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  1. Wings, burgers, ok, I'm with you. Egg rolls? Alright, kinda odd addition, but sure. Pasta?? I guess it kinda flows, but not really. Gumbo and catfish??? That's a pretty wide range of dining choices there.
  2. There is work going on in the commercial space along Navigation. Workers appear to be clearing it out, cleaning the windows, painting, etc. Not sure if Archcon is just cleaning up or if someone is about to start build out. Will monitor.
  3. We need a pitchfork reaction for comments.
  4. Where are all the beer bike trolley things going to live now?!?!?
  5. For the low, low, price of $25, they can run a buzzer over your head and keep it that way!
  6. I am all for people getting a fair share for their craft, but wow, yeah.
  7. Looks like the buffalo bayou south shore trail, east of Jensen.
  8. Hah, Eadough pastries. Alright, you got me in for one visit at least. That said, I found this bit of showboating a bit interesting: "Having spent years in a 2 Star Michelin rated kitchen in New York, Kripa has a caliber of experience not found in the Houston food scene." I think Daniel Bludorn, the entire staff of Le Jardinier, the chef at Nobie's, and others would like to have a word with her. (Also, I don't think Michelin bragging gets you too far in Houston)
  9. I've seen crews come out and survey it on occasions. Many times, actually. But aside from that, I haven't heard/seen any updates.
  10. Ripping up the front driveway. Guess it's time for a new one.
  11. Seconded. Went there last week for a work lunch (guess who picked it) and yeah, damn. Insanely overpriced (lunch short rib for $36) and really bland (risotto and bread definitely from a box). But hey, they don't allow masks in there and neither the waitstaff not kitchen staff wear masks, so that's cool!
  12. In keeping up with the East End thread, might I suggest (trigger warning for some re: name) EaDo Optics?
  13. Two ped/cycle bridges, if I recall. One near Hirsch and one just east of Middle.
  14. A. Yes, incredibly bone headed (my favorite was that they never shut off the waterline they ran to their trailers completely, they just "turned it off." It took us few months to realize that's why the sidewalk and grass by the house were always wet. B. Yes, about 12ft and the sensor is at least 2 ft above that.
  15. For some reason, I seem to recall that one of the amenities was a workout studio for residents that has outside trainers coming in. I may be misremembering too. I think the Canal side GFR may end up being a cafe as it is better suited for that (size wise), and also closer to Common Desk.
  16. I haven't seen any listed on loopnet or other sites yet. I spoke to one of the leasing agents recently who said they were working with a commercial realtor. Maybe they are keeping it a private listing for now? Also, only the GFR on the Navigation side is ready to use (the leasing agent said that Marquette's goal is for a small brewery or distillery to occupy this space). The future GFR on the Canal side is being used by the construction workers as a break room.
  17. Yeah, I bike and walk the area often. East of Jensen along the bayou is fine, though parts are unpaved still. Never had any problems. West of Jensen near Clayton Homes is not great, as noted.
  18. "Buns n' Drafts," f/k/a Pizza Pazza, is now open on the esplanade, across from Merida. Good food, but the prices are a bit steep. Cute dining area though.
  19. I would hate to see this as well. That said, if it happens, it won't be by the same company that is opening the two new ones.
  20. The bar was removed and the shipping containers and picnic area on the side are being packed up. I guess this project is "Going Down" before it starts "Going Up" again.
  21. I've noticed some poles being planted around the property for what looks like an impending construction fence.
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