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  1. I love it when losers in court battles always say "We'll appeal to the Supreme Court!" Anyone with two braincells will tell you that the Supreme Courts appellate jurisdiction is largely discretionary and they, more likely than not, they won't take your case. Its the legal equivalent of a Hail Mary.
  2. Well I've always been partial to the demolish + develop camp. I've always said that the land should be sold and the proceeds used to help develop the freeway caps. But that's just my personal idea. You are the last person who should be talking about people being disingenuous.
  3. The difference being Fulshear is incorporated, and Cypress isn't.
  4. UT weren't mentioned in the announcement though, were they? It seems that TMC bought the land from them, which would make sense, since UT were selling it. I just wonder how much of that land they acquired? Though, however much of the land they got, this is a much better use of it than simply leaving it vacant.
  5. This project is taking forever though. It seems to have slowed to a crawl since they finished the garage portion.
  6. Overall a good move, even if all that replaces the garage is an empty space. Abandoned buildings like that are just a draw for vagrants and criminals.
  7. Rowdy sure gets around doesn't he? There's no vacant building he won't tag at some point. How the heck does he get near the roof?
  8. I think for a building of that size to get a conversion, it would have to be almost empty. Those conversions are expensive (I think this conversion cost like $28 million, if I remember correctly), and you need to ensure a healthy return on investment. A few rooms spread across several floors wouldn't be worth it.
  9. Yeah I noticed that, but I'm pretty sure previous revealed plans and buildout information also showed that they were planning for at least two high rises, in addition to that midrise.
  10. Not sure how much space is available and if it would be economically feasible to convert prime office space in a building of that size.
  11. I wonder how much they are actually involved. They may just be investors, but considering what is going on in China right now, they probably aren't doing so hot.
  12. So are you trying to argue that the massive freeways aren't a barrier between downtown and other central city neighborhoods? Doesn't this literally go against the entire dogma of anti-freeway advocates for the past several decades? I'll grant that the Pierce Elevated isn't a physical barrier per se, if only because the entire street network passes unimpeded underneath, but I'd argue its far more of a psychological barrier, and depresses surrounding land value because of that. Eliminating it via the reroute would do wonders for downtown and midtown. Also, the Pierce Elevated is an aging mess, and would probably need replacement at some point in the coming decades anyway. I'm not sure what even makes one an expert of such or what that would entail. Does it make him different than any other average urban planners? Name one (aside from the cost, which is only going up by pointlessly delaying it, or the displacement, which we've gone back and forth on in this very thread dozens of times already). The issue isn't whether or not he lives in Houston. Is he saying anything that hasn't already been said a hundred times, or is he just parroting the arguments of those opposed to the project? If the latter is true, then he isn't saying anything of note to add to the conversation, regardless of where he lives.
  13. I mean, its fine. They could have definitely done more with it though, considering the sheer size of the lot and its great location near such a busy intersection. GFR, more floors, anything really. Its just another dime a dozen wrap around apartment block. We'll all forget it exists half a decade from now.
  14. I am surprised by how slow going this tower has been. It seems like the sections that weren't done five months ago...still aren't done.
  15. The impact to wildlife and nearby neighborhoods will be minimal since there is already a freeway there at that location, they are just moving it over slightly and taking the pointless bend out of it. In other words, this section is one that is the least worth pointing to since it encompasses the most minimal changes, while ignoring the areas with the more drastic far reaching ones (like the removal of the Pierce Elevated and the sinking of the freeway between East Downtown and Downtown. I do agree that the presence of the Convention Center and stadium throw cold water on the situation a bit, but the new freeway cap will more than make up for it.
  16. Not sure how you will be able to sell the city on that expense, but you are sure welcome to give it the old college try!!
  17. This is the exact type of development that would actually benefit from tunnels. Its large, covers multiple blocks across very busy streets (that will remain busy even if traffic is slowed), and the buildings will probably already have basements, if Ion is any indication. You can still have street facing businesses for people coming off the street. The tunnels are mainly for those that work inside the buildings and commute to the development and park in the garage.
  18. Is that building even structurally sound?
  19. What other building could they renovate that would be economically feasible and is mostly empty?
  20. I doubt they'll be cut unless the developer are planning to redo the sidewalk. They will probably trim the branches though, since they overhang quite far.
  21. That's because that rear lot was always meant to accommodate a third building. When this site was initially planned, there were three separate buildings planned for it. It will probably be up to a third developer to develop that final lot sometime in the future.
  22. They've never specified what hotel is going there. All we know is that building is mixed hotel and residential.
  23. Very doubtful. The economic climate just isn't good for a project like this. And all of this crap TCR went through? Any new company coming in will have to deal with a lot of the same crap, including the frivolous lawsuits and political BS, which will scare off future investment.
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