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  1. Heh, it was a little tricky. Seemed like parts of the museum were open for business but all the entrances around the van der Rohe buikding had staff standing outside and even police at the main entrance under a temporary tent/awning. We snuck down into the Cafe Express entrance from the street level and filed in line with a tour group and proceeded to follow them past a few staff members through the Turrell Tunnel and popped up into the other building where everything was at. Lol..


    cloud713 wins the "stealth haifer" of the year award!!  awesome!  thank you thank you!

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  2. For a state struggling to pay its bills, it will be interesting to see how CA pulls this off (in CA the state is raising the money; in TX it's private investment).  Also, on the radio this morning, I heard the CA governor chuckle when asked about the money; he said.....something along the lines of "eh heh...we will get it done". It sounded a lot like "I have no idea where the money will come from but we will make it happen because we are the first to get high-speed rail."  If I lived in CA and heard my governor acting as if money just appears out of thin air, I'd be furious.


    More power to them; I hope they do not go bankrupt before it's finished.

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  3. too bad they couldn't bring themselves to have mixed use buildings.  i understand they have to rush to capture demand that is off the charts....it's still disappointing when i see the development.  it's a lost opportunity to continue what had begun in the waterway square district.


    so boring...

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  4. it's interesting how new designs are utilizing passive cooling features like brise soleil; yet 800 bell will be stripped of its very modern (some would say timeless) fins.  the picture above is a beautiful building that takes its cue from a mid century design aesthetic.  as a city, we seem to be ok with tearing down existing mid century structures but love new buildings with similar features.

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  5. Most sentimental Christmas song: Nat King Cole's Christmas Song -

    Most repeat plays of a complete CD during Holiday Season: Vince Guaraldi Trio: A Charlie Brown Christmas -

    Most popular genres of Christmas music: Jazz/Lounge/Big Band/Choral/Classical/New Age



  6. There is quite a bit of diversification contained within the definition of "core industries".  Houston's core industries include more than just energy.    Here are a few more details from your sources:



    Energy/Financial/Professional/Technical   2008:  $108B (40%)     2013:  $277B (40%) 

    Construction                                              2008:  $  23B (  9%)     2013:  $ 23B  (  5%)

    Federal & State Government                     2008:  $  21B (  8%)     2013:  $ 28B  (  6%)

    Manufacturing                                           2008:  $  17B  (  6%)    2013:  $  23B  ( 5%)

    Medical/Educational                                 2008:  $  11B  (  4%)    2013:  $  23B  (  5%)

    Trade/Transportation                                 2008:  $ 11B  (  4%)    2013:   $ 89B  (19%)


    It seems odd and a little misleading that the source of these numbers combines Energy with Financial/Professional/Technical categories for the 2013 numbers.  In 2008, they were shown separately:   Energy was 27% and Financial/Professional/Technical was 13%.



    thanks for that houston19514.  i noticed this as well but wasn't going to take the time to break it out.  albeit that energy and manufacturing are closely tied together; i wonder how much of trade/transport can be tied to energy.  also, if energy was separated in the past, perhaps it was because it had been significant enough to be separated. 

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