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  1. I drive from 59 to Holcombe on buffalo speedway everyday and I can't believe it's going to get rebuilt. That portion of buffalo speedway is in EXCELLENT condition. Its so strange to me that this excellent portion is getting rebuilt, yet the portion of buffalo speedway from Holcombe to Main is an absolute nightmare and isn't planned for reconstruction anytime soon. This scenario is similar to Westheimer being in excellent condition in Upper Kirby and 3rd world condition in Lower Westheimer 😕
  2. One less strip center with a giant billboard-like sign, one more beautiful building. Not only is this building modern, but it has dimension (isn't a box) and incorporates multiple elements (isn't all glass). Also, they understand how important it is to place the main showroom close to the Westheimer street level. Everyone driving/walking by will be able to get a glimpse of the inside.
  3. Saw some recent activity on this site. Its right across from the newly opened Atomic Bottle Bar (which is really nice btw) and adjacent to the new gas station they're building on richmond. Also, if I'm posting too much about these smaller projects, just delete them. I'm not sure how relevant these projects are!
  4. This building has a HUGE presence driving east of San Felipe from Post Oak, it looks like you're driving directly towards the building!
  5. This seems like such a prime location, and a Pizza Patron would be extremely disappointing especially since there is a dominos less than 400 feet away.
  6. The first 2 pictures are the front and back of the building as of June. The last picture (taken from the back street) is today 💀
  7. Anyone have any Idea what's going on here?
  8. The ground level/ landscape is very underwhelming.
  9. Does anyone know whats going on at 3434 Fountain View dr? It looks like it could be something huge but I'm not sure. There's also heavy street construction on Fountain View from Richmond to 59 but also not sure what's going on since theres nothing online about it.
  10. I don't understand how random little streets that aren't even bad are getting reconstructed, and one of Houston's most popular route is still waiting to get funded.
  11. I know its FAR from it, but I feel like once we get more high rises around buffalo bayou, it will kind of look like our version of Central Park (with the buildings around it)
  12. I was confused too, but based off of his post, it wouldn't have surprised me 💀
  13. "We're not into victims nor negative energy," yet your whole post is negative lol. You're complaining about too many teens and apartments.....in the middle of 4th largest city in America, not to mention most of those apartments go for around $700,000 and up. I looked up "drag shows" and the closest one is 5 miles away..... so I'm confused? Also, the reason 3-5 stores left is because they simply didn't work in HOUSTON, not specifically ROD. East Hampton closed BOTH locations in Houston, it was mediocre (look at hopdoddy for comparison). Most of the stores that are there have been there since gr
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