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  1. So here is a question - the old Co-op and Birds Barber Shop building was being painted and had work going on today- what's happening there next?!
  2. Really hoping something comes of this space. Just a bit of an eyesore and a huge missed opportunity so close to the mercantile
  3. This crumbling and very sad condo/apt building has always left me wondering what is going to happen next - finally saw what appeared to be realtors and folks in suits at the site last week behind the fence and it reminded me to ask this brain trust. What happened and what is next?!
  4. Wanted to bring new life to this thread - what's shaking at this strip mall? Lots of work last fall and a little action this year and now back to totally deserted.
  5. Anyone know the story on the empty strip mall that seems to be owned by the building owner operators next door at 1720 Yale? Just such an odd unfinished space in an otherwise fairly popular area.
  6. Lotta work happening again on site - inside and on the deck. Hoping we start to get updates and news soon from the Goode folks. Exciting stuff!
  7. Creating a new thread for this space but here we go gang - we have the details of what the Savoir team is cooking up in the old Taqo spot and as a neighbor to this site I for one am THRILLED. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcyFcZ-rhp1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/HeightsandCo/
  8. Pudgy's is sooooo good. This is awesome. Totally missed this but they have been teasing a brick and mortar for a few months. Gonna be so awesome.
  9. I kinda dig it. I wonder if this means La Grand Rue will return and Sip gets a stand alone home across the street? Enjoyed the Taqo folks but always hoped the lot and property would get a bit more love. Maybe this is what gets it that. So much room and potential for patio and a touch of landscaping.
  10. Got some intel from the Savior folks - apparently the Savoir owners are making moves to take over the space that was once Taqo!
  11. So we tried it the week it opened - food was fine nothing to write home about. Really clunky ordering process via the roovy app. So no wait staff.
  12. Anyone know what's in the future for the lot of the former Hoity Toity Doggie Daycare off of 11th and Waverly in the heights?
  13. I believe it's now owned by the Agricole group - owners of nearby coltivare and numerous others!
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