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  1. Wow, that is one twisty little road .... I can see problems ahead.
  2. .... but it does provide evidence that the owners of the Joy School are into building townhouses. Besides, a replat doesn't need physical addresses posted on the street, although addresses would be helpful in efficiently delivering supplies to a larger construction site.
  3. How do you explain the school installing new address posts (pictured in post above) that appeared over the weekend? There are a multiple of them all along the north side of the street (more than the previous 4 addresses of the apartment buildings). Also consider that a townhouse is being built on the other Joy School lot at 205(ish) Portland just down the street.
  4. Checked the Harris County tax role plats where the classic Portland apartments once stood, and they have indeed been replanted into townhouse sized lots .... it looks like the original "Museum Estates on Portland" concept is back on (perhaps by a new developer). The Joy School is NOT EXPANDING
  5. New developments at the Joy School "Expansion" are getting weird. Along the backside of the school itself, new posts with address numbers have appeared all along the street ... and their other structure across Portland is now appearing as a near duplicate of the adjacent townhouses .... Could it possibly be that the expansion of the school is not an expansion after all, and that they are planning to complete the original townhouse project? It just isn't clear, as in the first photo you also see a new gate in the fence between the school and the back of lot from which the old apartments were recently cleared. My bet is that the townhouse project is the most likely.
  6. @ Some one ..... I am sorry my previous statement appeared to be directed at you personally as that was not my intent. The "you" in my statement meant ALL the people who voted for BRT expecting it to be converted to RLT in the future. Many pardons.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly, but think Almeda would benefit more by a street reconfiguration so that LaBranch St., an outbound one-way, feeds directly into Almeda (northbound already leads into the inbound one-way Crawford St.) so that it forms a better connection to downtown. I never understood why this wasn't done YEARS ago.
  8. So it seems that FIESTA doesn't want to pay more for their lease (soon to expire), and IT IS THEIR decision not to renew (at market rates) and not Rice 'kicking them out'. That is good enough for me ..... besides with the new Whole Foods in Midtown and the new HEB in the 'Third Ward' the area will be amply supplied for grocery options. Could there be more? Sure ..... if it makes ECONOMIC sense. I predict a new grocery will be developed just north of I-45 soon enough as density (demand) increases
  9. While most people now consider the 'Third Ward' to be east of 288 and south of 45, in the ward system it was defined as the area in Houston lying east of Main Street and south of Congress. Midtown is a newer description and in this day and age a better descriptor as it is essentially an extension of downtown (which also is also partially in the old 'Third Ward'). There is no SANE reason to keep this definition other than trying to exert political/public opinion leverage over landowners since the ward system was revoked decades ago. Now days the major freeways mentioned above define the "Third Ward' neighborhood, and it might just as well be renamed TSU "Heights" or "East River Oaks". What they should be more concerned with it developing the area to it's maximum potential to provide decent paying jobs while encouraging the residents of the 'Third Ward' to educate themselves to take advantage of them.
  10. I repeat ..... BRT will not be replaced by LRT for at least 30 or so years, IF EVER. You cheered it on so you will just have to live with it. And while subways are possible to construct in Houston (they are in other places that are just as "floody") they will never be approved.
  11. You'd get a better answer on a tech site .... try CNET.com, not here
  12. Obviously you never heard of Rep. Tom Delay (R.-TX) of Sugar Land
  13. God forbid that Houston ever gets federal funding for light rail (even though EVERY OTHER major city in the nation has gotten federal funding for it). Why do Republicans hate Houston so much?
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