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  1. In order for Houston to avoid becoming a future Detroit we have to do something on the flooding issues. Do we really think CEO' s will relocate to Houston rather than Dallas or Austin if we experience these horrific flooding issues every few years.
  2. And parking my car while going to work cost $.35/c a day on a blacktopped lot where Two Shell was eventually built. Man I love this web page.
  3. Gosh and all these years I've been telling everyone it was 70 stories high.
  4. It was slow to develop. Liquor by the drink was still unavailable wink wink . You had to be a "member" of the club and you did so by signing a card that cost you nothing and bingo you were a member of a private club that Police Chief Herman Short could not touch. I didn't see anyone mention The Peanut. I remember they had this huge Confederate flag tacked on the wall and peanut shells all over the floor.
  5. Great nostalgia here. When I went to work downtown fresh out of college in 1963 I officed in the Niels Esperson building on the 4th floor. My area of the Esperson building faced the Travis street entrance to Battelsteins otherwise known as their back door Typical of those days I could raise the windows of the Esperson building but that wasn't necessary in order to hear the 4pm street hawkers of the Houston Chronicle shouting all the latest headlines and selling papers. The thing that stood out to me about Battelsteins was the frequent sand bagging of the back doors when our fa
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