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  1. Completely agree, it's basically a fan based gym. A lot of people in Houston don't watch football and a lot people who watch football don't like/ don't care for the Texans; its wayyy to specific of a gym. Also, the fact that it's going up next to this fancy hotel, most likely attracting people from out of town...... most people from out of town are not going to have a membership to this Houston exclusive gym. At least with Equinox or even Lifetime, its assessable to everyone across the nation. Sad choice IMO, but it is what it is.
  2. Kind of corny, an NFL team themed gym? It would make sense if it was close to NRG, but it legit doesn't make sense here...... in this "ultra luxury" development.
  3. Bush Kinder Airport sounds like a dirty chocolate bar
  4. Maybe we should rename Bush into Kinder International Airport 😂, I feel like this family has done A LOT for Houston!
  5. I live in the uptown area and it truly sucks how we have absolutely no bike lanes....like at all...zero. I feel like one going down Richmond from beltway 8 all the way to midtown makes sense in my opinion. Traffic on Richmond isn't anywhere near as bad as other streets, so creating a bike lane and connecting Westchase district to Uptown to Greenway to Midtown seems like it would be the obvious answer :/
  6. I could have sworn there was already a thread on this, but this is going to be affordable senior housing. The demo is well underway as of this morning!
  7. Looks like they're building it up to the street with parking in the back!
  8. I knew it sounded familiar, thank you!
  9. This is pretty huge in my opinion, old Jones Coney Island is being demo'd and a new restaurant called Artisan's will replace it. Seems like a pretty huge price tag!
  10. Its close to Columbus Tx if that helps :)
  11. We have a remodel permit!! Also, could we move this topic to "Uptown and Galleria Area," this isn't anywhere near "River Oaks/Upper Kirby/ Greenway Plaza/ Bissonnet"
  12. Neiman's is getting remodeled, looks like its only interior though. It honestly needs a very thorough remodel, the store is very outdated, especially for one of their highest performing store in the nation. Fun fact: our Saks store is the highest performing Saks in the nation (outside of NYC's store) and I believe our Neiman's is either number 1 or 2 in the nation.
  13. There's definitely a silver lining here! The foundation has been built for a potential beautiful rooftop. This restaurant didn't utilize the space well but I guarantee the next restaurant to take over definitely will.
  14. Thank goodness, this was much much needed!
  15. This is only for perspective. Also, I experienced each of these cities and my perspective is similar to these images San Antonio Philadelphia (recently named top 10 river walks in the country) NYC London Amsterdam The point of my post isn't to bash any of these beautiful cities. My point is that, the color of the bayou literally does not matter. People don't avoid boardwalks/ river walks just because of the water color, its all about the atmosphere. We have such a negative attitude towards our bayous with things we legit cannot change. Instead we should be focusing on making it more interactive instead of focusing on something that does not matter and will not change. I believe developments like this have done a great job being denser and closer to the bayou. Other excuses that legit don't matter "but flooding," Amsterdam has had a history with flooding for hundreds of years, but they practically fixed this issue with proper flood control. "but mosquitoes," the San Antonio river walk has bad mosquitos... Also, there is an area in Milan called Navigli, which is basically a canal with hundreds of restaurants and cafes, its extremely crowded with people....and guess what, the mosquito problem there is soo bad. Its actually so bad that there are vendors that sell mosquito spray throughout the strip, some restaurants even had it for their costumers, but that didn't stop anyone :) We can only blame poor city planning
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