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  1. The website boasts "18,000 SF of retail space for a restaurant and café. On-site amenities will include a rooftop pool, fitness center, yoga studio, resident coworking space, and a sky lounge with views of Downtown Houston." I suppose it's possible that the 18,000sqft are split by both street faces. Also, I noted that the former Alamo Tamales building now has "Live at Forth" drawings all over.
  2. Ah, I saw the surveyors too, just didn't manage to ask what they were surveying. Thanks for letting us know!
  3. Not since May, 2019. The RFQ went out in May. https://www.eastenddistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/Navigation-Roundabout-RFQ.pdf EEMD says this about it: In September of 2018, the East End District entered into an advanced funding agreement with TxDOT that consists of the engineering and reconstruction of the intersection at Navigation Boulevard, Jensen Drive, and Runnels Street to include an urban roundabout, pedestrian elements, streetscape and bus stop improvements. Additionally, the District hopes to include a public art installation on the roundabout and funding has been secured for public engagement related to this installation. Public engagement and design are forthcoming. No funding source for public art on the roundabout has been identified at this time.
  4. Ah, my bad. I couldn't remember which Memorial Park/Buffalo Bayou thread had the bike path discussion. Delete if y'all want.
  5. "Forth at Navigation" banners and signage up at the property. Will try to take pics when it's not dark AF.
  6. It's been a while since we talked about the hike and bike trails, but...the fence on the west side of Jensen is now open. Looks like the new bike route through clayton homes to the downtown trailheads and out to the East End is open.
  7. Speaking of...the fence on the west side is now open. Looks like the new route through clayton homes to the downtown trailheads is open.
  8. Seconded. I agree with @I'm Not a Robot that it may be a nod to "Navigation," but I don't know. What really grinds my gears however, is the fact that it is also Marquette's fourth property (Catalyst Chicago, Catalyst Houston, The Mason (Chicago), and the "Forth").
  9. I ride and run East of Jensen fairly often (from Jensen to Tony Marron park) without issue ever. Only one encampment that I've ever seen and it's pretty deep in the "woods." The dead-end on the west side, where this happened, is quite different though...
  10. "Major Brand" Gas could also be Major Brand Gas:
  11. I believe the buffalo bayou east renovation plan calls for at least one or two pedestrian bridges that will connect the hike and bike trails, much like the ones over Rosemont and Jackson Hill.
  12. Absolute bummer that they won't just play Moonstruck on repeat. It will be interesting to see how it competes with Space City Shows just around the corner.
  13. Looks like there is a drive-in screen set up. If Midway can do it at East River, why not here? (Forgive the terrible night time, in car photography)
  14. It seems to be Marquette's Houston MO (not that I'm complaining). Catalyst in an area of DT without many residents, 2404 Navigation, the possibly cancelled, possibly ongoing plan to build a luxury high rise off Jensen, and now this. Take advantage of Opportunity Zone funds and TIRZ funds and build bb build. Not a bad plan.
  15. After which they will likely move back over towards EaDo/East End.
  16. I would reach out to the district (no username pun intended), yes, but you may run into similar issues. I've had lights out in front of my place that are owned by East End Management District. They tell me to call Centerpoint and Ceterpoint tells me to call EEMD. I once got a person at EEMD to actually take the request and gave them the numbers on the light. I got an e-mail back the next day saying that they checked the light and it works fine. They haven't been on in about a year. Good luck!
  17. That's next level cramming. If the standard 6 townhome configuration is a six pack, then is this a half pack? If so, do they make them tallboys to account for the lack of width?
  18. Per Buffalo Bayou Partnership FB page, it is a drive-in theatre: Theatre website: https://www.moonstruckdrivein.com/
  19. Walked by today and noticed that the Canal St. facing GFR looks to have one of the orange COH Inspection stickers on it. Will try to pop over there after the workers are gone to see if it is in anyone other than Marquette's name. Also, if I recall Marquette bought the building housing Alamo Tamales back in late November as part of Phase 2 of this project. Alamo now has a new all-black paint job on the wooden portion of the building and new utilities boxes up front. Some form of remodel is underway. Update: they aren't COH inspection stickers. Just very similar looking bills.
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