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  1. Yeah, idk. Something about this whole project gives me "people who don't quite know what they're doing, and it won't get off the ground" vibes.
  2. Certainly looks more Leeland than Velasco
  3. Glad to see this great building being rehabbed. Gotta say though, nothing about the concept really grabs me.
  4. Really would love to see the grand vision of the Bastrop Street Promenade actually come to fruition.
  5. Just window service. I'd like to see them put a couple tables out front.
  6. I sampled several of their pastries yesterday morning in their soft opening. They're the real deal - the almond croissant was especially good.
  7. They will just find some other way to fight it in court until it's bled dry, just like this one.
  8. I will forever hate the little handful of people who fought tooth and nail to kill a project that would have benefited millions of people and the environment.
  9. Ahhh so they finally got around to publishing these things BEFORE the meeting took place 🙄 I had given up after like a year of trying to get information out of them.
  10. How did you manage to get an invite to the meeting?
  11. There already is one shortly before Wheeler. It's what I currently have to use. As a pedestrian I can tell you it does very little to inspire confidence. HAWK signals are pretty horrible from an information design perspective. Most drivers are only sort of tangentially aware of what they're really supposed to do with them and I've watched people speed through them countless times. The placement of that HAWK also causes a bunch of problems as it often conflicts with traffic backed up at the Wheeler light, and together with the fact that parking is allowed on Fannin, turns that whole area into a visibility nightmare.
  12. As someone who works at Ion, the only part about this sucks and appears to have no planned solution - walking from the parking garage to Ion in the rain. It's a problem with the current temp lot, and the garage will be even a block farther away. It also sucks having to cross a busy Fannin twice a day at rush hour. I get there will be a whole campus this garage is servicing, but having it so inconveniently located to your flagship building is kind of a bummer. Ah well, at least now that things are starting to cool down a bit I can go back to biking.
  13. The flyer now also lists "Eternal Beauty Salon Park" as a tenant next to Mayweather. Google doesn't turn up much information about the business, although interestingly it already lists 1102 Delano at its address.
  14. My experience with Hobby has felt worse each time I've flown out of it recently (which I do ~10-15 times a year). I'm sure some of it is pandemic staffing etc, but the food options are meager and for anything take-and-go that isn't Subway, you'll be waiting 20 minutes to get something. And then you won't be able to find space at a table. I've mostly stopped trying to eat at Hobby at all. Additionally, with every gate servicing a flight round the clock, there's almost never enough places to sit while you wait for your flight. I will give them that their operations are always extremely smooth, usually very on time, and getting around the airport isn't hard. But the experience of the time spent there is less than stellar and desperately in need of upgrade.
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