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  1. I think the designs were scaled back, the google street view image is from December 2020, now it looks like there's another permit for renovations. New facade design is from an updated brochure on loop net (4/15/22) https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/4245-4265-Richmond-Ave-Houston-TX/12961374/
  2. Building permit issued for the restaurant
  3. Roof terrace remodel, I wonder if this means there's going to be a restaurant or something on the roof.
  4. Amlaham

    511 Main St.

    This building needed some serious TLC, so this is good news.
  5. Aw :( was hoping for something else here. Hopefully its a nice mechanic shop lol
  6. 3 new businesses opening soon per article linked below M Vincé Nail Spa will open at the end of 2022 at 1203 Dunlavy St, really big "luxurious" national chain Sudor Sauna Studio will open in fall of 2022 at 3515 W. Dallas St., ste 400, a flagship location Clean Juice will open in September at 3515 W. Dallas St., ste 800 https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/impacts/2022/05/13/3-new-businesses-announced-for-regent-square/
  7. There's a proposal for Riverside Terrace to become a Historic district, but some residents are not happy with that idea. I thought this proposal would help preserve the area while also slowing gentrification. https://abc13.com/riverside-terrace-third-ward-historic-district-proposal-civic-association/11842455/
  8. I could have sworn this already had a thread but could not find it. This warehouse will be converted into a bar. Apparently it's already under way per houstonculturemap, slated to be completed by this fall. I attached link for all the details. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/05-12-22-heights-social-1213-w-20th-st-drift-bar-open-champagne-service-brunch-cocktails/
  9. https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/development/2020/05/15/with-demolition-of-former-smith-wollensky-building-highland-village-project-moves-forward/ Per this article, the building will house a Lululemon "experiential store" which has yoga/ HIIT classes, locker rooms, meditation room, a cafe/restaurant, as well as apparel. I believe they're only occupying 2 floors; I'm not sure whats going on with the other 2 floors (I attached old permits). Their Chicago experiential store is their largest at 20,000 sqft, so the permit for 20,000 sqft makes sense. Not sure about the other 20,000 sfqt. This permit is for the entire building This permit is for Lululemon This is what their Chicago experiential store looks like for reference
  10. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture (per usual), but this thing is MASSIVE now. You can see this building all the way from Weslayan!
  11. Idk if I'm fantasizing, but is anyone else seeing a consistent skyline form between Uptown and Downtown? Uptown to Greenway started to fill up with new residential buildings near ROD to 2929 Weslayan. Greenway to Montrose has its fair share of high-rises, from the cluster of buildings near Allen parkway to the cluster off of Kirby. Montrose to midtown/ museum district/ downtown is filling up nicely as well. I know its not a back to back skyline but the gap has been looking smaller and smaller over the last few years! Imagine if we can get a super tall observatory near Kirby & Westheimer (think space needle). We would have a 360 skyline view from that point!
  12. Wow this portion of the medical center south Holcombe is on fire!! This area will be almost unrecognizable in 5 years!
  13. I completely agree, I think what our downtown is missing is more residents. Residents are ultimately better than tourists/ hotel users. A constant flow of people utilizing the food halls, Main Street, and other businesses in downtown. Obviously tourists are a plus, but they fluctuate based off the season and what events are in town (unlike residents).
  14. Soo excited! We can enjoy the renderings for now!
  15. I really appreciate your respectful response. Your points make a lot of sense and made it easier for me to understand. Just frustrated with how long this project is taking. It makes me sad that some people might not get to experience this project once complete because of how long it took.
  16. 💀 I didn't saying anything that insinuates enslaving workers, poop trucks, or building more/fast skyscrapers. Not every statement/ post is surface level. The point of my argument, which I thought was clear, is that it shouldn't take 30 years to plan/ reconstruct a highway. No workers have been enslaved in the last 20 years of planning this project. This isn't about workers, there are projects that get planned/built in a way quicker timeframe than this project. Dallas' Klyde cap park was planned in 2004, constructed from 2009-2012 Florida's I-4 project was planned in 2008, constructed in 2015-2022 (one of the busiest highways :)) California's I-405 project was planned 2014, constructed in 2018-2023 (the most congested highway in the LA area) I can list numerous other US projects but someone will eventually find another excuse. I also made sure to only include American projects since some people get offended by UAE and China.
  17. I just love how this project has been on the drawing board since 2002 and expected to be finished 30 years later. Dubai did this.....in 6 years They also built islands in 10 years.... Are we not as advance as we used to think?
  18. Wow thats a beautiful way to preserve a building! In my opinion, this looks better than some of the newer buildings going up!
  19. Our downtown is much larger both in height and the number of buildings. Also, our downtown is just downtown, Dallas' downtown is a mesh of downtown and uptown. I guess the LED lights are a nice touch, but LED lights doesn't always mean a nicer skyline. Look at Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Miami's downtown, far superior skylines with no-to little LED ascent lighting. We're definitely in a different ball game.
  20. All the storage buildings are gone/the lot looks cleared out, I couldn't get a picture unfortunately.
  21. This building might be remodeled into a brewery?
  22. This former car lot is now going to be an auto service shop. Nothing crazy here
  23. I can see something extravagant get built here. Its in front of a huge park in the heart of the city, surrounded by high-rises, unobstructed views of the medical center and downtown. 1 light away from a major highway. This would be prime luxury!
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