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  1. more butt-ugly buildings for the woodlands area. anyone with a plan and financing can throw-up whatever they please. blech!! doesn't anyone study architecture anymore? is everything designed by builders, engineers, and construction companies these days? this building looks like someone's teenager with autocad "went crazy" adding cool stuff to a box. wrong. wrong. wrong. the pillar thing is just stupid; it's random, and not in an interesting deconstructivist way. absolutely bad. a plain glass box would have been more appealing. why do you think buildings that have no......class/style/proper context/elegance are getting built right and left? my guess is that he who holds the purse strings determines what gets built. am i overly harsh?
  2. the last information made public was that all of the additional buildings at research forest lakeside would be shorter than the first, tallest building. as we know, things are always subject to change. i think one of the companies outgrew its space shortly after moving in (repsol maybe?). the research forest lakeside buildings are much more appealing than the howard hughes co. product across the lake. it's embarrassing actually. locals are disgusted with the direction howard hughes is going (ugly buildings, less mixed used structures...)
  3. ....it could be worse! howard hughes corporation is placing 4-6 of these babies from 8-12 stories on prime lake front property in the woodlands. be glad for your pretty glass box with painted garage.
  4. thanks. i get disoriented on architecture websites and lose track of past, present, future...
  5. http://www.kirksey.com/project/central_library_master_plan ....this says that a central library building is going in "on" midtown superblock; surely they mean bordering the superblock. is this an old library proposal? i've searched several threads and cannot find anything.
  6. ucityguides is worth $1,645 and receives 750 hits/day per domaintools.com; their opinion doesn't really count. on another note: who is this newbie "sparrow"? curious who he/she might be. positively curious.
  7. i think the students, families, and alumni of hspva are very proud of the name and would not be surprised if all were consulted during the design process. although "hspva" makes me think "husqvarna" lawn equipment, i have a good feeling about this building. most renderings i see, i expect the building to look less than; i think this one may turn out to look better than the rendering. fingers crossed. that said, if it looks worse than the rendering, it will be one ugly building.
  8. ....on the alley theatre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alley_Theatre interesting info on the alley and its brutalist design. also, a quote from alley theatre architect ullrich franzen in playbill: "Franzen told the Houston Chronicle at the time, "The towers act visually as pivots but are, in fact, the required fire stairs as well as the housing for much of the mechanical equipment." He described the building as "ancient as stone and as modern as Houston." The structure contained two theatres, a small, square arena-style space and a larger fan-shaped auditorium. The construction of the new theatre was covered by the national press. When the Alley opened, Newsweek called it “the most striking theatre in the U.S. … another step along the road toward ending Broadway’s domination of the American theatre." But the building had its detractors as well, who called it cold and fortress-like. Even today, opinions are split as to whether it is one of the ugliest or most daring buildings in the city"
  9. new guilty pleasure (not sure if it really is....) lindsey stirling; she's at bayou center next month. i'm a little too excited.
  10. Hopefully, changing demographics will bring changes in leadership.
  11. Cool! Thanks. We are getting close to 1000 likes; maybe your photo will put it over the edge!
  12. HAIF Facebook page about to hit 1000...

  13. nice! can i use them on the HAIF facebook page?
  14. yes, let's keep it on topic. i have not checked the recent transportation bill for light rail funding. last i heard, nothing was in the pipeline for future rail; although i haven't been following it closely.
  15. the exxonmobil building has great potential to be a glamorous updated mid-century tower; too bad it's owners are uninterested in preservation. great pictures! thanks for sharing!!
  16. .....this building does not disappoint; it is turning out to be an elegant and welcome addition to our rapidly growing skyline(s). I'm excited to see what they are planning for the property nearby. Also, welcome to the forum "ThirdCoastRyan"!
  17. I like the jukebox at La Carafe but no hard liquor. Great place to be in early afternoon/evening hours...not so much when busy. Juke has Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Etta, Bob Marley, Patsy Cline....
  18. yes. i need to be around like-minded people. houston is so much more dynamic and diverse. with my home increasing in value in the woods, i may be able to afford a fixer-upper or investment property on the east side.
  19. i'm looking in the east end too; not seriously at this time, but everything between eastwood to navigation has my attention.
  20. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/25891-marriott-marquis-new-grb-convention-center-hotel-retail/ searching for marriott marquis in going up!/titles only would have produced the result.
  21. are any haifers competing in the ironman triathlon tomorrow?

  22. the jails will temper any game changing wishes.....doing my best mary catherine gallagher victory splits "GAME CHANGER!" The south channel seems unlikely...it is a new channel eliminating Ruiz going under 59 and most of Guadalupe Plaza.
  23. i seem to remember friends getting upset about the red line calling it the train to nowhere. funny how things like the midtown arts center are getting built because of proximity to the rail line, or at least choosing their location due to the rail line. the line connects our museum district with our theater district; our medical center with universities and the central business district and major sports venues. consider how many students, people without cars, and visitors can easily access events at the midtown arts center (university line please).
  24. could we change the game up and not say "game changer" any more. two threads this morning and i'm "game changed" out. lots of game changing going on apparently. retail follows residential. at some point, the retail industry will swoop in to the main corridor and our heads will be spinning. do not be surprised if it happens overnight as residential solidifies between the medical center and downtown. (university line please?)
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