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  1. This building is on relatively condensed plot of land, no room to build a separate parking garage.
  2. Now we raise straw men to knock down, bringing up things I never once suggested. You're slipping, my friend.
  3. If you don't think he's being disingenuous, that's your belief, and you're free to believe that. Nobody's going to tell you not to. Don't attempt to tell anybody else how to feel either.
  4. Its Reddit. What do you expect?
  5. Because they built the parking garages separate from the buildings.
  6. Here's to celebrating 10 years of the most underwhelming development in Downtown Houston. Hip hip hooray.
  7. The people who are being "displaced" are being paid for their property and being given assistance to move, so they don't need your pity. And the people living next to this project are already living next to a freeway, so this probably won't disturb them as much as you think it does. You can drop your feigned interest in these people you don't even know. Its not impressing anyone here.
  8. This project far dwarfs, at the very least, the Hyde Park cap. The state is rebuilding around 15 miles of some of the busiest freeway in America's fourth largest city, in addition to building new lanes, burying existing and new ones, building new roads, rebuilding an entire interchange, building multiple caps, etc. and doing it all while disrupting existing traffic patterns as little as possible. And this is after years of studies, back-and-forth with local governments, public meetings, impact statements, and the like. And now the project is being held up by the federal government itself, without which it would have already started, and ninth hour local opposition. You say it shouldn't take 30 years. I say you know nothing of the bureaucratic nightmare that is building anything in America in this day and age. Funny you mention California; they are learning this exact lesson the hard way with their high speed train project. A better comparison would have been the Big Dig, which lasted from 1991-2007 for primary construction, but planning began all the way back in 1982.
  9. Also, most of those islands are sinking back into the Persian Gulf, and aren't even developed.
  10. Here is an article on this building in Culture Map Houston: https://houston.culturemap.com/news/real-estate/03-10-22-the-westcott-929-westcott-for-rent-memorial-park-washington-avenue-greystar/#slide=0 Also, this thread should really be renamed "The Westcott".
  11. They would literally be throwing money away with how much this property probably cost to buy and pay taxes on.
  12. Honestly, this looks like a really early design, probably not fully reflective of how the final project will look. I'm willing to give the benefit of a doubt until they show us a more "final" rendering. At least its taller than the old designs. That's a plus.
  13. What every one is missing here is that, even if we switched to nothing but clean energy tomorrow, oil would still still be the most important resource in the world, because nearly everything we have was made with oil. Anything with plastic or rubber in it? Oil. Paint? Oil. it would be easier to name the things not an ounce of oil went into than to name thing that have oil involved in its creation. Oil companies like ExxonMobil will be fine.
  14. I don't think its all that pretty from any angle.
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