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  1. Hello Everyone, It is been a couple that me and my wife are trying to find a home to buyri (first time ever) , and we found it very stressful and hard:( We should make the decision in a week or so and really need your advice and helps. According to our budget and the floor plans my wife is interested in, we need to buy either from Dr Horton in Rosenberg, or Anglia homes in Alvin, TX The community we are interested in homes in Alvin is located at this address: 405 Merlot Dr, Alvin, TX 77511 and Dr Horton Community : 218 Fuchsia Drive, Rosenberg, TX 77469 With the same price, we can get a well upgraded home (tiles, Island, Larger Patio + covered patio, Extra garage insulation, Cabinets, gated community, etc.) in Alvin (Anglia Homes) while the the Rosenberg home (Dr Horton) is going to be pretty much basic. My questions is: Which one would grow better and faster in 5-6-7 years? We like the community in Alvin better, and the price is cheaper, so we would like to buy from Anglia homes but in the mean time, we are afraid if it is not going to be a good investment!!! Sorry for bad english also. Looking forward for your answers and helps! Thank you😊
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