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  1. Great pictures! I had completely forgotten about those buildings on Main. The most distinctive thing to me was that weird one story connector building (Picture 2) in between the tower and the pavilion. It definitely stood out as you were driving past. I think there was some kind of retail in there at some point, can't remember what, though.
  2. This will be a nice addition to that part of Briarpark, the Westchase District's "scenic boulevard." Nothing else on that side of the street between Richmond and Westpark is over two stories, and all the buildings are at least 25 years old. That's the Schlumberger campus across the street; their grounds are very well maintained, it looks like a golf course. The building just to the north of the one that's being torn down is the headquarters for the US Professional Tennis Association, those are two tennis courts behind and just to the north of their building. This is my neighborhood, I know it well. I like to take walks, and the commercial properties and streets are so well maintained in that area it's like walking through a park.
  3. Lucas Liquor Superstore at I10 and Kirkwood in an old Randall's location was short lived. They had plans for lots of other stores, not sure what happened. They did have a good selection.
  4. That's pretty interesting. Makes sense that they would have all kinds of long range plans as the Houston area grows and air traffic increases. I definitely like the idea of putting an overpass at JFK and Greens Rd, and direct connectors at 59/69 and Will Clayton. And that Humble Parkway stretching all the way from Greens Rd to 1960 and beyond would provide another way in and out of the area.
  5. The new ramp from 290 East to I 10 is awesome! It's worth going out of your way a bit just to try it out. From the exit point on 290 to where you join up with I 10 heading towards Downtown is a distance of three miles, almost all of it elevated. I'm not positive, but it may be the longest freeway exit in the country. There's a discussion on the transportation forum in Google groups (misc.transport.road), but none of the examples cited there are longer than two miles or so.
  6. Yes, interesting. Obviously, we have all gotten much smarter and more aware, at least in terms of business and marketing concepts, since then.
  7. Good topic! Here is mine...
  8. A couple of photos from inside Huckster House
  9. And the '60's are very hot at the moment! Producers? I am available as a consultant! Huckster House, 811 Bayridge Rd. Still there, I believe
  10. Excellent point. Unfortunately, you are probably right. I could picture "that" kind of movie, just as I was reading your post, the stereotypes are so strong. Maybe, just maybe, there is a producer who could envision a different type of film. Nah, probably not. $$$ rules, as it should I guess. Hollywood just gives people what they want to see. Now if people were to change....another topic
  11. I wonder is anyone has ever considering making a movie of his life. There are so many fun and intriguing elements. The Dome, the eccentric private suites out in right field, bringing baseball to Houston, Astroworld, buying the Ringling Brothers Circus, the Celestial Suites, his controversial stint as mayor of Houston in the '50's, his whimsical home on Galveston Bay ("Huckster House"), larger than life personality, the split with R.E. Bob Smith, his financial collapse and health problems, final moment in the spotlight when he came out in his wheelchair to be honored at the Dome, etc... I may be biased being a Houstonian, but I think there's a great movie there.
  12. I did too. Surprisingly, the recipe apparently came from the back of a Gold Medal flour bag. Maybe it was the setting that made them seem so special, or maybe the preserves that came with them!
  13. The San Jacinto Inn!
  14. Great topic. Next time though you might want to be a little more descriptive in the title, for example "What Do You Really Miss About Houston?" It takes a lot to get people to click these days!
  15. This is a good article on the Shamrock from Houston History Magazine Sanders-Shamrock.pdf
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