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  1. Yeah, the signs literally went down the day I posted that. I live by the lot and see it daily.
  2. Soil sample crews are back on site again. Interestingly, the Midway signs have been taken down.
  3. Oh that's right. Couldn't ever if it was by it or in it. Oops.
  4. EPA at the MDI site makes sense. It's right next to a CERCLA site.
  5. I have visions of the first dual-use HEB/Specs. If that happens, I would have literally everything I could ever need at my doorstep.
  6. It depends on how they intend to use the land. I've been unable to find any plans or materials for that lot. That said, soil samples are usually performed before foundations get dug/poured. And they are out there again today. 3 trucks.
  7. Not sure if this is the correct thread or if we should start a new one. Soil sampling crews are onsite right now at the Midway site across from Guadalupe Plaza Park and 2404 Navigation.
  8. True that. And FFS, stop throwing neighborhood cookouts (even if they smell dank), that's not how this thing works!
  9. So true. I still don't know why Mr. Salmeron didn't sell since the building isn't even occupied these days, but, oh well.
  10. Piggybacking off Luminare's post, I'm working from home and I can promise you that 2404 Navigation shows no signs of slowing down. Also, there are definitely more than 10 people people on-site. But like Luminare said, they are all spaced out already, not really in close proximity, and just out there doing their thing.
  11. That's a little disappointing. I know most of these dealerships aren't exactly paragons of design, but that she's a little...sad
  12. Oh man, I gotta look through my old vacation pics now. I remember that horrifying bamboo scaffold with little to no planking being all over Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. EDIT: I couldn't find the scaffold, but enjoy this OSHA-approved brick throwing line in KL.
  13. I'm just sitting here waiting for Andes to resurface. Maybe there? Maybe at 2404 Navigation? I dunno, just stay in walking distance please!
  14. Drive by this strip today. Sign for Allegiance Bank is up, but no signs for Corky's. Bad news for them...
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