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  1. As much as I can tell this is dripping in irony, I'd walk for groceries there. Of course, I would walk there cause I live <5min walk away, but still. That said, one of my personal favorite things to do abroad is to visit grocery stores/supermarkets, just to check the out. Great memories of ReWe and their $0.33 beers.
  2. Well, it's definitely not Polk and Emancipation. But please HEB wizards, we request your presence at the Olshan site.
  3. A. Still can't get over how much this looks like Forth B. That train in the background looks like they combined an Amtrak Superliner and the Himalayan Queen to Shimla
  4. https://littleredboxgrocery.com/pages/houston-launch Opens Saturday. Not a large grocery store, but sounds like it will have the essentials plus HEB Meal Simple type prepackaged meals.
  5. Thanks a lot for the recap, excellent stuff! My only concern is how the Cindercade lot could be used as off-site valet given than the lot there is at capacity just about every single day. Maybe with the addition of Dealco's new lot off Bastrop and Commerce, there will be some overflow.
  6. My morbid curiosity prompted me to check. I was going to make that for you, but I draw the line at 498:
  7. There is only so far we can extend "River Oaks."
  8. Yes. Per my friends working there, they are moving their offices into this building. I asked how they differentiate between this building and Post HTX internally. Apparently Post is Post and this is the "new office."
  9. Forgive the angle, it was windy and the sign was absolutely flying. 6a-2p. Unspecified dates. I wish I could remember what day of the week I went by.
  10. If you tell me 1MDB owns it, I may quite literally die laughing.
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