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  1. I love it, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, I think this has "to be scaled back down to earth" written all over it. I seriously hope I am wrong though.
  2. Yup. Hope the brick building brick stays too.
  3. Very polite of BIG to leave a cut out for Embassy Suites' signage.
  4. Contractor's office is officially closed as well.
  5. I really wanted to like this place, but after seeing this sign, I can't. Make this even?!?
  6. I live in East End and within a 5-10 min walk I have: gyms, dentist office, pharmacy, optometrist, a bunch of different bars restaurants (with more coming), two (or three, depending on how you count the Bayou Trail) parks, a drive-in theatre, and a barcade. Not sure what else is missing. And unlike the Drewery, no homicides!
  7. I'm looking into remodeling my kitchen. I want to update the appliances and the general design and functionality. I'm in an East End Townhome which unfortunately went with "realtor brown" with the floors, cabinets, counters, faucets, and backsplash. I'm open to a variety of styles except that awful "Instagram White" that every new kitchen seems to be. Any recommendations for designers and/or contractors?
  8. Looks like it's officially out of here.
  9. It's not brick. It's a metal cladding of sorts. Eitherway, it does look pretty neat. It will be a good addition for sure.
  10. Lol, whoops. This is what I get for posting from my phone. Will correct.
  11. Shipping containers that will be transformed into the permanent store fronts are being installed today. I counted 5: one by Ninfas, two by the restrooms, and two by 2510A.
  12. Luckily there are no mountains nearby (unless you believe the Allen brothers) to carry the helicopter over.
  13. The warehouse has some companies in it. I've seen folks trucking in/out. Unsure what. That said, there is a lot of housing in the area with all the new townhome developments, Forth at Navigation, some of the older townhomes, so, may have a lot of foottraffic. The way I look at it is this: if Tout Suite and Moontower could survive before the townhome density popped off, I'm sure a food court can survive.
  14. Nah, I think the Astros changed their passwords after the Cardinals stole their scouting data.
  15. I spoke to the property management folks as they were out hustling people at the East End Farmer's Market. First move-ins will be May 15, at which point all external construction and the first three floors will be done. They expect the rest to be done June/July. In the meantime, the garage will be cleared of all remaining equipment in the next week or so, and landscaping will begin in earnest. GFR was not scrapped. They are working with a comercial realtor to start looking for tenants. The GFR will be located on Canal, right across from the current structure (where Andes Cafe once lived) and on Navigation at the corner with McAlpine. Desired tennats are the the usual: cafe, brewery, etc.
  16. Knowing COH HHA, you're probably not wrong.
  17. I was over at Olshan's compound off Commerce picking some stuff up and the lady there told me they had sold the property to someone, but wasn't sure to whom. Let's begin the wild speculation of who bought it! I'll go first with a wish (HEB), and a real guess (Lovett). My understanding is this is roughly the area of the Olshan property.
  18. For sure. It was quite popular as a night destination pre-COVID since Critical Mass would start at Guadalupe Park. They ran a "last Friday night market" for a while and folks would stop by. Used it for major events like Astros WS games too.
  19. I wasn't sure where to put this, but I found this thread, so hey, may as well resurrect it. The East End Farmers Market, which takes up residence on the Esplanade on Sundays is transitioning over to a daily market format. They appear to have received some TIRZ funding that will allow them to put in some infrastructure to support a daily market such as shipping containers modified to be shops as well as utility hookups. Based on the announcement, seems like Chocolate Wasted and the Buñuelo Lady will take up permanent residence on the Esplanade, and the rest will be artisans/shops. Announcement here: https://fb.watch/4T6M7WAv3N/ I suppose with all the new apartments and townhomes opening up, makes sense.
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