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  1. Thank you for sharing. I was not aware about the institute or the festival, but I will definitely add it to my list for the next time we are in San Antonio. I have to admit I have taken San Antonio for granted most of my life and mostly treated it as a pit stop in the way up to North Texas or the way down to South Texas. I appreciate the tip.
  2. Man, nobody should have to be worry about giving their constructive opinion be it a minority woman or a White man. I hope I didn't come across the wrong way. As I said, I agree with you. I was just expressing a general sentiment I have experienced growing up when people say something is too much of something, it is usually in a negative connotation. I was born and raised on the border and way too many people from outside the area flat out told me it is too "Mexican" or too "Hispanic" for them. In my teenage years, I moved to Oak Cliff in Dallas and over there people said it was too Black.
  3. Let me start by saying I agree with you overall as one of those Hispanics living in the area. HOWEVER... the argument is usually presented in a disingenuous way. One counter example is Texas overall. Most White Texans are oblivious to Texas (Tejas, or Tejas and Coahuila) history prior to 1836. They often don't recognize that over the last 500 years, Texas was part of Spain or Mexico for over half of that period. Do I need to get started on the history of Native Americans in the state going back millennia. BTW, drinking margaritas on Cinco de Mayo doesn't count as recognizing Hispanic hist
  4. What happened with the drive-in theater? Last time I checked, their website announced all screening have been postponed. .
  5. For those interested in the story, there is now a podcast related to this case called the Chicano Squad. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/chicano-squad/id1546383966
  6. I agree with your sentiment, but those things are obnoxiously loud.
  7. 10 million grant to accelerate 3 BBP projects. Potentially taking shape within 2-3 years. -Tony Marron Park -Japhet Creek -a wharf at Turkey Bend BBP will launch a capital campaign next year to raise additional funds to turn these projects into "signature destinations". The grant also includes money for bayou bank stabilization and trail repairs along the bayou. Tony Marron Park will grown from 19 to 40 acres after BBP acquired some additional land. BBP expects the east side development to cost $300M and take shape over 20 years. $17M has been
  8. Sound like someone is afraid of the free market? And here I am thinking that we are capitalist society. I guess it is only when it is convenient.
  9. Is this for the Oso coffee shop? If so, isn’t that the same family as Doña Maria? What’s wrong with these people? Do they think people taking it seriously are doing just for fun? I guess pretty soon there won’t be a place to support on Navigation.
  10. You are 💯 correct that people are entitled to their opinion, but I am entitled to decide how and where I spend my money. It is a two way street. If you can enlighten me about Roostar, I will appreciate it. Not familiar with the ownership.
  11. And there a lot more where that came from. That is just the last few weeks.
  12. Well for those who care. It is sad since I was really looking to support the restaurant, Acadian Coast. The profile is for the owner of Arcadian Coast and Corkys.
  13. It looks like they painted the fence black. IMHO, the red color looked much nicer.
  14. I went for a walk over by the East side of Buffalo Bayou, near the old KBR building, for first time in a couple of months and I was surprised by what appears to be a construction of a new bridge. I tried to google info on the project, but came up with nothing. Anyone has any info on it. It seems like a weird placement for a bridge. Sidenote: it loos like a small boat was pulled out of the bayou.
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