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  1. The HEBs you list are my go-to ones, but as far as Central Market being better? Depends on what you want, personally, I like: -More bulk spices (which become comically cheap in normal commercial quantities) -More bulk tea/coffee -Based deli (and lets not forget the meat and lox "ends" that make for the best/cheapest lunch you can get in town) For me, Central Market fills this wild void between "special occasion" shopping (like the butcher counter) and "staples shopping" (deli, spices, etc.)
  2. Man, some of those are nice. The future that Demolition Man saw for us is coming to be.
  3. Gimmie one of those Taco Bells that also serves alcohol please.
  4. Not the only costly booboo. If you notice in your second picture, there is no siding by some of the windows. They had to rip off a whole section of siding to reinstall some windows last week. They've also had to reinstall windows on the McAlpine side 3 different times.
  5. I, for one, would love to see a Houston F1 GP combining parts of downtown with Memorial/Allen.
  6. Everyone knows that par 3 courses are the best drinking courses.
  7. Without a doubt, but when the comp is $300 for a nicer building, nicer amenities, nicer appliances, nicer location, etc., it's not that much. Again, I completely understand that $300/m is a lot of money, but the two buildings are completely incomparable and the price does not reflect that.
  8. Yes but also no. "Yes" in that my mortgage payments are a quarter of what a similar sqft apartment runs right across the street from me (Forth at Navigation). "No" in that this is way overpriced. An efficiency at Forth, which is by all definitions a luxury apartment building, prices a larger and better stocked efficiency at less than $300/m more than this floor plan:
  9. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. Would actually be a pretty useful service if they also incorporate the current building (or at least retrofit it).
  10. Can't forgot never ending state subsidies and an artificially inflated "economy."
  11. I love it, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, I think this has "to be scaled back down to earth" written all over it. I seriously hope I am wrong though.
  12. Yup. Hope the brick building brick stays too.
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