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  1. It will wrap around the existing hotel building.
  2. So, if I'm reading this right, there is still a third structure, its just behind the tallest building.
  3. Nobody is telling them how to spend their money. Expressing disappointment is not "telling people how to spend their money". Not like anyone here is contacting them to lecture them on their desire to downsize this project.
  4. This is even worse than what Paco showed. They might as well not even build it. I mean, what's the point? Another glass box. Leave the parcel for someone else to develop. Medistar chickened out. Its honestly kind of embarrassing.
  5. Depends on if they'd rather pay for the plane ticket or just drive the distance. Either way, the train would be good third option, and probably cheaper than both in the long run.
  6. Doubtful. The "cool companies" (I assume you mean hip Tech Companies like Twitter and Google; I wouldn't exactly put an enterprise business like HPE in that group) generally put their biggest offices in large suburban campus locations even now (Google is based out of Mountain View, California, Microsoft is based out of Redmond, Washington, Apple is based out of Cupertino, California, etc.). Even if they did move to Houston, for lower taxes and such, they would move to the suburbs, maybe as close in as Westchase or the Energy Corridor, not to a huge skyscraper downtown. The only company I could
  7. For people who drive between Houston and Dallas regularly, we're talking daily or weekly, it very well might be better for them overall than loading up a car, driving the long miles, on their gas, to do whatever is they got to do, then driving back.
  8. When the freeway is removed, it will raise land values and encourage more development in the surrounding area. Might get some more residential. Plus, one could build a park on some of the vacant land without having to worry about maintaining the existing freeway structure (or maintain it as an eyesore).
  9. I mean, they can park food trucks and such under the freeway as it is now, and not do anything to the freeway. They could do all kinds of things with the space under the freeway, but it still wouldn't be the best usage of that footprint.
  10. I'd rather they tear down the Pierce Elevated, sell the land to developers, then use that cash to help cap the freeways on the other side of Downtown, but that's just me.
  11. @@editor The activity stream no longer has the option to go to the first unread post and there is no option to go to the first unread post in the threads themselves. What's up with that? Was that broken by the update? Edit: Scratch that. I just found out you buried this in the user settings of all things.
  12. When the money flows in, the homeless must flow out. Wonder where they will migrate to next?
  13. Come on guys, leave Randall alone. Its not his fault he was born without taste. Its a very terrible, serious condition!
  14. I mean, the biggest barrier between downtown and EaDo isn't the freeway (which, like the Pierce elevated, is a viaduct that doesn't impede the street network), but the Convention Center which causes a major break in the street network, and the convention center isn't going anywhere.
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