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  1. By the way, the light was turned back on at the site late yesterday afternoon. . .
  2. It's not a host problem. Just a db thing. It's not going to get fixed anytime soon either. The person who runs it is heading to the UK today. So, I'm sure the 17,000+ emails from yesterday will keep piling up. Lovely.
  3. 'Spiderman' stopped in his tracks 05:10 PM CST on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 By Amy Tortolani / 11 News http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/kho...___.4ac24b.html A man who calls himself "Spiderman" was tackled by Houston police officers after trying to climb up One Houston Center Tuesday morning. The suspect is a Frenchman named Robert Alain Philipe aka Alain Robert. He's reportedly scaled skyscrapers around the world -- often with his bare hands. This time, it seems he was a victim of his own publicity stunt. Police they were tipped off after Philipe alerted the media about his plan. Philipe denied that. "I don't know what has happened and how all these people knew I was trying to climb," he said. "What are you doing? Relax," as he handcuffed Philipe. "I haven't commited any crime. No tresspass. No reckless, no disorderly. If you can charge me with something I really want to hear it," Philipe told 11 News as police handcuffed him. He was wearing logos for an online casino that has sponsored several of his climbs. It's the same gambling site that sponsored the infamous Super Bowl streaker who bolted past security at Reliant Stadium a couple of years ago. Investigators tell us they found out about Tuesday's scheme because Philipe alerted the media. "In fact, he did try to scale the side over here on Walker and one of the officers was able to grab him and bring him down," said HPD Lt. D.B. Edwards. "Apparently this guy does this all throughout the world. He wanted some media attention so we were able to come out here and be on the lookout for him." According to his Web site, Philipe has climbed over 60 skyscrapers and landmarks worldwide including the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Chicago's Sears Tower and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. Sources tell 11 News they found drugs on the climber so he could face a felony.
  4. slfunk, this project has been listed since May '05, however, without images.
  5. www.arquitectonica.com /enter /projects /hospitality /sheraton downtown phoenix hotel
  6. And to think, running at full tilt boogie (flank) - the sub couldn't 'hear' ____ anyway during it's training run to Australia because at flank it isn't stealthy at all - background noise is ownship. The only thing worse would've been a dead on collision at ludicrous speed vice the port side glancing and buckling at flank. That would've been terminally devastating and heroic DC efforts would be fruitless. The USN better rethink distribution of new charts. Hey, Hunter - I HAVE to ask what military site you originally pulled those photos from.
  7. Hate to say it about Jan's SSC forum, but, I found his old World Skyscrapers Forum better. The original SSC idea was pretty sound - going the way of a superforum combining all his separate forums like he did - but,... anyway, it's a mass quantity of people there that are making it unbearable to bother visiting.
  8. I see even after 7 months all over the planet and being away from the keyboard for most all of that time - things don't change at SSC. It was better when it was WSF.
  9. Man, I love Uptown Houston panos. More Mancuso et all!
  10. You still have those photos online mancuso or is it pbase that's just not cooperating right now? I'd definitely like to see 'em as they don't appear for me at the moment. Sounds cool - I dig me some photoshoppin'.
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