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  1. I like Kroger's for the quick run to the store type things. For a full grocery list I prefer HEB much more. HEB just has a bigger selection and I actually love the cooking demonstrations (I can actually cook a few meals now). Of course, you do have to plan your HEB trip a bit more so I guess it depends on what your shopping needs are.
  2. Saw this under another topic and thought it might be helpful to post here. Wasn't sure how to link.... Help bring a library to West Pearland! The Pearland Westside Library Task Force will host a town meeting on Thursday, August 28 at 7 p.m. to discuss plans to locate possible sites for a library, prepare a proposal to Pearland and Brazoria County leaders, and create a Friends of the Library organization. The meeting takes place at the Shadow Creek Ranch Visitor's Center, located at Shadow Creek Ranch Parkway and Kirby Drive. For more information, write to contact@fopwl.org www.fowpl.org
  3. Finally a good movie theater. Can't wait for it to open! I wish we had a bowling alley open on the west side (something like Main Event).
  4. Anyone have any updates on this? I know there was a meeting in the Quail Valley subdv last week, but I've been out of town and missed it.
  5. I live right off of Kinglsey road and it seems most of the subdivisions nearby are done or close to completion...with the exception of one that has an entrance on Kinglsey (can't remember the name), but they do have some new starts. It's definitly not moving as fast as it once was, but I see a lot of traffic with people looking at homes. from talking to some of the builders and realtors it looks like people are interested, but financing has become an issue.
  6. I actually really like Fish City Grill. They do have some pricer selections, but in generally they have a nice menu for under $8 or $9. Red Lobster is hit or miss with me. Some locations are actually quite good, and others are the dumps. Hopefully we'll get a good one here (can't wait for the cheesy biscuits).
  7. Sam's Boat is okay. I prefer the patio and bar over the restaurant itself. They were having live music every Friday night, but not sure if that is still going on. I also like a bar called The Wild Geese Tavern (I think). It's in the same area as Norton's. They have good bar specials and lots of pool tables for you pool sharks. I've also heard a couple of live bands there too, but maybe that's only for special occasions. haven't made it to the Cork Wine bar at the PTC, but wine is not really my scene anyway. BJ's Tavern has a nice bar, but again it's in a restaurant. BJ's also has a happ
  8. 288 & 2234 to Midtown - about 35 min between 6:45 and 7:45, plus or minus 10 minutes (earlier is better) Midtown to 288 & 2234 - about 30 min after 6 pm or before 5 pm. Add about 10-15 min from 5 to 6pm
  9. Maybe that's what the foundation they just laid is for.
  10. What network does your phone use? My cell phone is through AT&T and I haven't experienced any problems with coverage. I believe I'm using a 3G sim card, but looks like it switches to the Edge network occasionally. I'm not a techie so sorry I can't offer more info on how the networks work.
  11. Does anyone know what is going up next to the townhomes? It looks to me that the townhomes are on the right side (if you are facing North) and there is another taller building on the left side. Just wondering.
  12. I agree. Homes aren't selling as quickly and prices may have dropped but it's far from being a problem at this point. If you find a great deal for a house you want then go for it. I don't think it will be a problem in the long run. I bought my home two years ago and the comps are higher at this point, with the exception of a couple of one-offs which have moved moved very quickly. I really enjoy living with with all the amenities that Pearland has to offer, plus the close proximity to downtown, Reliant Stadium, etc. Good luck with your decision.
  13. I live in Regents Glen just off of Kingsley (across the street from Laura Ingalls Elem. School) and very rairly notice a smell. If I do, it's usually first thing in the morning and it's gone within a couple of hours. I've also biked and run across a lot of SCR and haven't really noticed any major odor problems. Sometimes I get an strange smell off the lakes, but it may just be standing water. Any time you smell a garbage odor complain with the TCEQ http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/compliance/complaints/index.html call us toll-free at 1-888-777-3186, or e-mail us at cmplaint@tceq.state.tx.u
  14. I use AAA insurance and they also do not have comprehensive coverage so I use the Texas Windstorm Pool which is about 950. The rest of the insurance is 800 through AAA. This is a new house in SCR and I have 250k coverage.
  15. Wine is being sold now and looks like the residents are ready to buy. The beer selection also seems to have expanded. Didn't really have a chance to check out too much.
  16. So how long will it be before I see wine in my grocery store? January 1st?
  17. West Pearland and East Pearland are two different places and I agree brerrabit that it's difficult at best to compare Sugarland with the East side of Pearland. The West side is comparable but there is still a long way to go before it catches up with Sugarland. One of the things I like most about Pearland though is it's proximity to Downtown and the ball parks. I know there is a lot of traffic during rush hour, but I avoid most of that and adjust my schedule accordingly. We go to a lot of games and meet friends in Dowtown, mid-town, up-town and it's just very convenient to get there from 28
  18. I wouldn't call my husband a redneck. I mean he likes to fish and hunt... and he does own a truck. OMG, I married a redneck!
  19. My husband has gone and he was just in awe. Absolutly loved it. But Bass Pro is right up his alley and he couldn't be happier to have it a few miles from our house.
  20. I think there was an article in the Chronicle about this yesterday. Two propositions up for election in November. 1) Serve mixed drinks and wine w/o club membership in restaurants and 2) Allow sale of wine in the grocery stores.
  21. Have you tried relationship manager or account manager/representative?
  22. Maybe I should have you send my inquiries. I get responses to the simple stuff, but nothing regarding the crime and vandalism or shut down pools. Also, I get info from the school district and city, but nothing from the HOA. I've already complained a couple of times and even met one of our HOA partners face-to-face, but for some reason those community newsletters can't make it to my mail box. Just curious, did SCR do anything for National Night Out? My old neighborhood always had a big community party (HOA fees - $200/year).
  23. My favorite is Las Rosas on 518, next door to Hamilton Inn. They usually have live music on Friday night and sometimes Saturday too. On the Border is the only crappy overhyped Mexican restaurant I can think of near 288. What others are there to avoid? Dos Hermanos closed down (good).
  24. I plan on suggesting it. Especially if they can't even respond to simple inquiries or communicate neighborhood news.
  25. I emailed the SCR HOA contact last week and still no response. Our person is Tonya Jones at tjones@pcmi-us.com Please post if you hear anything.
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