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  1. Hello everyone and pardon if I am not posting this inquiry in the proper location. My name is Jason Talley and I am a partner in The Houston Rental Studio. We are in the business of leasing historic buildings in the central Houston area that have a lot of character for the purposes of photography. We rent out our studio space to other local photographers who are looking for a unique space to photograph their clients. Over the past 7 years, we have been in the following buildings. 2001 Commerce Street, 110/114 Main Street (Raphael), 2327 Commerce Street, 3118 Harrisburg Blvd, and currently 3536 Navigation Blvd. We love to find out information on the buildings we have resided in and are always extremely interested in their history. We are having a hard time finding out any information on the "Stenzel" building at 3536 Navigation. We will be adding a location at 5601 Navigation in Feb and are also interested in anything anyone may know about that property as well. Unfortunately, a lot of the east end and east down town gets neglected. I have spoken to the Sloan Gallery for some images but there is very little documented in these areas of Houston. Thanks in advance everyone! I appreciate your time in reading this and any information you may have. Jason mindiraser@gmail.com
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