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  1. $5.50 for a cold brew was a little rich for my blood. That said, I'm glad to have the option if there's a stopped train blocking my path to any of the shops north of Harrisburg.
  2. I enthusiastically recommend Cafe 13 (same plaza as Pho Saigon, Siu Lap City, etc). Their banh mi is excellent.
  3. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I saw the Cafe Louie post and that was pretty exciting on its own, but putting it in Giant Leap is absolutely perfect.
  4. When I saw @ljchou's post about a potential new BBQ joint on Sampson I had a similar reaction - I'm glad new places are opening, but the area could really use some cuisine diversity. Roostar and Street to Kitchen are a start; my absolute long shot hope is that 369 reopens somewhere in the neighborhood 😆 (along with, maybe, a Local Foods). I don't think there's a separate thread for it, but Kickin' Kombucha has moved a few doors down into the old El Greco space and expanded with a market, café and kitchen (with some pretty great cochinita pibil tacos). Lawndale's coming up nicely.
  5. It looks like a kitschy shop called Confetti Riot has opened at 2220 Commerce Ste. E. Their website suggests they carry a similar type of product as Space Montrose. Instagram: @confettiriot_htx
  6. I remember hearing way back when that Giant Leap was planning for the new space to include a draft beer program; I hope it also includes a kitchen with café-type food (sandwiches, salads, etc). The neighborhood could desperately use it.
  7. Segundo Coffee is up and running - they have a stand set up so they can serve during the build out of their shipping container space. They currently plan to be open MWF around 8am, though they were open this morning as they'll be closed tomorrow in preparation for an event they're doing on Saturday.
  8. Alcoholic beverage permit in the window for Segundo Coffee Lab Very exciting news!
  9. Nothing new indeed. HCAD lists our house as built in 1939, but I was chatting with a local realtor who knew the former owners of the house who had done some research into its history and it seems more likely it was built around 1918.
  10. Story checks out - Fitzcarraldo is awesome. Someone definitely had a vision and did a fantastic job realizing it.
  11. A while ago (probably >1 year), there was a little Giant Leap placard on the door farthest from Harrisburg, closest to the back parking lot along Sampson. I also vaguely recall seeing something (maybe an Instagram story) suggesting the storefront closest to Harrisburg might be Popston
  12. Between your pics and what I saw on the IG story, I'm really excited to check this place out. I had high hopes for White Rhino, but the ridiculously loud music at 4pm on a Friday and mediocre drinks had me happy we at least still have Voodoo Queen across the street. If Fitzcarraldo can maintain a chill vibe, I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on that patio (and bringing plenty of out-of-town visitors).
  13. Wow, that all moved so fast. Thanks for the info, definitely going to try to check this out this week.
  14. There's an old post on Cantina Barba's Instagram page with the plane from the property - and maybe a hint that this new place might be called "Death From Above"?
  15. There are also a lot of coworking spaces in the area, and with the pandemic subsiding it's likely more workers will be returning and needing nearby lunch (and happy hour?) options.
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