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  1. Buffalo Bayou Partnership just sent this out regarding an informational session on the Buffalo Bayou East Plans: I don't know if we are allowed to post links to stuff like that here, but, I'm sure you can find info on their website.
  2. I'm not sure what work needs to be done, post Harvey, but from where I live I can see the roof of the building. It looked to have been damaged during Harvey and remained since then. Maybe they are working on it finally.
  3. Yeah, "yikes" is a good way of summing up my feelings towards that roof design.
  4. My wife and I call Midtown Randall's "Club Randall's." All it has a good selection of is Gatorade, energy drinks and beer. Rest is a hodgepodge. Wonder why?
  5. Not to mention the fact that 2404 is one small lot while East River is a massive development that needs utilities, roads, and all that jazz run before you can even start.
  6. The city mailed Notices of Variance Request on this project. Reference 2020-1119. Hearing will be on Thursday. They are moving quickly.
  7. Based on the old Swamplot article, that's what it sounds like. Looks nice.
  8. Woah, did we make it from Monday until mid afternoon on Thursday for a new comment on this? That's gotta be a new record for "longest time without an update." All jokes aside, that's a good update, thanks for sharing. I really do hope this becomes the bastion of development that Rice and the City plan for it to be.
  9. Based on the number of taps, I would say we are getting a lot more than just 8th Wonder brews.
  10. Correct. The building that (used to) house Andes Cafe and the Maritime Museum are Phase II.
  11. Merida is the Navigation champ. Hands down, not even close. Though, more Mex than Tex-Mex.
  12. Just to steer this more back onto subject...Andes lasted a very long time for a restaurant of its style. 7 years, with the last 2 or 3 without their head chef as he was out exploring projects is pretty impressive. It was the construction at 2404 that finally killed them. Plus, they were always full on Sundays. Very popular with the fresa crowd too.
  13. Oh really? Interesting. Cause I imagine they paid a pretty penny for Gin to design it. But hey, if that's for him, that's awesome!
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