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  1. When Harris County considers it a priority. Judging by who the current county judge is, I doubt that will happen for years.
  2. Those are two completely different projects being done by two completely different agencies, and both were supposed to be done together. One is being held up by politicians looking for their 15 minutes and the other is, as far as I know, on hold.
  3. The only thing that would do would be to put more pressure on the East Loop so it becomes as bad as the West loop. Also, as you said, the Ship Channel Bridge is old, and ships have run into it before. Its probably due for replacement, which will take years and be a traffic nightmare, just like what's going on with the Beltway 8 bridge. And if you think an expansion of the East Loop would be less controversial, think again. Many of the people complaining about this project will complain about that as well because they oppose any freeway development, no matter how needed or necessary.
  4. All this hoopla is just getting embarrassing at this point. I say enough. The courts need to throw out the challenges and let the project move forward. Its been over 10 years that this project's been in development. Some of these officials crying about it now weren't in power for most of it, but some (like that old bird, Sheila Jackson Lee) were, and now they are coming in at the literal ninth hour and wasting tax payer money, and for what? To look important? While our current infrastructure continues to decay, the price of building materials continues to rise, and the project has already spen
  5. Question: Who owns the parking garage between the two properties?
  6. I'm willing to bet that this will probably be the shortest building in the development. You know, the city should really penalize property owners who own surface parking lots or undeveloped lots downtown and refuse to develop them or sell them.
  7. Prices might be rising, but its not because people are moving to California. Its because: a)Wall Street investors and their proxy companies, like Homes 4 Rent, are buying up properties by the bucket load because they see it as a cash cow and an easy way to make money, and b)Chinese investors are buying up properties to park their money overseas. The housing market is a sellers market right now, so sellers and investors are buying like crazy and the value of houses is going through the roof.
  8. I think it does have its own lighting system, yes. Its why its see through glass and not something else. In other news, my trip to Houston ended and I caught some more pics on the way out: Despite how imposing the building is from the northern approach, its prominence is rather miniscule from the southern TX-288/I-69 approach. It seems JP Morgan is just enough to hide it in most angles:
  9. I visited Houston for the first time since Thanksgiving 2019, and managed to snap a few picks of the building as I was coming down I-45. Got to say, its one handsome building, and you can really see how wide it looks compared to the JP Morgan Chase Building:
  10. While I actually have no problem with the I-45 project and even support certain aspects of it, that is in no way comparable to this.
  11. I mean, I guess they could just build a large structure or skywalks to bridge over the road, but I don't think getting both those properties is a coincidence, and the possibilities of that much prime real estate at the junction of two of Houston's busiest and most important roads is just too good to pass up.
  12. Not a big fan to be honest. I would prefer a much denser development, especially if you take into account the property immediately behind this corner lot which I think they also own. Get the street in-between removed, and you could build something really impressive.
  13. Why do these guys even care? The Ion isn't even located in the Third Ward, but Midtown. I know that areas was historically considered the Third Ward, but that area hasn't been part of the "Third Ward" in over half a century at this point.
  14. Probably no more than its considered doing away with minimum setback requirements and parking minimums, or curtailing deed restrictions.
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