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  1. The collective "WE" The people of the United States. but yes, i am old. i remember the earths crust cooling. dont be so ageist. ;)
  2. Congratulations Houston! I mean, WE built the Hoover Damn in 5 years... you built a road. LOL i personally will be using the elysian once again but its been frustrating that glaciers have melted in the time they built this road. i mean they do eventually melt, its just really slow. kinda like this project. Meanwhile, the roads are crumbling IN DOWNTOWN right outside my office bulding.. its like driving in Syria. what an embarassment this city has become. The engergy capitial of the world went dark in February, the roads leading to all these oil and gas companies in downtown crumbling, an
  3. Is there a website with more current information on this project? TXdot isn't current. this forum has been helpful, thank you. does anyone have any idea when this will be open to flow again from the hardy toll road to downtown? 3 years is a long time - i dont think it took that long to build the atchafalaya bridge in LA. they did that in 2 years in swamp waters.
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