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  1. Roaster is Matt from little dreamer coffee has been in the coffee game for a long time..
  2. If you guys want to really eat authentic mexican food do yourself a favor and come down harrisburg past wayside where you will find a abundance of great food.
  3. Went with the wife last night as they have steak nights on Thursday. Overall good vibes.
  4. Went recently with my wife and we enjoyed the vibes as it wasnt to snobby. They were even playing Tupac and Biggie which we enjoyed. Will be back..😎
  5. As of now they dont have any outside heaters.
  6. Insane to think this is coming to the neighborhood and only a few blocks away from my house.
  7. The whole right side of the building which is pictured above was leased out to a real estate firm with a large number of agents.
  8. Will be a great addition to a rapidly growing neighborhood.
  9. They will have both. He actually mentioned a place in London he is modeling this concept after...
  10. Spoke to Kaldis there will be a boardwalk in the middle of the container spaces which will be leased individually. RR's have graffiti tiles and he has already leased out a few spots to high end clients. Overall great looking building...
  11. Great addition to the neighborhood. Bike friendly and pet friendly as well. Kids on the other hand must be out by 8pm.
  12. This will be directly across from the industrial warf at the turkey bend. Not to mention what the downtownian mentioned and future development on navigation.
  13. Has anyone seen the sign at the old Keith's body shop on Canal and Adams street. It appears to have been purchased by a developer (Cunningham ventures) and has a east end village sign. It appears to have a brewery and bistro in the sign...
  14. This is great news as this place is really bringing development further south into the heart of 2ndward.
  15. Would love to see this area developed as It has been a very sketchy area for many years.
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