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  1. Thoughts of a pedestrian/light-rail only stretch of Elgin/Westheimer between 59 and Shepherd... ... a boy can dream
  2. Counterpoint, this is because suits are expensive and uncomfortable, and are and always have been dumb.
  3. Houston is getting a Bjarke Ingels??? That's HUGE. I'm so excited for that.
  4. I had no idea that's what those were called or where they came from.
  5. In my book, the Texas HSR is vastly more necessary and valuable as an example than it will be as a direct benefit to the travelers of Texas, though the benefits there are huge as well. We desperately need a modern high speed rail SOMEWHERE in this country to get built and show people it can be successful, and that might as well be here in Texas. Speaking for me personally, I travel to Dallas a few times a year and I hate - HATE - that drive. Something about it is just awful to me in a way that going to Austin or San Antonio isn't. Now that Southwest's prices aren't as competitive a
  6. Yeah, I had an annoying moment in St. Louis when I tried to ride a shared scooter to the Gateway Arch, and it refused to let me drop off the scooter at a certain place on the sidewalk because the geofence was convinced I was trying to leave it in the restricted park area (I wasn't). Ended up having to go back a block and drop it off.
  7. I will never get over how a few dozen or hundred property owners are holding hostage an infrastructure project that will benefit millions and be a major win for the environment. Just take your fair payout and let the rest of the world make progress.
  8. 100%. I don't have to give my money to people who I disagree with. It's what they would probably call "cancel culture" but I prefer to call it "the free market."
  9. There were some sections with bricks missing, and they've also knocked out a lot of holes for windows. Looks like they're well on their way now to getting the brickwork patched up as well as adding brand new brick wall sections along Emancipation. Starting to look good.
  10. What I've found online indicates it should only be about 20 feet shy of 609 Main when it's done. They may top out on usable floors soon, but I think we still have quite a bit more visual height to go.
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