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  1. This would make me shit a literal brick. Would be IDEAL.
  2. Repair Jensen is an absolute must. It's a rough drive at the moment. Agreed on HEB for sure. Maybe soon! Hard pass on total wine though. Specs all the way 😍
  3. And only a block or two apart. But yeah, trust me, this one isn't on hold. Full steam ahead every day. I do find it odd that they are pouring the second floor of the southernmost section, but the foundation hasn't been poured in the center section yet.
  4. Agreed. We'll see what comes of it though.
  5. I believe Marquette owns this parcel, while Midway owns the one across the street. However, Alamo owned their building outright and sold. They said in a press release that they will be using profits from the sale to expand/renovate their Barry St. location. From the Alamo folks: “As many of you know, the east side of downtown has been under renovation for a few years now. They have finally reached Navigation and Canal St., where we are. After contemplating selling for a long time, we have finally made the decision to do so. We are not selling the business! We are shutting down this location at 2310 Navigation on January 1, 2020.”
  6. I live across the street and between the food quality going down in the past few years (still great, don't get me wrong, but not as good as it has been in the past) and the fact that the place has been empty for months now (as people have no idea the place is still open) so it comes as no surprise that Andes closed. I, for one, am hoping they re-open in the GFR portion of this building. I'll miss them.
  7. Same here. Especially when you consider that one of the alleged low-income housing sites is in a superfund site. Can you imagine the press that would get? Not only are you putting low-income housing in a superfund site, you would be putting low-income housing in a superfund site right across from Midway's "Very-clearly-not-low-income-housing." Yeah, I'm not buying into the hysteria.
  8. Thanks y'all. That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure!
  9. Do we know if these are supposed to be "aesthetic" pillars, or structural?
  10. It's used for events fairly often, but no...the vast majority of that park is hobo central. The only exception is there are a few folks who walk their dogs there to poop.
  11. Probably just people taking pics of their cars. I drive past that superfund site off Jensen with the incredible view of DT and there are often folks taking car pics there. East End is full of spots for car pics, so, I wouldn't be shocked if someone is using this site for it too.
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