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  1. She's everywhere! 😆 https://littleredridingbag.tumblr.com https://www.nonarchitecture.eu/2020/01/16/girl-red-bag/ https://architizer.com/blog/practice/tools/the-art-of-rendering-7-mistakes/
  2. Thank you. I just created a duplicate layer of her. Completely darkened the underlying layer using Levels. Skewed that layer into something approximating a shadow cast in the same direction as that of fence post. Decreased the opacity. Nudged the shadow around a bit to better align with her feet. Flattened the image and resized. Easy-peasy. The direction's a bit off and I could have blurred it a bit but I was in a hurry. Plus her feet still look like they're floating.
  3. Just found this. It was posted October 16,2021. “[W]e are planning to hold a design sharing event in Houston in mid-November to share preliminary images of the Center and discuss how it will be used to serve the Jamat and the broader community in the Houston area and beyond. We will share these preview images in the near future.” https://the.ismaili/usa/ismaili-center-houston-project-update-the-jamati-institutions
  4. Yeah, I know what you meant. Except it's the morning sun that will be blocked by this. Afternoon sun is already blocked. And that morning sun will be blocked 365 days a year, not just in August. And let's not forget that the first 40 feet or so up from the street is (what seems to be) unadorned parking garage. ETA: If I lived in those apartments across the street, I'd be thinking of moving when the lease is up. Especially when construction starts. If I owned one of those townhouses, I'd be depressed.
  5. That view from Waugh and Dallas looks great but... oh man, is Rosine Street ever going to be a sunless, parking garage hellscape when it's finished! Google street view of Rosine Street: https://bit.ly/3kImrKQ
  6. It's possible that tiny bit of parking is for H-E-B's curbside pickup.
  7. They have a nice small "market" on South Flores Street just south of the main part of Downtown. It's kind of like a small version of the Dunlavy store. For the most part, H-E-Bs in San Antonio are not that exciting... easy to be that way when you're the only game in town.
  8. The renderings on their website show the base of the tower looking like stainless steel tupperware, too. 🤷‍♂️https://residencesattheallen.com
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