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  1. Hey, @Houston?, What happened? Did you end up moving to H-town? If so, do you love it?? I do have to say, Texas women are FIERCE. Sometimes when I travel to other states I'm amazed at the overall lower level of female beauty. I've lived in Texas my entire life, so I didn't fully appreciate how impressive Texas women really are until I looked around other places. Of course, I'm a little biased because I'm one of those fierce, sexy Texas women. 😉 I stumbled across this thread because we're about to move from Houston to Atlanta. Really interesting discussion. I LOVE the diversity of Houston. I love where I live--Meyerland area, right in the middle of so many cultures: strong black community literally backs up to my neighborhood, Big HIspanic community right on the other side of Braeswood, lots of liberal hip white people a short ride down Braeswood, huge Jewish community a mile down Braeswood (Kosher sections in all my nearest grocery stores, except the Hispanic "Fiesta" store--which is great), China town immediately north of me, Hillcroft Indian area minutes away-- honestly, I love love love this area. And I'll never find a place like this is Atlanta. The intersection of the cultures here is so very special and gives Houston this...FLAVOR. That's really the best word to describe it, especially considering the food here is PHENOMENAL. I've spent a lot of time in Atl because my brother lives there (Ormewood Park, right across Moreland from East Atl, an exit down from Grant Park, right across I 20 from little five points...basically awesome.) We absolutely love it, but I know I'll have to fly back for a taste of Houston regularly. The country has certainly changed a lot since your post (or perhaps more accurately--people have shown their colors. And asses.) Thinking of leaving my safe, deep-blue, lovely, tolerant, diverse haven in H-town to move to purple Cobb County (where my hubs job will be) scares the crap out of me. I'm comparing all the houses I like to the voting results map. Really trying to stay closer to West Cobb or Skip over to Fulton County in the Dunwoody area. I'm the whitest skinned woman ever but living in red Trumper hell and sending my kids to all-white schools is NOT an option. It's terrifying. I suppose that's one way Houston and Atlanta are the same--blue islands in a sea of red. I do really want to know what you decided to do and how things have turned out for you. I hope you're happy no matter where you are. xoxo, Houston Gal
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