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  1. Wow, almost looks like a completely different building. Impressive what a bit of paint can do. So long as they never fix all those broken windows, it will remain the Ventana that I knew in my youth.
  2. Great point. It's a bit further off from the roundabout. Honestly, until the permit app for the Mill was posted today, I would have expected that lot to be used for staging. That said, you're probably right.
  3. Excellent! There was a bunch of equipment (cats, scissor lifts, and some other minor equipment) across the street at the old Alamo Tamales place today, I wonder if it is related. Not sure what scissor lifts would be for at this stage, but idk. Alternatively, maybe Marquette is ready to move forward with their remodel of the rest of the lot in front of Forth.
  4. Can confirm. The bike trail got Harvey'd, but the land there didn't flood. Didn't make it that far up.
  5. They really did, and I agree. I'd love to see one more on Jensen flanking East River. Maybe after Phase 2 is completed. I'm still holding out hope that Phase 2 wasn't scrapped.
  6. Sign with realtor info for the GFR was put up today. Looking for two restaurants, it seems. https://www.colliers.com/en/properties/for-lease-two-restaurant-opportunities-at-forth-at-navigation/usa-2404-navigation-boulevard-houston-tx-77003/usa1105383
  7. Pleasure as well, friend. Let us never give up hope for HEB.
  8. Just down the street from Fitzcarraldo. RIP my liver.
  9. Oh wow, that looks great. Metro recently ripped out a bunch of stops along canal/navigation. Hope we get something similar.
  10. I thought they did a perfectly good job with Forth, but generally speaking, yes. I agree with you.
  11. These plans look vaguely familiar. I don't remember the project, but they look awfully similar to some project that never came to fruition. I want to say it was in the Sampson/York corridor.
  12. Agreed. And if they ever move forward with Phase 2 it will be even better.
  13. I saw folks installing massive mounting brackets on the center section last week and figured some lights or signage would go up. Didn't expect it would be a giant Ukrainian flag being mounted.
  14. I was there last weekend and there were, ice cream, regular drinks, and a bar set up on the rooftop, though they seemed more like temporary things, not permanent shops. Maybe they are moving towards your suggestion because there was live music (well, a DJ, but close enough) there as well.
  15. JBTX

    1701 Commerce St

    Agreed. I dig it though. I see Red Purse Girl didn't make her way over to this building. Shame given the building's name.
  16. JBTX

    1701 Commerce St

    A "for lease" for retail/restaurant popped up a few weeks ago. Interestingly, no Loopnet listing yet.
  17. I wonder if it's related to that water pipe leak that I keep reporting to 311 that leaves a constant river down Navigation, hence Water and Sewer fund. Eitherway, glad to see "for roundabout construction" in City docs.
  18. Do you think people working on a Home Depot hear the incredibly hype "Home Depot Theme" in their head as they work? I would.
  19. I am once again requesting a built in vomit emoji/reaction.
  20. Did you comment on your own comment?
  21. I will 100% try to take a photo of this being torn down with the "Optimism Starts With You" mural in the foreground.
  22. Still do! You can see the lot off the 610 bridge. Blocks and blocks of assorted VW branded cars all factory wrapped in white still.
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