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  1. Great addition to the neighborhood. Bike friendly and pet friendly as well. Kids on the other hand must be out by 8pm.
  2. This will be directly across from the industrial warf at the turkey bend. Not to mention what the downtownian mentioned and future development on navigation.
  3. Hate to see it go as the aroma of fresh coffee is a real treat for the neighborhood.
  4. Has anyone seen the sign at the old Keith's body shop on Canal and Adams street. It appears to have been purchased by a developer (Cunningham ventures) and has a east end village sign. It appears to have a brewery and bistro in the sign...
  5. This is great news as this place is really bringing development further south into the heart of 2ndward.
  6. Would love to see this area developed as It has been a very sketchy area for many years.
  7. I have a property in the area. The area is beginning to go thru some changes. Eager to check this development out once it is completed.
  8. I will agree there is quite a bit of homeless in the park adjacent to Guadalupe church. I have seen many sleeping on the park benches.
  9. Windows look great. I have even been seeing some development inside of the building. Once I even saw a few exotic cars in there maybe the developers? Either way looks to be another great addition excited to see this come to fruition.
  10. New Hope Housing since it has opened I have seen a lot of Riff Raff hanging around Harrisburg.
  11. I agree with this I have a property in 5th ward and the area is Booming with development it needs its own...
  12. Another great addition to the neighborhood cant wait.
  13. Cant wait for this development to be completed so I can check this place out. Going to be a great addition as the area is in need of more good restaurants.
  14. Insane to think my father in law as many others walked these halls for many years sorting mail now this will be happening. Cant wait to see it once it is complete.
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