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  1. Town Center a coming attraction for Southern Living magazine By: CHEVALIER MAYES, Villager staff 11/11/2004 The Woodlands has given Southern Living magazine something to write the nation about. The magazine is in the process of compiling photographs and information about attractions in The Woodlands Town Center for its travel section. The Woodlands has given Southern Living magazine something to write the nation about. The magazine is in the process of compiling photographs and information about attractions in The Woodlands Town Center for its travel section. Les Thomas, travel editor for Southern Living magazine and author of the upcoming article, said although he is familiar with all The Woodlands has to offer, the story idea developed when he heard about The Woodlands Waterway. "Writing about The Woodlands has served as an idea for a while now," Thomas said. "When I heard about The Water Taxi I thought it was such a neat idea, so that's when it first came about to actually do the article." Thomas said writing about The Waterway was the icing on The Woodlands story because water has captivated travelers for decades and has increased popularity for some cities. "Water is such a big attraction in Texas, especially for cooling off," he said. "The River Walk has been such a great attraction for San Antonio." Director of Marketing for The Woodlands Operating Company Susan Vreeland-Wendt said the article that Southern Living magazine intends to write validated TWOC's goals of trying to create an attraction destination in The Woodlands. She gave credit to The Woodlands Mall for overall development of the area. "I think the mall expansion was the catalyst for The Waterway coming to age," Vreeland-Wendt said. "We've brought all facets together like dining, shopping (and) business buildings, which are linked by the waterway. You can park or hop on The Waterway to take advantage of everything around." Vreeland-Wendt said she is honored the magazine has chosen her hometown to feature as a travel destination. Thomas said he believes The Woodlands is a perfect draw for travelers. "The Woodlands just has things and activities people would want to do," he said. "It seems like an area people would consider as a getaway or would want to go to." Not only will the article feature The Waterway, but Thomas said the article will focus on The Woodlands as a place "far removed from the rushes of the cities." "The intent of the article is to also express the idea that The Woodlands is such a break from the rush of the urban area," Thomas said. "The Woodlands has such an ambiance and people are always interested in shopping, lodging and visiting all the restaurants in that area." Thomas said more research is still being done for the article and it will be a while before the article appears in their magazine. "We work pretty far in advance so it will be at least a year before we run it," he said. "We will come back to The Woodlands and take a closer look at things that are developing and there are some things we still have to research, he said. "We've already had our photographer there taking some pictures and some people from The Woodlands have sent us information on the new things there." Photographer, Meg McKinney was in The Woodlands last week to shoot photos for the article. McKinney was accompanied by Account Executive for Kaplan Public Relations Alicia Moore. Moore said McKinney had two themes in mind while photographing The Woodlands. "Her focus was things to do on The Waterway and what to take on a picnic to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Moore said with these themes in mind, pictures were taken at three different locations. "We started off taking shots of The Water Taxis," Moore said. "She took shots inside the taxi, of people riding in the taxi and a shot of the taxi over a pedestrian bridge." The other shots were taken at Brio's Restaurant & Pizzeria and the new H-E-B Market in Market Street. "The shot we took at Brio's was of the food there and a couple eating," Moore said. "The shot at H-E-B was actually of a display of colorful foods next to H-E-B at Caf
  2. Night Lights: The Woodlands to kick off holiday season Lighted Trees along The Waterway Nov. 18, 7 p.m. The Woodlands will be alight with the spirit of Christmas as the Lighting of the Doves and The Woodlands Waterway reflect 270,000 lights off 183 trees that can be seen from The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion to The Woodlands Mall Ring Road. Wolda said the lighted trees along The Waterway are a fairly new tradition that started just last year on a smaller scale. "It's just now in its second year," Wolda said. "Last year there were only 40 lighted trees, but this year that number has been significantly enhanced." Susan Vreeland-Wendt, director of marketing and communications for The Woodlands Operating Company, said last year only a few trees were lit because of a late start. "We just really wanted to expand the display this year," she said. "This year we wanted to make sure we started earlier because last year we started close to the end of the season and were not able to do as much." Wolda said TCID is thrilled to continue the new tradition and he said he looks forward to its continuity. "Whether on the cruiser, walking on a pathway or riding the trolleys, the lighted trees along the waterway are a great destination for residents and visitors," he said. Wolda said the lights have been up since mid October and will stay up until early March. He said lighting The Waterway was an idea that originated at TWOC. Vreeland-Wendt said the idea for the lights was first initiated by TWOC CEO and President Thomas J. D'Alesandro. "He (D'Alesandro) has seen it done in other locations and thought it would be a good addition to The Waterway." D'Alesandro said The Waterway is meant simply for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors. "We want The Waterway to be a welcoming 'Main Stream' into The Woodlands Town Center, especially at this busy time of year when millions of people are shopping, dining and enjoying movies and concerts," D'Alesandro said. "The lights are visible to the residents of the lofts and townhomes bordering The Waterway, hotel guests, the employees in the office buildings and passengers on the water taxis. No matter where you go, you see this newly expanded lighting display." The Waterway Water Taxi, which is one way of viewing the lighted trees, operates daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and tickets are $6 each. "We want everyone to come down, take a Water Taxi ride and see all the beautiful lights," Vreeland-Wendt said.
  3. Woodlands nixes plan for lobbyist Committee cites lack of agenda for 2005 session of state Legislature By BETH KUHLES Chronicle Correspondent The following are some legislative priorities for The Woodlands:
  4. have you seen the units selling on HAR? many units are over 500K. perhaps the profit margin will be reached from sale of the higher end units.
  5. was this an i.m.pei proposal from way back when. i seem to remember this rendering in architectural record. speaking of a trylon. does anyone have a rendering of renzo piano's new building with a similar shape. here's one, london bridge tower. go to the link for a full size picture. renzo piano workshop
  6. thanks, dbigtex. i was trying my darndest to see how zoning could be created from geometric principles. LMAO at myself.
  7. let dallas be the "times square" of the southwest, who cares. houston's charm is that it's NOT over the top, it's the fact that houston's qualities are understated that make it so warm and friendly, unlike NYC and L. A. boo -hisssss on big signs on the side of buildings and nightly light shows (except for superbowls and holidays of course). houston doesn't need to beg for attention, it's unbecoming. we are what we are and we like it.
  8. the last article i read was that the building was not suitable for retrofitting as per M. D. Anderson's needs.
  9. introduce the family to vietnamese. call ahead to mai's or van loc in midtown so they are ready for you. i've had the owner at mai's order for us (party of 12). i asked that he choose items mai's was known for. everything was brought to our table by a parade of waiters. dinner and drinks were under $300. we had appetizers, six entrees and alcohol. i prefer the food at van loc; however, i'm not sure the service would be so attentive. mo mong on westheimer (again, call ahead) is mostly vietnamese but less traditional, there are several noodle dishes and a few chinese/american stand-bys. it's a modern setting with uber cool music and great infused martinis. also, kim son has an extensive menu of vietnamese and chinese dishes, great service and used to large parties. avoid the chinese buffets, please.
  10. one might argue that uptown is the most urban suburb. if you consider the suburbs as outlying developments, then the woodlands. the woodlands is high-density, has industrial, commercial, retail, entertainment and varied residential components. in a community of 75,000, over 30,000 people work IN the woodlands.
  11. what makes a good blogger? what kind of commitment would be required? i mean, i could talk about the woodlands ad nauseum, that is, if you wanted a woodlands area blogger.
  12. well said, dbigtex. here here, (bach clinks his third pint of beer against other empty glasses)
  13. If the Museum District is not already a TIRZ, should it be? Creating a Museum District TIRZ could bring pedestrian friendly elements similar to the Uptown TIRZ and perhaps common lighting features, benches, etc.? Is a TIRZ going to do well in a Museum (non profit, charity driven) District?
  14. yes, it was controversial that they were given one. the TIRZ (tax increment reinvestment zone) was originally created to help underdeveloped areas.
  15. If the Museum District is not already a TIRZ, should it be? Creating a Museum District TIRZ could bring pedestrian friendly elements similar to the Uptown TIRZ and perhaps common lighting features, benches, etc.? Is a TIRZ going to do well in a Museum (non profit, charity driven) District?
  16. hopefully this structure will garner international attention. i'm sure it wouldn't receive attention on the scale of say the modern in ft. worth by tadao ando, but international attention none the less.
  17. I thought that house on Kirby was Prince Faiasal (sp?) of the Saudi Royal Family, or was it Prince Faad? It was on the market for years, it seems.
  18. ok, how about "FedMart"? 1969-1971 maybe? jtmbin, great story. thanks. may the future of our fair downtown will hold such memories.
  19. the "creative class" and "upwardly mobile professional" are not the same thing. the so called creative class are artists, musicians, writers, photographers and students of such endeavors that are being priced out of neighborhoods such as montrose by the upwardly mobile professional. the creative class will be served by "affordable housing" and live/work co-ops, not affordable $140,000 townhomes and $900/month efficiency apartments. please, please, do not refer to the upwardly mobile professional as anything but upwardly mobile professional. no offense to you UMPs out there. i agree; however, that the chances of midtown becoming a ghetto are slim to none. my wish is that midtown planners would embrace the "creative class" and make room for real affordable housing in close proximity to the rail.
  20. mia bella is excellent but the service is not always great. saba blue water cafe is also on main and serves up latin/caribbean style fusion dishes for just about any palette. saba if you're feeling adventurous find a vietnamese restaurant in midtown (my fave is van loc at 3010 milam).
  21. people not interested in learning more.......really bites my a**. people who don't use blinkers (especially when they can see i'm waiting on their decision). people who equate conservativism with ignorance. people who equate persons of faith as being small minded. people who do not believe that science and religion can coexist (IMHO they are inextricably linked). developers/builders with no taste. home buyers who are wowed by model homes furnished by said tasteless developer/builders. banks and credit card companies who are allowed to charge fees and penalties that amount to USURY (which is a crime).
  22. i hear ya! hello online shopping.
  23. there is new parking breaking ground soon across the street from tinseltown, near the new waterway square location. in addition, new parking garages are being built in market street. there are additional "pedestrian" features in the works to make foot travel easier between attractions. current surface parking lots will be future parking garages and mall extensions. the foot travel between, say, the tinseltown parking garage and the new mall extension is intended to move to the waterway at some point. further, i know, but the waterway is to be the main corridor and the trolleys and water taxis will become more of a necessity.
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