me ( Hubcap ) from opening. I'm not WalMart. Geez" Here we have a local business interested in investing in the Heights/Shady Acres area in a down economy and people are jumping to conclusions. Maybe we can get really lucky and get a Red Robin or a Fuddruckers. For instance from the Shady Acres Discussion Group: My link "Live bands? I don't think i am ok with this. Will the civic club work with the owners to ensure the residents interests are being voiced?"
  20. Last night, Hubcap Grill announced on its twitter feed: "Coming soon to the Heights. Hubcap Burgers and Beer Garden. Live bands on weekends ( classic Texas rock ) Texas beers" A number of the feeds followers wanted details, but the owner said he'd announce on Monday. But...about an hour ago: "It's official: @hubcap_grill just signed lease for a space on 19th St. in the Heights near Cedar Creek. Hubcap Burgers & Beer Garden. Woohoo!" Any one care to speculate as to where on 19th. This sounds like an interesting addition to the neighborhood. Their burgers are considered some of the best in town. Last night, he stated it would be open in two months.
  21. Speaking of the Jazzy Cafe...the old Jazzy Cafe is now Gatlin's BBQ & Catering, which opened this week. Stopped by today for lunch and give a big thumbs up for the brisket and pulled pork. Super nice family running the joint. www.gatlinsbbq.com
  22. The old Marty's Bar across from Tony's on Ella is now Heights West restaurant & bar. Drove by this morning and their sign says: "Southern by Day, French by Night." It looked like they may be open or close to opening. I saw someone decked out in what looked like typical chef attire, minus the hat, going in. Anyone know any details?
  23. It is a second location for the Conroe based business. Houston Press Review of Conroe Location: At the end of the review, it mentions that they are opening up a location in the Heights.
  24. Re: 19th Street -- I haven't seen the Picnic restaurant, but a block or two further to the west I noticed that Pie In the Sky is opening a spot. Pie In The Sky Pie Co.
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