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  1. I doubt it's all transients and illegals who are the problem, but we do have a large crime network in the Houston area. When I attended the National Night Out for my neighborhood, the police were there and talked about the huge increase we've seen in crime, not necessarily localized to Pearland, but things that residents of Houston and the Houston sprawl need to be aware of. The officer I spoke with called Houston a major hub for drug and firearm trafficking, particularly because of our freeway network and the ship channel.
  2. Yes, they are comparable stores and the proposed Pearland store is bigger. According to a couple of articles on the Houston Business Journal, the HEB at 518 and 288 will be 150,000 sq ft. The one that opened on Fry Rd is 125,000. http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...10/daily24.html http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...17/daily39.html
  3. I said "limit" not stop building apartments. I agree that they serve a purpose, but I would hate to see a ton of apartments built up and have little occupancy. I'm not sure what the vacancy rate for apartments is in Pearland, and who knows how all this will be affected by the new businesses.
  4. I hope they limit the number of apartments they put up around the area. I tend to agree that they start off nice, but utlimatley as they get older, prices start to drop and some of the problem folks start drifting in. I do think a nice set of townhomes/condos would be good since many people do not want the obligations of a yard and upkeep, and there are not a ton of townhome/condo options outside of the inner loop.
  5. I've been living here since January and never experienced a problem with flooding streets. It's a huge neighborhood so I can't vouch for all the areas, but all the areas I have driven through in heavy rain seem to drain pretty quickly. FYI, construction has started for the new Alivn ISD elementary school on Kinglsey and Regents Bay. Sign said it should be open for Fall of 2007.
  6. Silverlake Hunan delivers to SCR after 3. They have some good dishes and some not so good dishes, so fair warning. NY Pizzeria also delivers and I've never had a problem with them. I also like Little Mayako but I'm not sure if they deliver to SCR. Kappa (near Indian Fusion) is also pretty good.
  7. I got a flyer in the mail last week from 24 Hour Fitness announcing the arrival to Pearland and it said the gym will be a Shaq Sports Club and over 25,000 sq ft. No mention of what Shaq themed really means, but this is what 24 Hour's website has on it... 24 Hour Fitness USA has teamed up with basketball marvel Shaquille O
  8. In January or February I spoke to Roger Gonzalez at txdot regarding the feasibility study and basically was told that all the research part was done on, they were creating plans (making decisions?) on what would work best for 288 expansion, HOV, etc.. He said the public would be invited to meetings sometime this fall or winter. With all the new businesses opening up along 288, some attention needs to be spent there.
  9. I haven't seen any info on Methodist. Memorial Herman is building a medical office building and outpatient center on FM518 and 288 (northwest corner), just north of the recently announced Shadow Creek Towncenter (and the HEB). I found this information on the Shadow Creek Ranch website. The area you are referring to is pretty large, but I believe part of it is for the CBL development Pearland Town Center, but that is really more on the 518 side (southwest corner of 518 and 288). Could it be more subdivisions?
  10. It seems that the alcohol laws vary by city or area within Brazoria. I've noticed that some parts of Brazoria are completely dry, some are damp (think Pearland) and then others sell everything. It would be nice if Pearland would change their ordinances so we can get that wine section. :-) Here is a list from February 2005. http://www.texassafetynetwork.org/issues/w...p_list/list.php Does anyone know why parts of Pearland (west side) say they are in a dry country and ask for ID so it can be scanned, but if I go to the east side of Pearland there is no mention of dry county and they only check
  11. Thanks for the pics! I was just reminded of my days at Gentry and having to run the bleachers during PE. I also went to Sterling and remember "The Game".
  12. I just drove by the Jefco Development on Beltway 8 and Pearland Parkway this weekend and I didn't see any construction started yet. Land's cleared and there's a sales office, but no signs of development just yet.
  13. Do you know if SCR Phase II is going to be more residential or shopping centers, etc? This is the first map I've seen that shows anything south of 518 for SCR.
  14. I think all of SCR is in Alvin ISD. I live west of Kingsley and it's definitly Alvin ISD in my section and the current elementary on Kirby is Alvin ISD.
  15. You two are in the same situation as my husband and I are in. I head toward downtown and he takes BW8 to Clear Lake. And yes, he is eagerly awaiting the Kirby and Kingsley extensions to BW8. My goal is to leave by 6:45 in which case I can usually make it to downtown in about 25-30 minutes. If I leave at 7:00 to 7:15 it's a 35-45 minute trip. You see the trend here. Better to leave early or leave after 8:30. If she's leaving downtown at 6:30 then she's probably pretty clear to head home. The traffic starts to thin out after 6:30ish. It probably takes about 30 minutes to get home if you
  16. 6-6:30 am is okay. The traffic really picks up around 7:00 and is bad until about 8:30am. It's best to be out of there by 6:45 am Coming home traffic picks up at about 5:00 pm and is bad until about 6:30. Also, Friday's tend to have signficantly lighter traffic in the morning and Monday's are the worst. Probably typical for most areas. When you do sit in traffic in the morning it will probably be from FM 2234 to W. Orem. That little section is probably half my drive time. In the evenings the high congestion area is from 610 or Holly Hall to W. Orem. Also traffic buckles when you are m
  17. I'm in the Regents Glen section for Hallmark Designs. Actually I sleep like the dead, but my mom visited me and she is a very light sleep. No problems for her and she never heard the trains or any other noises.
  18. The Pearland Town Center, which will house a Macy's, Dillard's, Barnes and Nobles, and eventually a hotel and convention type center, probably won't start until the project to widen FM518 starts or at least they will work on it concurrently. I believe that was one of the conditions of putting the Town Center at that location. http://www.cblproperties.com/cbl.nsf/Devel...49?opendocument Looks like the shopping center at Kirby and FM 2234 is starting, but I'm not sure what stores it will hold. On this website it looks like a Walgreens, bank, and grocery story to start. http://www.crossgreen.
  19. I think I'm pretty close to where you are moving. I'm in SCR right off of Kinglsey and I've never heard a train pass by. In fact I don't think I've ever seen a train actually pass through the intersection at 521 & 2234.
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