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  1. Even funnier when you see that Eater updated their article about White Rhino to correct "EaDo" to "East End."
  2. The latter is my guess. It's been packed since open. Guess those targeted FB ads worked.
  3. Interesting. I've ridden and walked in that area, even on those tracks, and somehow never saw these. Time to explore more.
  4. Interesting. I wonder if it's going into the warehouse there or if it will be placed on the tracks.
  5. Great, I'll grab my snowboard and I'll see y'all there!
  6. Getting some snacks here too. https://houston.eater.com/2021/2/11/22278424/ion-midtown-sears-building-late-august-stuffd-wings-common-bond-opening
  7. I was thinking it's covid protocol, perhaps? Centralize entrances into the building and what not.
  8. It's all wrapped, can't see inside. There are orange tags that look like COH health department tags, but they face in. Now that the fences are coming down, I'm gonna try and snoop.
  9. Landscaping starting on the Canal St. side. Balcony rails being installed as well.
  10. Pretty small, I guess that's why I couldn't see it from ground level. No matter, still looks nice. Here is to hoping ArchCon/Marquette folks are reading this forum, saw my post, and posted the pool on their IG. P.S.- if the above is true, please fix McAlpine street <3
  11. Thanks Brooklyn, I was going to explain it, but glad someone else got me first.
  12. Oh, I know. I'm in a condo unit of 8 "townhomes" in a row. Mount it in the middle. Send a message to the world. Purchase aerial rights. Fight the NIMBYers. Dream the dream.
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