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  1. I will never get over how a few dozen or hundred property owners are holding hostage an infrastructure project that will benefit millions and be a major win for the environment. Just take your fair payout and let the rest of the world make progress.
  2. 100%. I don't have to give my money to people who I disagree with. It's what they would probably call "cancel culture" but I prefer to call it "the free market."
  3. There were some sections with bricks missing, and they've also knocked out a lot of holes for windows. Looks like they're well on their way now to getting the brickwork patched up as well as adding brand new brick wall sections along Emancipation. Starting to look good.
  4. What I've found online indicates it should only be about 20 feet shy of 609 Main when it's done. They may top out on usable floors soon, but I think we still have quite a bit more visual height to go.
  5. I'd like to see more roundabouts if only because they are opportunities for public art/monuments, which Houston could always use more of.
  6. Oof, that seems like a bad sign for the neighborhood. We desperately need the multifamily density to get things like a grocery store in here.
  7. Damn, I was just riding that exact area a week ago... good to know.
  8. There's an environmental sampling crew drilling out on the sidewalk on the west (Delano) side of Frankel's this morning. Not sure if it's something new or related to the bike lanes and bus stops that have been going in along Polk.
  9. You make a valid point that there seems to be an imbalance between housing supply and retail demand in the area. Like I said, not claiming to be an expert on how developers gauge demand. I was really only referring to the fact that it seems odd for developers to keep announcing projects when similar mixed-use developments in close proximity seemingly have languished in construction or had trouble securing tenants, that's all. Believe me, I'll be thrilled when we get any of the things you listed here in the neighborhood!
  10. Drove by this over the weekend and in person I thought the podium felt a lot nicer than in the photos. I was worried about it being large and stark from street level, but when you get a little bit of the sense of material in person it's not bad.
  11. I don't claim to have any real knowledge of how the economics of retail development like this work, but... does it seem like we just keep getting more and more plans for redeveloped warehouses on the east side and.... not a lot of them actually coming online? I mean, just within a few blocks we've got: - the Post building at Polk & Emancipation - Frankel's at Polk & Delano - HCC building at Dallas & Delano and plenty more all across the east end. I don't know, maybe this is normal. But it kind of feels like every developer has pie in th
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