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  1. technically the zoo could expand to the park across from the zoo next on the other side. It a public park owned by the city but is never used
  2. While DG is locked in on all sides.. I'm hoping this news encourages the city to invest more into green space. There still Huge sections on the back end of Downtown that could make a massive park and potentially spark more development.
  3. No , I dont think that the responsibility of private sector. That on is on us( society) Hit the nail on the head.
  4. ah I'm on the fence. on one hand , there are people who need help. On the other many of them at that area are not homeless. I know I dealt with them for years when I was assigned to Hermann park and other parks in the area. What happens is Drug dealers mix into the groups because they know that they are social outcasts. So many people try to avoid prolonged eye contact including the cops. it a far more complex issue that most would admit. You don't want to persecute a person for being homeless. However you cant be naive either and pretend that all of them are down on their luck. unfortunately clustering like that only invites, drugs , violence and a ton of other crimes. sadly many of them also cluster to protect themselves from those very things... like I said complex.
  5. Disagree. I travel that area daily. It a straight shot into the TMC without having to get on the Highway. It a 5 min metro ride back to the main campus. It very present could is adding to a area that growing. I remember when that area was a ghost town with a few fast food places and a store. Now there a ton of fast food places. a number of black owned businesses . A huge club / lounge that quite popular with the college age and early 30s crowd. Only things missing is residential and these still a number of land plots available for even that.
  6. Can someone explain to me what is with this thread of just under 50 stories..latey in Houston?
  7. I think that everytime I drive by..That the neighborhood has outgrown them ... Hopefully one day a developer decides to buy them out.
  8. The thing that intrigues me is the potential it could open down the line... what if one day we had boat that's ran from DT to this project.. and back
  9. I'm not really surprised more and more teams are trying to make their stadiums destinations places outside of just attending the games. That leaves stadiums like MMP , which were built before the MIX use craze,to have to use the land around them. Let's be honest that back end of MMP is kind of a dead zone. If a hotel/residential / Entertainment is built all the better for DT.
  10. I salute them for wanting wanting to add to the area. The fact that in the article they mention building something that will go with the neighborhood is what I like to hear.
  11. Anybody know anything about this
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