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  1. 1/4th of the crown was lit tonight and it cements Texas Tower as the most stunning addition to the skyline. Even just with 1/4th of it lit. The light was brightest along the very top of the slanted crown along the roof. The light cascades through the rest of the crown and mostly clear glass gently fading towards the bottom of the crown. I was in awe! Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures because I was driving. 😔
  2. I think they’re gonna cover this tower in glass. Similar to what was done to the federal building on the other side of downtown
  3. I live downtown and I’ve been to this Fiesta a couple times and the homeless isn’t more of an issue than the Randall’s I frequent in midtown. Also the gas station across the street where I fill up before getting on the spur, I’m literally harassed every visit by someone asking for something so I doubt the homeless had anything to do with it. Besides the article cited sales decline.
  4. Hines is literally transforming Houston’s skyline singlehanded.
  5. This literally drags Medical Center’s skyline to 288. Plus all of the fill in from the life sciences related companies that are going to locate around it.
  6. I’m so curious to know what this will look like at night. I hope the lighting is more impactful than 609 Main.
  7. I think you’re right. I walked my dog that way today and It’s just railings. Maybe a new paint job too? One could hope.
  8. Any renderings on the Houston House renovation? They’re removing all the balconies right now. Interested to see what finished product will be.
  9. It’s mostly residents walking dogs etc. There are a few cafes like the cute little bakery under Sky House. But there’s definitely a need for more. I currently take an 8 block walk down Main to get to CVS and better options. It’s not a bad walk during this time of the year.
  10. Having lived in “SODO” for 2 years now... It’s clear the direction this part of downtown is going. It’s becoming an urban mid rise residential neighborhood, very similar to Navy Yard in DC.
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