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  1. I have also heard, true or not, that HOA dues have gone up simply because not everyone is paying. So those that do pay have to make up for your neighbor that doesn't pay. Because the unfortunate thing is that the cost to prosecute someone for NOT paying can be considerable. And may or not be worth it. I've paid all 4 of my years and don't know of anyone who hasn't but it actually seems fairly logical to me. I for one would like to see a detailed breakdown of revenue/expenses. Because in my opinion, the number of houses increased far more than the amount of services in the last four years
  2. Business center and SC Parkway is a death trap. People are always making stupid left turns of out of bucees. Speed limit is still 45... used to be 60 of course so that's what most people are still doing. But slow down even more than that! Oh, and be smart about when you go to Bucees. I never make a left turn out of there. I always stop on the way home so it's right turn in, right turn out. And that's what I'll do until they put a stop light there.
  3. I would guess that stoplights at 518/southern trails drive and at 518/kingsley will be part of the construction effort. At least, I would hope it is. I doubt they lost too much time due to Ike so they should still be on track to finish before Christmas. I haven't taken a bike ride recently to see how the progress is doing on the new stretch of 518 west of Kingsley, however. Last I saw, they were working hard near the new intersection of Windward Bay (SCR side) with 518.
  4. I think I drove past in the afternoon after Ike and water was not on the new road, only in the dirt area to the south of 518, east of southern trails. It was pooling back there but the road itself was ok.
  5. Thai Cottage is excellent. I have been enjoying them for years over in Clear Lake for lunch. I told them as soon as I moved to SCR two years ago that they need to put in another restaurant in SCR. I told them the area was booming! They finally listened to me. My wife and I are absolutely thrilled to have a Thai restaurant nearby finally.
  6. I wouldn't cross 2234 on foot with or without stoplights for at least five years. By then, the speed limit will be 30 mph and there will be 8 to 10 stoplights from 521 to 288. I understand that the library should be accessible to a large number of people. But some should still be able to walk to it. I mean, the most accessible place to the largest number of people would be to put it over by the HEB but I don't see that as beneficial.
  7. Would any SCR library be a branch of Brazoria County? The sign along SCR Parkway that has been there forever is in Brazoria County. Or would it be a city of Pearland library? Teaming up with Brazoria or Harris would give access to a lot more books from sister libraries. I don't know how this works. I agree that putting it on the "outside" of SCR is a bad idea. It needs to be on the inside, preferably as close to the center of SCR as possible. I don't like the idea of keeping everything on the perimeter of the development as it stifles the sense of community. The Laura Ingalls Wilder sch
  8. It's hard to believe Shadow Creek Parkway will remain a 2 lane country road for another four years. My biggest concern is that they will be putting up stoplights soon, out of necessity for safety, at the Marketplace entrance (east of Business Center drive) and then another light at Business Center drive. Perhaps a third at Reflection Bay. With only one lane in each direction, we'll be headed for gridlock at the busy times of day. It also seems to me that they should be doing 6 lanes on 2234 right away instead of going from 4-6 a few years later. I feel they could spend a little more money
  9. I was at the PTC on Wednesday night and found the traffic to not be a problem at all! Everything ran very smoothly especially if you were an SCR resident. Getting across 288 to go back to silverlake looked to be more of a problem due to the short light going east on broadway. I guess there was a fair amount of traffic for the people who decided to do a driving tour by going straight through the center. But that would be silly, right? I parked on the side of BJs and walked to all the stores in 3 minutes. My wife and I put in a reservation at BJs, they said it would be an hour, so we went f
  10. Finally someone who gets it! I did a loop around around PTC the other day and yeah, it looks nice. Not as many high-quality stores as I would like but that's the way it is. I'm just happy to have a bookstore finally. Sometimes it's just necessary to browse instead of dealing with the cold Amazon.com.
  11. That is correct. It's mostly late at night and early in the morning. I live about 0.5 miles west of Kingsley and I could smell it 4 times in the last two weeks. Prior to that I hadn't noticed it for a couple of months. I did not know about it before I bought my house three years ago. Did I not do enough due diligence? Probably not. But I still love my house and big backyard. And it's not like I'm going to live in SCR forever. I just don't want to take a loss which is what most people are doing right now selling homes in SCR. I know a few people who took 20k-50k losses just to get away
  12. I certainly didn't mean to sound antagonistic in my post; I was just making some observations. I don't post as often as I like but I have read everything under "Coastal Prairie" before it was even called that for about four years niw. I lived in Clear Lake for 3 years and now SCR for 2 years. My wife and I chose SCR because it provided us with some measure of equality in terms of commute at an affordable price. I work in CL and she works downtown. If we had lived in east Pearland, my commute might be 5 minutes shorter, but hers would be 30 minutes longer. I don't want to make generaliza
  13. brerrabbit, every time you post here, it's about how great east pearland is and how great the restaurants are. But you never back it up. I can't decide if you're hiding something great from the rest of us or if you're just hiding over there. Trust me, if I'll drive 35 minutes to work and 30 minutes for fine dining in Houston (restaurants you've probably never heard of) , I'll drive 15 minutes down 518 ... if it's worth it. Landry's is a nice restaurants but they are overpriced. Everything in the Landry's chain is overpriced. But that's ok. I definitely think West Pearland can support n
  14. I'm essentially middle class and live in SCR and there are very, very few places I'll go to eat or shop in Pearland. The new PTC offers very little of an improvement. Which is why I was excited that the Waterlights District was going to be offering some higher end restaurants. If you're going to drop in 44 15 foot tall presidential heads (most of which are completed) and the idea is to form a more touristy type place, I don't know why there wouldn't be nicer restaurants. I think this is a "build it and they will come" type venture. What can I be excited about at PTC? I'm happy to have a
  15. I actually don't see Berryhill listed on the maps... Overall, I'm still slightly disappointed by the list of stores. I'm over the age of 21 so I was hoping for some more adult stores than Chico's or Hollister. Specifically, it would be nice if there was a Jcrew or Banana Republic. But thank goodness for a book store!
  16. Commuter rail? What city do you live in? I'm imagining a similar situation as the new Katy Freeway with multi "express, aka big toll" lanes going down the middle of 288 with dedicated off ramps INTO the medical center. As for trains? Houston prefers buses and concrete. The feeders will help traffic flow with these massive new developments. However, I don't like the exit they made to the feeder/Spectrum on 288 southbound. That's going to be accident central once the Waterlights District opens up. I've already had nearly 3 accidents from people turning into the Bass Shop.
  17. Speaking of speed traps and all of that, Shadow Creek Parkway has changed it's speed limits. I think it is 50 mph east of Kingsley, dropping to 45 east of Kirby. This is all in preparation for the expansive retail being built now and the Nolan Ryan Middle School opening in the fall. Next up: Stoplights. I'm sure we'll see stoplights at Reflection Bay and Business Center Drive in no time. When they'll make the road a 4 or 6-lane divided street, I have no idea. My idea would be something like Bay Area Blvd in Clear Lake. If they only make 2234 four lanes, I would be disappointed. It's go
  18. That kills me there. I would totally take that route to work in the morning leaving SCR if I could get on BW8 going east quickly. But you can't. Not until after 288. There should be an on-ramp at Kirby but there isn't because of the toll plaza being "too close." The east bound entrance is just to the west of where Almeda School comes out. I'd pay the extra toll per day if I could get on BW8 right there. It would be worth it to me to avoid 2234 traffic in the morning, which is only going to get worse. And soon. The big Nolan Ryan middle school opens in the fall.
  19. I'm not sure if anyone knows anything about the Spectrum project. It's been very shrouded in mystery. Much of it is supposed to be office buildings but let's wait 10 years for that to really take shape.
  20. I like BJs in Clear Lake for their beer and pizza. That's worth it, IMO. Most of the stores at the PTC look more high-schooly than I would like but whatever. I'm just happy there will be a Macy's and a B&N. Truthfully, I don't go to ANY store on a regular basis or an infrequent basis for that matter. There is this new-fangled thing called the "Internet" that ships stuff to my door.
  21. It's not a mall, it's a "lifestyle center." The entire complex is really starting to take shape. While progress has been quick lately, July 2008 is a bit optimistic, in my opinion.
  22. The Beer Guy at HEB told me yesterday that HEB will be getting their new liquor license on 12/20 or 12/21 at which point they will be able to greatly increase their beer selection. I was unaware that the current laws prohibited quantity (and thus quality) of beer. Absolutely fascinating to me. Or maybe it's certain brands that are deemed inappropriate for the general population? I don't know. But the beer guy seemed pretty stoked about this and was telling everyone who was pondering the beer selection choices. I don't know if they'll be able to sell wine the same day or not. My priority
  23. Yeah, some love it. The couple who built it are from Miami. Maybe white brick is more popular there? There's another home now in Brookglen on the lake that almost looks orange to me. I'm cool with some homes that look a little different. Gotta spice up the neighborhood.
  24. Oh, I know that house. I even met the couple before they backed out because of the landfill. (They moved to the other end of SCR). Personally, I found the house to be rather ugly (and that's saying something for the burbs where everything is made out of ticky-tacky and we all look just the same). It was white brick and had not-so-nice prego floors almost everywhere. And then black appliances with black countertops. To each their own but man, just not my style at all. Another house sold on White Falls for about 20% off new. I think that one was the first person who sold after moving in t
  25. Just a couple stats from my little corner of SCR, Brookglen. My wife and I moved into our house in May 2006 as the 13th of about 72 homes. Right now, there are about 35 homes built or lots sold. So that's about 22 sales in 18 months. I'm sure that is much slower than they'd like. Especially when Perry in the adjacent subdivision is at about 75/110 homes built right now. Granted, Perry keeps a larger inventory but the homes are ready to move in now and that seems to be a priority for Perry. For me, I just like to see homes spring up. I still don't have a neighbor to my right, despite th
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