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  1. It looks like they painted the fence black. IMHO, the red color looked much nicer.
  2. I went for a walk over by the East side of Buffalo Bayou, near the old KBR building, for first time in a couple of months and I was surprised by what appears to be a construction of a new bridge. I tried to google info on the project, but came up with nothing. Anyone has any info on it. It seems like a weird placement for a bridge. Sidenote: it loos like a small boat was pulled out of the bayou.
  3. Hi, I heard rumors from a colleague that Kim Son is planning to shutdown the Jefferson location sometime in 2021, apparently due to the highway expansion. Not sure how concrete that information is because to my knowledge the I45/I69 project is not a done deal yet.
  4. Yeah, a little disappointed they do not have Pho on the menu. Aside from wishing it was a new location for Pho Saigon, this is a great second option.
  5. Beat me to the punch by a few microseconds. 😄 I am definitely more excited about this than the other restaurant. The only victim is going to be my bank account.
  6. As per the notice from your own pictures, it appears to be multifamily residential.
  7. Article on the Houston Chronicle about the development. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Houston-developer-plans-high-end-project-in-East-15424528.php
  8. I might be wrong, but I think they are some kind of nice looking shutter windows. They are usually rolled up during the day and come down at night.
  9. The bank side of the building continues to move along and it looks ready to open soon. ATM is installed, drive-thru seems completed, and signage is done. Also, landscaping is done around the entire complex. Work is still being done inside the restaurant but appears to be months away from opening.
  10. I concur with your opinion. Too bad the Mrs. disagrees. She got a bad plate of chilaquiles and has not let it go since then. I might have to start sneaking out more often to have some Merida's once Covid is over.
  11. Please explain to me why any other places you seem to be concerned about do not have diversified cuisines. Do we know *exactly* where Fifth and Third Ward stand? Or this game only played in a one-way street?
  12. For the same reason there is very little, if any, Mexican on any other Latin cuisine restaurants in the West University/Greenway area. The clientele is not there. Also, hardly any Mexican/Italian/Asian restaurants on Fifth Wards. I wonder why. You can spin it anyway you want, but it does not changes the fact. You cannot shove something on people's mouth if they don't like it or can't afford it. I really enjoyed Andes Cafe, but every time I went it was empty. Why? Too expensive and not many Ecuadorians around the hood. Therefore, it failed. @Texasota, it looks like you are determined to play to some kind of victimization. That is up to you if that is what you are into. I just want a restaurant that will last in the neighborhood and not end up like Cajun Town, which was struggling way before Covid. But hey, what do I know. It is not like I live in the neighborhood or something. Oh wait.
  13. You might not like anything about those sentences, but it doesn't make it any more likely for a Cajun restaurant to succeed. Just being honest. You know what else wont succeed here... any of those pretentious restaurants from the Heights. Do you like anything about this sentence, Mr. Sentence Inspector?
  14. Well, it is going to be more than just average strip center. It is at least anchored by a bank, which over time should bring people to the strip on the daily basis. It is just a matter of preference. I am not a big fan of Cajun food and I believe it is the same for a lot of the legacy neighbors in Second Ward. See what happened to Cajun Town Café. Maybe Cajun can do better in Third or Fifth Ward. A real Texas BBQ restaurant would be nice (Porky's was not real Texas BBQ). An Asian restaurant would also be nice. Italian? It is my understanding more Mexican restaurants are not allowed in that part of Navigation, but even then a variation of Mexican casual can be nice in that area. Something cheaper and faster such as Tostada Regia or Arandas (or I dare to say Chipotle) would be nice for a quick pickup order. Ninfa's is too expensive for the "I don't feel like cooking today" type of order and our household is morally opposed to spend our hard earned money at El Tiempo on Navigation. Villa Arcos has been closed for months now and the hours are super limited even before Covid. Dona Maria has the same issue, weird hours and too small to sit comfortably. Anyways, I hope at least this new place has decent happy hour specials. We shall see.
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