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  1. My understanding that InTown was building a few of those and another developer was handing the rest. Otherwise, the fencing between lots doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I could be wrong though.
  2. Intown is wrapping up their development off Canal and N. St. Charles right now, so I would believe it.
  3. Looks great. Thanks for sharing! Guess I gotta go ASAP.
  4. Just an FYI, every time I see this thread pop up in the feed, I read it to the tune of "Under the Bridge."
  5. Interesting. I've had a good time when I've been. Hope your experience is an anomaly and not a new trend.
  6. No idea, and the website isn't much help. I see people over there periodically, but they don't seem to be working to "fix" anything. It has been a mystery.
  7. I'm an attorney. UH undergrad, but STCL for law school. Yes, I am a master of efficiently wasting time on the internet while in the office. No, I am not billing any clients for this post (yet).
  8. To be fair, I think we all did worse for free/cheap food in law school.
  9. As mentioned above, I think Gin is expanding a lot more into general interior design. They did interior design work for Forth at Navigation which, at this time, still does not have any restaurants or other GFR (though the plan is still to have some).
  10. I do completely agree with you, however, one note would be that Carnival does offer shuttles from Hobby to the Cruise Terminals. But again...totally agree.
  11. They make a solid Bahn mi. Not as cheap as some others around town, but solid.
  12. Some of the shops are now open on non-Sundays.
  13. I found the JLL listing brochure for the property: https://research.catylist.com/api/images/data/og/media/user_uploads/6075bf12e88abb000181214f_olshan_eado_flyer_sm.pdf I can't tell how old it is (lists that there is an ongoing Lease until June 2021, but also shows a mostly built out Forth at Navigation on the photos). Page 11, showing the back part of 8th Wonder as the "Navigation Esplanade" made me laugh a little.
  14. That would be my guess, yeah. Not sure there is much reuse/remodel potential (except the brick building).
  15. The HEBs you list are my go-to ones, but as far as Central Market being better? Depends on what you want, personally, I like: -More bulk spices (which become comically cheap in normal commercial quantities) -More bulk tea/coffee -Based deli (and lets not forget the meat and lox "ends" that make for the best/cheapest lunch you can get in town) For me, Central Market fills this wild void between "special occasion" shopping (like the butcher counter) and "staples shopping" (deli, spices, etc.)
  16. Man, some of those are nice. The future that Demolition Man saw for us is coming to be.
  17. Gimmie one of those Taco Bells that also serves alcohol please.
  18. Not the only costly booboo. If you notice in your second picture, there is no siding by some of the windows. They had to rip off a whole section of siding to reinstall some windows last week. They've also had to reinstall windows on the McAlpine side 3 different times.
  19. I, for one, would love to see a Houston F1 GP combining parts of downtown with Memorial/Allen.
  20. Everyone knows that par 3 courses are the best drinking courses.
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