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  1. Here are a few photos of the ice rink in question. Does anyone recognize the place?
  2. I have seen a few remarks about Ice Land but I wondered if they were getting confused with Winterland. The location you described is different from Winterland, though. I wonder when it closed.
  3. I think some of the details might be crossed. The medalist from 1956 was Ronnie Robertson and I can't find any evidence he was ever in Houston, Texas. He was born in Pennsylvania and spent his life in California, where he also passed away in 2000. Larry Ross / Rost was the Canadian figure skater who taught lessons at Winterland. He won the Silver medal in 1959 at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. He passed away in Houston in 1988. Several anecdotes have named Ronnie Roberts as a possible owner of Winterland, but not necessarily the same man as Ronnie Robertson, the Olympic figure skater.
  4. Thanks! That's where I drew most of my conclusions from. I will have to show this pic to my grandma and see if it looks familiar to her. I requested to join the Facebook group to see more photos and perhaps share my own if it's the same place, but haven't been accepted in yet.
  5. I'm trying to find more information about an ice skating venue that was open in 1961. My grandmother used to skate there as an upcoming professional but got married and had children instead. She can no longer remember the name of the place but says it was "the only one in Houston at the time." I have a blurry photograph of her skating inside circa 1960, but no identifiable clues in the background. Though, it does kind of look more like a warehouse than a skating rink, with insulated pillows for walls. So far, I've found: -Polar Ice Skating Rink - opened 1920s and closed 1950s. Owned by Jolley family? -Coliseum seasonal ice rink skating --- Where? What was it called? Who owned it? When did it close? -Winterland Ice Arena - opened 1959, possibly owned by Ronnie Roberts (possible spouse Boots(?), daughter Rhonda Buchannon, and son Greg Roberts, possible son Rolland Roberts.) Possibly owned by Johnny Carson who's patrolman brother was Sonny Carson. Next owned by Rowland Charles Rolland "Chuck" from 1962-1964. Canadian figure skater Larry Ross / Rost used to practice and teach lessons there. It seems Winterland would be the most likely due the dates. But it's possible the warehouse feeling of the photograph points toward the temporary use of "the Coliseum". Anyone have any other clues?
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