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  1. Nothing new indeed. HCAD lists our house as built in 1939, but I was chatting with a local realtor who knew the former owners of the house who had done some research into its history and it seems more likely it was built around 1918.
  2. Story checks out - Fitzcarraldo is awesome. Someone definitely had a vision and did a fantastic job realizing it.
  3. A while ago (probably >1 year), there was a little Giant Leap placard on the door farthest from Harrisburg, closest to the back parking lot along Sampson. I also vaguely recall seeing something (maybe an Instagram story) suggesting the storefront closest to Harrisburg might be Popston
  4. Between your pics and what I saw on the IG story, I'm really excited to check this place out. I had high hopes for White Rhino, but the ridiculously loud music at 4pm on a Friday and mediocre drinks had me happy we at least still have Voodoo Queen across the street. If Fitzcarraldo can maintain a chill vibe, I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on that patio (and bringing plenty of out-of-town visitors).
  5. Wow, that all moved so fast. Thanks for the info, definitely going to try to check this out this week.
  6. There's an old post on Cantina Barba's Instagram page with the plane from the property - and maybe a hint that this new place might be called "Death From Above"?
  7. There are also a lot of coworking spaces in the area, and with the pandemic subsiding it's likely more workers will be returning and needing nearby lunch (and happy hour?) options.
  8. Must be something about that block because I've heard A Tribe Called Quest each of the last two times I went to East End Hardware.
  9. The Second Shop vintage clothing retailer now open. Instagram: @thesecondshop
  10. I always avoid that stretch of the trail and opt to take Runnels to Navigation instead. Crossing 59/I-10 feeder can be annoying and I'm not a fan of that narrow stretch of Runnels between 59 and Navigation because of the busted up road and train tracks, but otherwise Navigation is nice and smooth and open.
  11. Wow, you're right. Hard to believe there are no stations between the west Navigation esplanade and Eastwood Park. They have a station suggestion tool on the website; I just added Harrisburg at Sampson.
  12. This location really is great for both travelers and the surrounding businesses alike. Within a 12-min walk: all the places listed above, VooDoo Queen, White Rhino, East End Backyard, D&W Lounge, La Esquina, Champ Burger, Moon Tower, with so much more a quick rail ride or B-cycle away.
  13. Tried again and with some quick ctrl-A and ctrl-C I got the full article text: By Shafaq Patel – ACBJ minority business reporter, Houston Business Journal 2 hours ago Wanderstay will open a new boutique hotel in the East Downtown area after the success of the company’s first shared-room hostel. Technically located in the East End District, Wanderstay EaDo at 520 Sampson St. will have 17 private rooms in the 6,700-square-foot space — double the size of the hostel near the Museum District, said Deidre Mathis, owner of Wanderstay. The renovations are expected to be co
  14. I don't subscribe to HBJ, but I did google "houston business journal wanderstay" in a private browser window and scanned the text as quickly as I could before the paywall popped up and managed to see the address - 520 Sampson (corner of Sampson at Texas, one block south of Harrisburg); this is INCREDIBLE news for the neighborhood.
  15. There's a new sign in front of the property at Dallas and Telephone advertising "The Sanctuary" opening Spring 2021 and some sample photos on the website: https://www.thesanctuary-lofts.com/
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