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  1. I also sent some inquiries out and the PPD replied that they the cases are being worked and that as a community we should be active in our neighborhood patrol. I fully believe this and plan to let my neighbors know whats going on tonight. I even emailed the HOA because I would expect them to send out a quick notice to the residents about what is occuring in the neighborhood...the good and the bad. I really don't receive a lot of communications from the SCR HOA. Oh, and the PPD reports that they have increased patrols through the neighborhood and bike patrols. Anybody seen them?
  2. The video on abc13 said this happened a couple of Friday's ago...I can't believe it took us this long to find out. Thanks for the contact info njvisitor. I actually do see some patrol through the neighborhoods, but SCR is huge so it could take a few minutes to react to any call. I hope the patrols step up. My husband is now basically forbidding me to run at night (even with the dog), great.
  3. I hope they get this project going. I really like some of the other Sam's Boat locations. Mely's service was always awful when we went so glad to see something else happenning there.
  4. I believe there is some overreaction to the crime in Pearland as it is typical crime you would in any area of Houston. I always see patrols through my neighborhood and more recently the shopping centers (probably as a result of last weeks attempt). I'm actually more concerned when I shop at the Galleria, Highland Village, and Rice Village because there are always people trolling around looking for a quick buck. I think as residents of Pearland it is up to us to speak up and make sure changes continue in regards to the police force, rather then run away. After all, there are low-income areas
  5. I think the FBISD issue will resolve itself with time. As new resident's move in, the population will increase an allow for SCR-FBISD schools. Similar to Mary Marek Elem in AISD and the new Laura Ingalls Elem and up coming Nolan Ryan JH (also AISD). I think the biggest issue will be the high schools and who knows if this area would ever get their own school. At best, AISD and PISD are average, as are most districts in the Houston area. There are pockets of exemplary schools (particularly elementary), but not a huge number of great high schools. I've grown up in the Houston area and seen
  6. I live on the west side in SCR and didn't have any flood problems in the neighborhood or on Shadow Creek Parkway. I didn't travel down 518, so can't say about that, but there is a lot of construction on that side which will hopefully alleviate flood concerns. The big problem that I ran into during TS Erin was that 288 was flooded at 610 and my alternate route, FM 521, was also flooded in some parts. Ended up taking 35 South to the Beltway and didn't have any problems.
  7. It's actually a very reasonable drive from West Pearland to the med center. . . outside of the rush hour. I think if you get on the road before 6:45 you should be okay and either leave work before 4:45 or after 6:30. Traffic is relatively light now, so don't let it fool you. I live in SCR and take 521 all the way into the mid-town area (west of downtown) and it usually takes about 35-45 minutes during peak time. I think I make it to the med center in about 25-35 minutes.
  8. "A Toast to the Animals" will take place from 6
  9. The local chapters of the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) are hosting the 5th Annual Texas Leadership, Education and Diversity (L.E.A.D.) Conference and Career Fair from Thursday, June 21 through Friday, June 22, 2007. Texas L.E.A.D. is a statewide Leadership Development initiative for professionals in various fields including business, engineering and architecture. The conference is a premier leadership development and networking event. The Conference will feature top executive, community leaders and professionals as speakers and se
  10. Whoo hoo! Isn't there a Spec's that is supposed to go up somewhere near BW8 and Pearland Parkway. Usually I go the Spec's downtown. Can't beat their variety. But in a pinch I go to BW8 and Cullen. I really hope we see some change in Pearland liquor laws. I really wish we could just buy wine in the grocery stores. Makes no sense that beer is available, but no wine.
  11. That disturbs me too. I'm just afraid we are going to have a lot of vacant buildings which can lead to vandalism problems. Supposedly the "strip center" on the Southeast corner of FM 2234 and Reflection Bay has several tennants lined up. But haven't heard anything about the other vacant buildings. Looks like the bond to start section 1 of the Pearland Regional Sports Park was approved so I guess we might eventually start to have more people heading down FM 2234.
  12. The SCR project manager told me there are more lakes on the east side of SCR because the land is lower and that side needs more help with retention ponds. Supposedly the middle area around Kingsley is the highest ground. A good rain storm will tell, but so far I haven't seen any problems with flooding.
  13. I was told that Houston is so water logged in most areas that burying lines is very expensive and most subdivisons or cities aren't willing to foot the bill. I currently live in Shadow Creek and live next to the greenbelt that has power lines running down it. Not very asthetic, but I'm hoping once my trees grow in it will cover them a bit. I used to live in an older subdivision that had buried lines and for some reason my street's light would go out every time we had a lot of rain. It wasn't the whole neighborhood, but was a pain. They finally fixed whatever the problem was about a year b
  14. I agree that SCR has been hurt by landfill expansion. I personally wouldn't have bought there if I had known. If fact I even asked about the landfill before I bought and was told that it would be "done" in the next 5 years. Any reasearch I did back in 2005 didn't indicate that it was under review for expansion until I still reading about it in some articles about the summer of 2006. I think Allied really tried to get this under the radar becuase it's on the county line they used that as a reason for not notifying SCR residents or the City of Pearland of the expansion. I personally have on
  15. I live in Shadow Creek and haven't had a problem with flooding. I've only lived there two years though. We had a couple of serious rain storms last year and the detention ponds filled up, but no problems getting in our out of the neighborhood on Shadow Creek Parkway/McHard Rd. When I spoke to the SCR developers they basically said the in the event of a flood the detention ponds should fill first and then the streets, so yes if we have a serious flood we can expect street flooding, but hopefully it would not affect homes. I think when we had the detention ponds fill up we had about over a f
  16. Yes, it's the Blue Ridge landfill just west of SCR on FM 521. There were a lot meetings between BFI and affected citizen and BFI gave their "assurance" that there would be no problems with leaks or odors, but I doubt they can have control over a landfill of the size they are proposing. Currently the Blue Ridge landfill has been in use since the early 1990s and under the current contract will remain open for another 13 years. If BFI is allowed to expand I think the new landfill will be open for more 40 years. So far the city of Pearland has gotten involved and formally stated they are an af
  17. I really like Las Rosas. Great atmosphere and great food to go along with it.
  18. Thanks. Does that include your homestead exemption?
  19. SCR is not built on a landfill, but there is a landfill directly west of the subdivision on the Fort Bend county side, west side of FM 521. That landfill was started in the early 1990s and was originally proposed to be "done" in about 5 or 6 years from this year, at which point they cover the landfill and stop dumping trash in it. There is currently a proposal by BFI to expand that landfill. The City of Pearland, and numerous residents are fighting the expansion. You can find information at http://cabrle.spaces.live.com/ The contention points that nearby residents are taking is the size of
  20. I typically enter SCR on Shadow Creek Parkway from BW8 and never had any problems with water. I did see water build up on the south side of the neighborhood on 518. I think some of the problem is the construction for expanding it, so hopefully that will be alleviated once the expansion is complete. As far as the ponds and lakes I've never noticed an odor, but I do sometimes see trash build up on the edges. During mosquito season, you need to prepared in order to be around the lakes and trails since water can be haven for those pests.
  21. I live in SCR and love it. It seems very comparable to Silverlake/creek, but there are a lot more builder options in SCR and one of my big reasons for choosing SCR is the recreation areas and running trails. I hate the fact that taxes are so high, but hopefully as the neighborhood continues to fill out that will be mitigated. The reason I choose Pearland was because it was the halfway point between my job and my husband, as well as the proximity to downtown, the museum district, the stadium, etc. Granted traffic is bad during rush hour, but it's managable and I also go to Houston a lot on t
  22. As BWSchultz stated the City of Pearland doesn't allow plastic trash bins. Here's the link -> http://www.cityofpearland.com/index.asp?Ty...E-3D31D422FB23} As far as flooding, I didn't have any problems getting out of or into the neighborhood during the last rain storm. My husband was actually in and out of house that day and drove through the neighborhood and FM 2234/Shadow Creek Parkway with no problem (I live off of Kingsley near the new elementary school that is being built). I believe FM 518 to the south of the neighborhood did become impassable at some point, but the worst parts we
  23. The flood zoning really varies by area and no, the entire region is not in a flood hazard. The following link has a newsletter published from the City of Pearland regarding flooding http://www.cityofpearland.com/vertical/Sit...3A2ABEFB2E}.PDF Many of the areas around Clear Creek are prone more to flood, but the newer developments have built in detention ponds and better drainage systems to reduce risk. I think a lot of the older sections of Pearland are plagued by poor drainage. Does anyone have any more info on this? I live in SCR and my area is not in a flood plan, nor did I have to pur
  24. We got ours delivered from a place off of 288 near the BW. West side of 288. I can't remember the name of the place, but the grass was in good condition and has grown in nicely.
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