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  1. Here's what it looked like 11 1/2 years ago. Seems longer, actually, but it's dated December 2009.
  2. I would think they're part of the building. Here's a look at part of the Ismaili Centre in London.
  3. These two are looking up and smiling, which has me worried they're tearing down Aladdin and building a high rise! 😱 Or maybe the blimp comes back.
  4. My knuckles blanch just thinking about Westheimer east of Montrose.
  5. I deleted this from my Flickr page just in case it's not the real deal.
  6. Ooh! I love just about anything with rust! The new sculpture is titled "Thirteen Blocks South of Peden." j/k
  7. Imagining Skanska releasing a statement saying "PSYCH!" then building a huge public square with a big fountain and a statue of Ray Hill.
  8. That HEB Pantry store was nice. I really missed it after it closed.
  9. Why does the area above the green stripe look like a really bad Photoshop cloning job?
  10. She’s back! https://www.facebook.com/littleredridingbag/
  11. From what I read on another website’s forum earlier today, I may be suffering from a “rabid anti-density paradigm” all because I think that stretch of Bissonnet is a stupid place to put this boring-a$$ed tower. Who knew???😳😳😳
  12. You know, back in the early-to-mid 60s, the nearest grocery store to our house was a Weingarten's. Literally about a 5 minute walk from our front door. My mom refused to ever shop there, though, because she said the store literally stank. By the time Weingarten sold their grocery business, their stores were pretty nice. I would shop their West Gray and Dunlavy locations. Looks like my mom was right about them all along, however. They stink to high hell.
  13. Am I just too impatient or is it taking longer than usual for these buildings to rise?
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