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  1. The original brick sidewalk for this Alley Theatre location is still there. It's at the Holy Rosary Church's education building, on Berry at Louisiana. Holy Rosary purchased that portion of Berry from the City of Houston a few years ago.
  2. Growing up in Meyerland in the 1960's (where my 93 year old Mom still lives in our original home), we had Henry the Milkman deliver fresh Westmoreland milk to our home. They had the BEST chocolate ice cream. I recall the dairy was on the west side of South Rice.
  3. The way they are going with these renovations, it will be October 2023 before they finish, not October 2022. The west facade has the steel frame for a new fire stair, and it hasn't been touched in weeks. There is never any regular work underway inside. On the upper floors, metal studs are all they have done.
  4. It's going to be nothing if they don't get rid of the City of Houston's red tags that have been on the building for months.
  5. The former location of Stern & Bucek Architects. Wonderful property.
  6. So is it true that the highly anticipated restaurant is not going to happen? The deal fell through?
  7. Sometimes the lights seem to be working, but mostly not. It's too bad because when they were well synched, the bridge lights were very attractive.
  8. I hear they are open. Has anyone seen how this one turned out? It started as a really rough old meat market.
  9. When will Little Pappas Seafood reopen? Any ideas?
  10. I'm thinking that Gilbert Garcia will be throwing his hat into the ring........
  11. As a longtime downtown resident, we have found that bedroom windows can allow a LOT of noise through them. It may be a good idea to not have these. Wouldn't it be nice if they removed the plaster from the facade and restored the original masonry.
  12. The original Eldorado Ballroom did not have glass block windows, so these materials are from elsewhere. The upper floor windows were all operable for ventilation.
  13. The architects have spent considerable time researching the original Leonard Gabert design in order to restore it correctly. And the new addition on the south side will be very sympathetic to the original design. All good.
  14. The Linbeck family owns this property, and they have no relationship to any Hines entity.
  15. The masonry work seems to have stopped altogether. There has been no progress for weeks.
  16. The "fountain" on Prairie at Travis, on the north side of the Rice garage, is oftentimes used as a bathtub by the homeless. These and the planter pylons ought to be removed. They serve no purpose and create no benefits for those of us who live downtown.
  17. No. Sorry, I was intending to respond to the question about the City Manager..... Whitmire is running.
  18. The same talented people who keep our downtown street lights synchronized also keep the clock on time.
  19. I recall it taking the entire block: West Main to Colquitt and Mandell to Loretto.
  20. The Sage I grew up with was at Beechnut at Post Oak before there was a West Loop. It's where Lowe's is now. I was intrigued by their carts that would roll the purchases outside for you to drive up and get. I recall that I bought Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti there. My first rock album.....
  21. The site is on the south side of West Main between Loretto and Mandel.
  22. I would be very surprised if the Linbecks sold that property, after having built the parking garage there. But who knows?
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