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  1. Yeah I am absolutely not sad about this news one bit. Glad the space will get a second chance!
  2. LOL I mean I feel ya but also this is a prime example of a home that probably could stand to be leveled... its not like anyone (IMO anyways) is going to restore this bungalow for a home - its off Cavalcade and Main (wooof) and next to commercial space. So its a bummer that its more parking but also not a huge loss.
  3. Yeah this is dead on. I have a feeling that old JIB is going be demo'd and lane added. Great work on putting the pieces together!
  4. This is a link to a Washington DC place...
  5. Doesn't look like much has happened in the last month 😬
  6. So I was doing some digging and it sounds like the space has been leased out to a church... My assumption is that it's a shorter term lease a la a church that meets in a movie theater or school gym.
  7. I think that metal one has been there for a while - it's the burned out wooden ones at the start of the bridge that need to be repaired.
  8. Oh hell yeah! Gonna be a great addition the neighborhood!
  9. So I believe that was installed a few years ago - and now they are setting up scaffolding and work space to inspect fire damage to see what else needs to be done.
  10. I think I had seen that Tommy Vaughn bought it for expansion but I'm struggling to find proof of that assumption...
  11. Just curious but what’s the logic in requesting a take down?
  12. I feel you @cuarto - hace a shopping center going up behind us on Shepherd now. Hope for the best seems to be the mantra in Houston.
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