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  1. This would be a HUGE plus if it passes, although I have a feel it wont pass :(
  2. This entire project could have been much more than what its turning out to be, multiple street centers :(
  3. This will now be a gym, nothing special considered its just for a metal building :/
  4. https://www.opensecrets.org/industries/indus.php?ind=m02 This is a good place to start if you don't think the auto industry isn't contributing to any of this mess. Averaging 40M per year just in lobbying at Washington. You are right on one thing, we will NEVER EVER be Europe, actually caring for the future??? The chaos ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ We as a country will ALWAYS put business/money of big corporations before our people and our future. Look into the pharmaceutical industry, the toxic food industry, the work industry. Do not worry, we will NEVER improve these issues because.....we are NOT Europe :)
  5. -European cities weren't always designed the way that they are today. Car culture was huge in Europe, its until recent decades that they started to change. This idea that "we're not Europe and will never be Europe" is so weird considering "Europe" isn't what it was until recently. By your logic, we don't deserve to ever change and progress as a country, just keep it the way it is forever because its always been that way, extremely non-progressive thinking. Images below for reference of what Europe WAS and what it is NOW (not always) :) 1976 Lisbon Today :) 1960s Copenhagen Vs Today 2000s Netherlands Vs Today I can go on with thousands of other references/projects, but for clarification to everyone.....Europe was NOT what it is today. The difference is that the auto Industry has paid and prevented politicians to allow these types of transitions... NOT that "its just how Europe is and we are not Europe" thats such a close minded/ and poorly thought out theory. -Again, the comment that it doesn't matter if people need other modes of transit, and that they should just move to another city is sooo absurd and such a "if you don't like it, get out of here" instead of progressing a city forward, sticking to Stone Age "we don't need change" theory. Its sooooo non-progressive and does not make sense in a city thats literally growing by millions. -Lastly, TXDOT is in FACT in charge of certain poorly condition streets, https://apps3.txdot.gov/apps-cq/project_tracker/ use this link to see which roads :)
  6. I've experienced both frequently (I have a lot of family overseas so I go back and forth), the weather can be very identical, Southern Europe can be VERY humid and hot. The difference is the entire culture of walking. The buildings sit closer to each other making it more comfortable to walk. Trees, canopies, and buildings provide adequate shade. The streets are narrower so cars can't zoom by, making it feel safer to walk. Also, walking from place to place isn't looked down upon, a lot of places in America sound so classest talking about cars and look down on walking. Beside the mental and physical benefits of walking (America has one of the highest obesity rate in the entire world), there are people who simply cannot drive and from your logic it sounds like "who cares since they're not the majority." For example, teenagers/kids, people who can't afford cars, pts with medical conditions like epilepsy, macular degeneration, MS, Parkinson's, etc......all deserve to have options of getting around that equates to how grand our highways are. I'm not saying we need to get rid of our highways completely, but we need to better our alternative options. TXDOT legit wants to rebuild perfectly good highways, while we still have crumbling streets and abysmal bike and walking infrastructure. The auto industry has us in the palm of their hands.
  7. Speak for yourself. Some of us like fresh air, want to move our bodies and get some steps in, and don't mind the weather. It's literally 84 degrees right now (at 8:30pm). The "its hot" argument is soo overdone, our weather isn't 100 degrees 24/7. Also, have you been or heard about summers in Southern Europe? Rome, Athens, Milan, multiple other cities legit reached near the 100s for weeks (Athens actually reached 108 for a few days straight).......and people legit walked or metro'd everywhere. Also, I work near Greenway, an area that supposed to be dense and walkable, yet the sidewalks are so narrow and in horrible shape, you have to walk an entire block before being able to cross the street since cars are zoom 50mph down Richmond and the only cross walks exists at street lights. Also, lots of people can be seen walking outside, even in our HOT summers, you just have to slow down in your AC'd car to see them :)
  8. Its 5 driveway, the developer could have easily made it easier for pedestrians without making it harder for vehicles (not going to explain how, being on this forum you should already know how). I know you've seen the case scenario where cars block sidewalks, its VERY common in these type of developments, just look at similar developments around. Also, whatever the lot WAS does NOT matter. If we were to build based off of what a site previously was, there would be no change in Houston. Like I said previously, YES this is an improvement to what was already there, however, it could have been even much better, especially since this will most likely sit unchanged for the next 50+ years.
  9. Many driveways make it harder for people to walk safely Like what does your comment even insinuate?
  10. That livable places ordinance needs to go into effect already and stop all the damage that these developers are creating. Yes, this is better than whats there now but does little for walkability.
  11. These are great recommendations! Any ideas on when these would most likely get implemented? It seems like Houston is starting to get plagued by the poorly designed multiple driveway lots :/
  12. A new 2 story building will be built here. This is right next door to the Durham Row development. Not sure what the site plan is, where it will be to demolish all the buildings or just replace one of the buildings on the lot. Hopefully, the building in the front will go and the 2 story building will take its place.
  13. New building looks GREAT! No more parking along 45th st or in front of the building along Seawall blvd! Plus, more palm trees landscape!
  14. At this point, they should just sell the land and find a new location. First, requesting less parking was an issue, now the parking itself and the building is an issue.
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