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  1. They know that, they're just taking the opportunity to take a dig at trans people regardless of how off-topic it is.
  2. I also work out of the Ion now - maybe we've met each other. Are you at Common Desk?
  3. Certainly my situation is not everyone's situation, but this townhome layout works perfectly for me. I'm able to rent out the first-floor bedroom, my roommate and I have privacy being separated by a floor, but can congregate in the middle when we're feeling social.
  4. I didn't say they were all the same. I don't personally think any one of those things is a fit for the East End.
  5. Not that Tillman Fertitta hasn't done a lot of good for the city of Houston, but man it would be a bummer if any sort of Landry's project showed up in East End/EaDo. Just not a fit for the neighborhood at all. :/
  6. I want to know what they're going to do to repair it? Is it just going to end up being janky a week after they "fix" it, or is it going to be made to actually last?
  7. I couldn't agree more. Something that should be a major feature of the city just looks like a massive embarrassment. It bums me out every time I drive down 59 at night, they just look so janky. If the Montrose Management District still existed, I'd say they should sue for their money back from the company that installed them. They worked for barely a week after the Super Bowl, and then barely a week again after what seemed like a push to fix them a few months later. Some of the bridges have literally one or two working lights left on them.
  8. Correcting myself - it does in fact look like only the front section of the building (where parking would go) has had the roof removed.
  9. I didn't look too closely when I walked by it yesterday, but it looked like the entire roof was gone. I could be wrong.
  10. Certainly not every single building, but this one has a great canvas AND it's ugly as-is. So I think it's a prime candidate.
  11. There's something that always rubs me the wrong way about business owners complaining about stuff on social media.
  12. Generally I think painting brick is kind of a sin, but this place could really use it. With all the various patch jobs on it, it looks pretty janky. I also think they'd be missing a huge opportunity if they didn't use that huge expanse of brick wall fronting Emancipation for an EaDo-worthy mural. Could define the neighborhood.
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