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  1. Under the current plan, St. Emanuel and everything east of it stays. So this building would essentially front the freeway and stare directly at the flyovers where 45 comes up from the south and dives down to join 228/59 underground.
  2. So you're saying it should be called Not Even Donuts
  3. Is the name of this place 24, 2024, or 2420
  4. I'm not really sure what all "operating" entails, but taking Renfe all around Spain a couple years a go, I couldn't have been more impressed. If TCR is anything like that, I'd be over the moon.
  5. Something about the windows at this building seems to be plaguing them. I can't tell you how many times I've seen windows installed, uninstalled, changed, boarded up, changed again, replaced with grating. They're out there working on them again today.
  6. Eh, I really don't see the problem tbh. The train tracks as a division between "official" EaDo and "official" East End has always seemed kinda arbitrary to me. East End has history that shouldn't be bulldozed over, but this upper Navigation/Canal area feels much more of a piece with EaDo than, say, anything east of Sampson. The names have exact meanings to the management districts, but I don't see why they need to for cultural purposes
  7. If in fact those people do exist, that's just not a compelling argument for me. A few hundred or a thousand people hamstringing a process that could make life better for hundreds of thousands or a million, not to mention the environment... that just reads as selfish. I'm not asking them to be thrilled about it, and I'm not saying that some of them won't be net losers in all of this (I think the business owners along I-45 stand to lose more in the long term than the landowners along the route). I just really chafe at the idea that anyone should wield wildly outsize influence like that. Especial
  8. I wish we could just throw some chlorine in Buffalo Bayou 😭
  9. Personally, I like the diagonal lines, and I think they make a more distinct silhouette for the skyline. It kind of reminds me of Frost Bank Tower in Austin without being too much like it. Especially once it lights up. My only real complaint is that I wish it were taller.
  10. My insurance would have preferred this were a Walgreens, but c'est la vie.
  11. That's one of the most insane things I've ever heard. "Don't do some of it because we can't do all of it, and also please never walk your dog at night." Sure, okay. I'm willing to start harassing people over this, if I know who to harass. If it's park rules that apply, is it Houston Parks & Rec that's the sticking point?
  12. Does anyone know if there's ever been any discussion of getting lighting on the Columbia Tap Trail? At this point, with the traffic it receives, it seems like a no-brainer. Jogging or riding it after dark still feels a little touch-and-go. Who would even be the agency responsible for getting it done?
  13. I said "great use of tax dollars" lol
  14. Libertarian ideals always go out the door when it comes time to charge the tax man instead of paying him. That said, I couldn't care less. It's a great use of tax dollars, and whatever costume we have to put on it to get it over the finish line is fine by me.
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