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  1. I think it's mostly the boring glass curtain wall, especially on the parking garage. I must note that I haven't even been to Houston since the glazing started, so I haven't seen it in person. But I also don't like the top all that much and I don't like the entrance. I'm not a big fan of 609 Main, either. Again, mostly because of the boring curtain wall. I LOVE the exterior of 811 Main (BG Group Place)...just not thrilled with the notch that makes it look like a giant BIC lighter.
  2. OK. I'm just going to say it and suffer the consequences. I don't like that building. There.
  3. This sculpture πŸ‘† really should be installed directly in front of the stepped seating in the Glassell. I almost fell off while photographing.
  4. I am soooo excited about the opening of this building and yet I have no idea how long it will be before I actually get to see it in person. 😩
  5. Found this video on youtube which really gives an idea of the size and complexity of this project.
  6. Here's the building before the tubes were in place. As you say, it looks like there are real windows and window-shaped indentations in the concrete.
  7. I found this photo of a model of the building at night a day or so ago. I’d never seen it before. It’s definitely better than the original model we’ve all seen.
  8. Does anyone have any nighttime photos? I wanna see the glow!
  9. The Burj's name was changed before it even opened. Transco was Transco for some time, and, IMO, "Transco Tower" is more interesting sounding than "Williams Tower."
  10. OK...I fixed the rendering to make it look like the building will really look.* 😈 . . . * Just kidding!
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