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  1. I have moved to channel 13 because KHOU keep messing up things too much unnecessary changes. It appears they need to start at the TOP with Management and moved them out the door. Things are not consistent. Every since they moved Sherry Williams, Lily Chang and Darby’s Douglas it has been a big screw up. The traffic lady Stephanie is horrible in the morning. The new cast won’t last long at all. They are boring, Xavier is no better and appears not at ease in reporting. Everyone I know has left watching Channel 11 in the morning when I asked. A terrible mistake. Erica Simon or Chauncey Glover should have been recruited from Channel 13. However, it’s obvious Channel 11 doesn’t want this kind of Diversity on the morning show. Resign the management team and bring younger, creative Managers in and see what happens. I hope someone will read this feedback.
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