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  1. Another great addition to the neighborhood cant wait.
  2. Cant wait for this development to be completed so I can check this place out. Going to be a great addition as the area is in need of more good restaurants.
  3. Insane to think my father in law as many others walked these halls for many years sorting mail now this will be happening. Cant wait to see it once it is complete.
  4. A Vegas style pool 😎on navigation! Who would have ever thought 10 years ago! Definitely a exciting time to be a resident of the neighborhood can’t wait to see all the developments in the coming years...
  5. Has anyone else noticed the new townhomes being built in Sunnyside and even Southpark? In Sunnyside they are off Bellfort and in Southpark they are sprinkled around. Looks like the neighborhoods are changing..
  6. Wouldn't mind scoring one of these houses for a project and helping out East End Backyard get going!
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