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  1. I think there's a little bit of speculation and a lot bit of hoping it turns out to be something better (or at least more interesting) than Corky's.
  2. I love Vietnamese, but we've already got Huynh and TH; I'd love some Thai, Ramen, or even decent takeout Chinese (China 101, despite the somehow great reviews was pretty inedible).
  3. The house on Walker at Cullen is gone!
  4. The house at Cullen and Walker is being moved; there's been a sign in front for the longest time that said "For Sale To Be Moved" and last week there were men on the roof and a truck with a house moving company's name on it (don't remember what the company was called).
  5. There was a lawn crew out there this morning cleaning things up a bit.
  6. It is pretty remarkable that when I moved to the area (also about four years ago) the only coffee shop in the neighborhood was Bohemeo's, and they don't even open til noon on the weekends. Now we also have Giant Leap, Xela, Coral Sword and Blanca's, with Oso opening soon (and their coffee now available at La Esquina).
  7. I think it'd be cool to see some mid-rise residential with ground-floor retail develop along Harrisburg, especially since there's a lot of empty or deteriorated space so the neighborhood wouldn't be losing any useful value. On the contrary, the speed at which townhomes of questionable quality are being built around McKinney and Cullen is a bit disconcerting.
  8. Not to mention VooDoo Queen right around the corner, Giant Leap's planned move to adjacent to How to Survive on Land and Sea and the industrial warehouse space on Milby just south of Harrisburg. There's a cool district forming before our eyes and it's kind of awesome.
  9. 2524 McKinney used to be the Axiom, a grunge/metal/punk/alternative venue way back when east of 59 was still a no-man's land. I agree with McKinney feeling prime for a bar/restaurant corridor, and especially that building with its cool history and that hanging arrow sign out front. I'd love to see some bike lanes on McKinney, too. They aren't needed quite yet because car traffic isn't too heavy, but as the area develops I'd love to have that route intact as it's the best way to get to downtown from many places in the Greater East End on two wheels.
  10. The website says Oso Coffee is scheduled to open in January 2020 and there's an ad on their instagram page for a Bike + Dog event at the shop on January 25. Does anyone know if they've opened yet and/or been by to check it out?
  11. To be fair, I'm not sure of anything. I just saw this info on their website, which suggests the plans for the building and land are nowhere near solidified: POTENTIAL USES •RESTAURANT/ BAR •BREWERY •CREATIVE OFFICE • MAKER SPACE • GYM/ SALON/ SERVICE • AUTOMOTIVE
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