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  1. You are correct. The complex owned by Marquette is 2404 Navigation. Renovation of 2311 Canal was originally in Marquette's plans, but, we will see.
  2. That's what we saw as well. Plus, the sign in the Glassell courtyard says no "professional photography without permit." Which, not professionals and we asked permission. Ours was actually off Montrose when he complained. Eitherway, it's whatever. Excellent photos that you took! The while lot is lovely!
  3. That we had a drone, lol. Nothing in the park area around it says "no drones" and we had checked with the museum beforehand, just in case. Museum had no complaints. Probably just a security guy on his high horse.
  4. Did security get mad at you for taking this? My friends and I were recording a buddy's proposal using drones at the top of the Glassell building and got a stern lecture for it.
  5. East End is about to be the roundabout capitol of Houston.
  6. This is the building Abraham Watkins is in, yes? If so, yes. It floods frequently.
  7. Unfortunately, it seems as though Night Shift closed due to a disagreement between ownership and talent that lead to an employee walk-out.
  8. Wow, almost looks like a completely different building. Impressive what a bit of paint can do. So long as they never fix all those broken windows, it will remain the Ventana that I knew in my youth.
  9. Great point. It's a bit further off from the roundabout. Honestly, until the permit app for the Mill was posted today, I would have expected that lot to be used for staging. That said, you're probably right.
  10. Excellent! There was a bunch of equipment (cats, scissor lifts, and some other minor equipment) across the street at the old Alamo Tamales place today, I wonder if it is related. Not sure what scissor lifts would be for at this stage, but idk. Alternatively, maybe Marquette is ready to move forward with their remodel of the rest of the lot in front of Forth.
  11. Can confirm. The bike trail got Harvey'd, but the land there didn't flood. Didn't make it that far up.
  12. They really did, and I agree. I'd love to see one more on Jensen flanking East River. Maybe after Phase 2 is completed. I'm still holding out hope that Phase 2 wasn't scrapped.
  13. Sign with realtor info for the GFR was put up today. Looking for two restaurants, it seems. https://www.colliers.com/en/properties/for-lease-two-restaurant-opportunities-at-forth-at-navigation/usa-2404-navigation-boulevard-houston-tx-77003/usa1105383
  14. Pleasure as well, friend. Let us never give up hope for HEB.
  15. Just down the street from Fitzcarraldo. RIP my liver.
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