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  1. I mean......... the taxes were collected in this area by Midtown Tirz for almost the last 3 decades (since 1994). Why is no one having an issue with them but have an issue with Rice? Rice did WAY more upgrades to the area in the last year than Midtown Tirz has done in the last 30 years. Not to mention, Rice did all the upgrades before they even requested funding. This area was never really touched by Midtown Tirz except the street signs to include "Midtown." The Tirz mainly focused on the northern portion of midtown. I feel like theres a constant switch of narratives to paint Rice as the bad guy 😂, either its not paying taxes, not considering 3rd ward residents, creating a food desert. Would you guys prefer the abandoned sears and run down fiesta with all the homeless scattered around?
  2. I will do so! Hopefully they consider something similar to it 😅
  3. Any chance that power station on the right (or whatever its called) will get covered like the one Seattle just completed?
  4. Is it going to be like the one on i45? If so, this is going to look great!
  5. I think we also need to take note that these dramatic increases in property value isn't just in 3rd ward. Take a look at Garden Oaks and Oak Forrest. Small 1,200 Sq ft homes are being torn down and mansions are replacing them. Homes that would sell in those areas for 120K 10 years ago are now selling for 600K. The Heights was probably one of the biggest food desserts in Houston, filled with nothing but body shops and abandoned lots. We all know how drastic the entire heights has changed over the last decade. Homes that used to sell there for 200K for half an acre now sell at millions. This is inevitable in Houston; one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Nowhere is safe, especially not a neighborhood thats within the vicinity of Downtown/ Midtown/ Museum District/ Medical Center/ and even hobby airport. This has never been about targeting a certain race (Black/Hispanic/ etc). This is strictly supply/ demand and business. None of us are guaranteed the neighborhood we currently live in, if you want something "affordable"......well we literally live in Texas, there are endless affordable living options. Let's be a little grateful that we don't live in NYC, Chicago, Seattle. I mean even Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale are pricier than here. Property value will ALWAYS increase in a big and growing city, no one should be exempt from it just because of the color of their skin.
  6. Its incredible!! I don't think theres anything in the world that can compare! I wish we had "a" skydeck or any observation deck :/ we have multiple beautiful skylines!
  7. Anyone who takes 2 suitcases with them on an international flight 💀, I just came back from an international flight and me and my friends each had 2 suitcases.... were we supposed to hold them on our backs 😂
  8. I had no idea! I didn't even know the museum district, downtown, and EADO were all considered 3rd ward! Thanks for the explanation!
  9. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/business/2021/10/12/410697/shut-out-of-a-contract-a-third-ward-community-coalition-continues-to-fight-for-equitable-development-of-houstons-ion-district/ Im confused? I mean this in no disrespect but why should they care about 3rd ward if they're.....not in 3rd ward? 2nd ward residents seem to be more welcoming of all the projects going on in 2nd ward (EADO for example)
  10. The building is beautiful, I just wish they put more work into the outside landscape/ entrance. Imagine if they built an eye-catching garage on the east or west parking lot and converted the entire front of the building into greenery or something. The outside looks a little, unfinished for something thats practically finished.
  11. I saw this lot get fenced up earlier this week and was wondering if anyone knows what's going on here. This used to be "Chinese cafe" a couple of years ago but it closed down and the lot has been looking like a mess lately, so essentially anything would be nice here........except another gas station lol
  12. Anyone else think this project is going to look good 😅, its going to partially cover Mosaic's garage and have a massive presence on 288.
  13. I saw this lot get gated on my way to work and was wondering if anyone knows whats going on here? Does it have to do with the i59/610 rebuild? There are way too many gas stations in the area (7 in a 1 mile radius), so whatever it is, I'm sure its better than a gas station. IMG_3611.heic
  14. Idk where to post this, but someone made a website similar to Swamplot and thought it was really good! Thought id share it! https://houstonhistoricretail.com
  15. ......another gas station for this area. There are 6 gas stations within a 1 mile radius of this proposed gas station (including a new one right in front of it. Now there are 7 gas stations lol.
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