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  1. Monterrey House was my favorite too. The brown sugar candy was just the right way to finish off the meal and don't forget to ask the waiter for a to go cup full of iced tea. When they quit the candy I asked them why and they said the health department made them. It was sad to see them go. Here in Rosenberg we have Bobs Taco Stand so its not too bad.
  2. I was with my Dad and I remember listening to a Floyd Patterson - Sonny Liston heavyweight championship fight on the radio at Bangs on Bissonet.
  3. My first job was as a tire buster at the Globe on Hillcroft and Bellaire. Then I transferred to Baytown for a mechanic position. Next I came back to the Globe at Gessner and I-10. We were the original front end bandits. We had a service manager named Ruben. He looked like Junior Samples and I was amazed at how people just automatically trusted this guy. The manager was even worse. Oh yeah, you need upper and lower ball joints, drag link, pitman arm, tie rod end bushings, etc. Several of the tire store buildings are still standing. The one on Bellaire turned into a liquor store.
  4. I sure remember Johnnies Hamburger House. It was run by a fellow named John Glos. He had a couple of sons named Frankie and Jodie. Nice little family place. The building is / was still there. If you were a good customer, he'd sometimes give you a cigar box. I had a paper route and stopped by there every day. A soft serve ice cream cone was a nickel.
  5. I bought a '72 Yamaha twin jet from Westbury Yamaha. Traded that in for a '73 RD350 from Hurst Supply. Next came a '76 RD400 and later a '81 Seca 550 from Junior McBrides Rose Rich Yamaha. Then an '82 Vision 550 from Joe Fishers University Cycles in College Station. And finally an '86 Radian 600 from Westbury just before they burned down. Edit: After thinking some more, Rose Rich Yamaha was owned by Clyde Marik when I bought the Seca.
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