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  1. Thanks to former Republicans Rep.Tom DELAY (who blocked 90% federal grants for METRO rail money his entire time in Congress) and Rep. John Culberson (who blocked funding for the University line because rail would be "too noisy" through a six block area area on Richmond) we don't have such a robust system. Instead Metro had to "go it alone" with local taxpayer money to fund the limited rail we do have. Enjoy your buses.
  2. If BRT is built down the University corridor, you actually believe they are going to tear it up again to build out light rail? Rail needs a more robust substructure ... it isn't as simple as cutting out a few ditches in the concrete to lay the track. Do it right the first time or go home.
  3. Au contraire, mon amie .... I do indeed ride the Houston Metro Red Line and I hold a metro stored value card. Don't forget, assumptions make one a fool ....
  4. I really like what this building is becoming .... looks great!
  5. "Modern Tradition"??? .... what the heck is that? Makes no sense .....
  6. Oh, I know how the GOP overlords blocked it over and over from being built, but I've ridden on BRT's before and they are no better than a bus. I have also ridden on urban rail (including Houston's) and it has always been an enjoyable experience. The rail equipment is maintained better, the ride is quieter and the whole experience is a lot more enjoyable. I'll vote NO for this boondoggle
  7. LOL "River Oaks" .... give me a break
  8. Love the idea, Cougarpad ...golf has been over emphasized in CoH parks with the end result being to crowd much larger numbers of park goers into a small fraction of the overall park area. I would hate to think the Park Board members emphasize THOSE activities that they themselves prefer to use rather than what the majority of taxpayers actually use.
  9. Of there isn't light rail along the old "University" route down Richmond Ave I am voting against it .... BRT is a poor substitute and a waste of money while taking up just as much lane space. The trains add a cool factor to urban transit which attracts riders while BRT is still just a bus.
  10. I agree, the lake isn't large enough for water skiing, etc. .... I imagine most of the boaters (and there are a few) just putt around a bit or take their boats up to the clubhouse or dock at the small "village center".
  11. Perhaps they would actually attend school
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