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  1. Has anyone seen this? CityNerd, an urban planning and transportation channel on YouTube that I eventually unsubscribed from because he unfairly bashed Houston one time too many, recently visited our fair city after hearing about Prop B. So, he arrives in Houston and… Lo and Behold! …he finds a city that he wasn’t expecting to find. Here’s the video:
  2. It occurred to me that the French pronunciation of X is “eeks,” which, oddly enough, is the third most common reaction upon seeing this building for the first time after “Yikes!” and “Oh no…”
  3. From the last set of exterior photos it looks like there is still plywood on the balconies.
  4. We old-timers have heard this kind of nonsense before. I think it was 1974 when Houston (The city of the future!) was “on track to becoming the largest city in the world” in the not-so-distant future. 🙄
  5. That explains all the black “Imgur” rectangles that remain in a number of threads. Certainly would be nice if some moderator would do something about those.
  6. From the article: Regarding Post Oak Central, Freels said, “We see incredible potential in the iconic property. This deal activates and accelerates our plans, and we look forward to reimagining Post Oak Central for the next generation.” It’s the buildings that make the property iconic. Without them it’s just valuable. Edited to add: If they do tear them down, I’m never coming back to Houston.
  7. Looks like the plywood is gone. Is it finished??? What’s it been… like twelve years now, or something? Feels like it.
  8. Oh great. Another giant Mold-A-Rama “sculpture” (https://moldville.arcade-museum.com/45--humble-oil-building.html) from David Adickes. I know this is simply my opinion and apparently not held by most, but his stuff is an embarrassment to Houston.
  9. Someone heard you because the text has been changed to: The 150-seat restaurant will feature floor-to-ceiling windows and is slated to be on the ground-floor level with a patio area, offering plenty of people-watching opportunities.
  10. That nice paving and landscaping in the bottom right corner caught my eye so I zoomed in to get a better look and noticed the flood gauge. "Nothing to see here folks!" said the realtor to the prospective buyers. 😬
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