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  1. Nah, I'm well aware of that... Same can be said with Cuban, Venezuelan, and Soviet immigrants/refuges versus their kids.
  2. Absolutely correct that you have that right. And I'm all about it. Re: Roostar. The owner (owners, really, as it's H/W team) has been described to me by folks who work very closely with them as "Vietnamese Donald Trump in every way you can imagine that to mean."
  3. People are entitled to their opinion, even if many here may disagree. If Bruce's posts offend you, I got some really bad news for you about the owner of Roostar... Let's just be happy that people keep their politics and their shop separate, and leave it at that.
  4. Honestly? Yeah. I mean that solely from personal experience too, not to denigrate your opinion. I lived on campus for four years during my time at UH without issue (I am also a not small male). Boughta house in 2nd ward just before the boom there. I was (and still partially am) surrounded by cinderblock homes, dilapidated homes, and vagrants. It works for me because I don't mind it and am totally game to pay a lower starting cost for greater long term opportunity. Circling back to these properties, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that, if an i
  5. I think people also need to keep in mind just how many foreign students there are at UH. Coming home every summer for the whole summer isn't really an option for them, but their folks do have enough to send their kids off to the States for school. At this price, it's pretty perfect for them.
  6. That's exactly my thoughts. Plus, the idea of not having to move every year for four years is appealing.
  7. For sure! Just like the "presidential brick" portion of Navigation!
  8. That is the Salmeron Clinic. Not owned by the city. Mr. Salmeron's son owns and maintains it nowdays, but it hasn't been open in about a decade. No idea why he didn't sell...
  9. That is something you have to consider. A lot of pedestrian and bike traffic in the area. And again, soon to be even more once Forth is complete (and presumably even more once The Mill is underway/finished).
  10. @IronTiger the current intersection is absolute cancer. You current have a 4-way intersection which, because of the 45 degree angle of the Navigation bend and Jensen, ends up actually being an 8-signal intersection as the left turns aren't properly aligned, so they have their own sequence. Add in the stoplight on the Navigation to Navigation right turn, and you technically have a 9-sequence light for a four-way intersection. It's also important to note that the amount of traffic going from Runnels to Navigation or Jensen is usually 1-3 cars, per cycle, max. The traffic from that side is neglig
  11. Yes, I believe that streetcar is called "desire." I'll show myself out.
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