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  1. Does anyone know what that tiny building on the corner is? Too bad they couldn't buy that property and have a full square building. It will look awkward having two giant brown walls on the corner. Maybe it belongs to the city?
  2. new-ish image of what it should look like when finished on the dealco website: https://www.dealco.net/listings/detail/6ab4c7db-70ae-424f-bffe-287393061656
  3. I wonder if they plan on connecting Canal St to Chartress instead of it being a dead end at the RR tracks. Would be nice to have another route underneath the tracks like Navigation does. Maybe not since that site plan above shows a parallel st with the tracks right on the end of the property. I doubt you'd be able to connect that to an underpass.
  4. I love Roostar and used to go weekly when I worked in the energy corridor. Having one in the neighborhood will be awesome. Really glad to see these badly needed food options coming to the east end.
  5. A new Thai restaurant just opened and i'm hearing good things. It's in a weird spot along Harrisburg but I'm hoping to give it a try soon. (6501 Harrisburg Boulevard) https://houston.eater.com/2020/7/30/21347694/street-to-kitchen-thai-restaurant-opening-houston-east-end-august-2020-chef-benchawan-painter
  6. I'm unsure what point you're trying to make. If it's between $499k townhouses, I would think that means there's sufficient reason and support for the city to update the road.
  7. speaking of, are there any plans to fix this issue? I drive/run/bike along Commerce St. a lot and it bothers me that there haven't been any efforts to improve that road.
  8. I'm certainly looking forward to this Gilbert! We eat poke often and this will by far be the closest option to order from. Looking forward to seeing your menu/instagram page soon!
  9. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Houston-developer-plans-high-end-project-in-East-15424528.php "Houston developer plans high-end project in East End. Houston's Planning Commission is expected to weigh in Thursday on a developer's request regarding an upscale real estate project proposed on six acres just outside downtown in the East End." "Michael Hsu, the prominent Texas architect behind M-K-T, Heights Mercantile and a long list of retail and restaurant projects in Houston and Austin, is designing the development, to be called The Mill after a lumber mill tha
  10. https://www.dealco.net/listings/detail/6ab4c7db-70ae-424f-bffe-287393061656 Not a whole lot of data but a few interior pics are shown on the listing here. I'd guess it would be a mixed office + retail space when it is finished.
  11. Also to add to the list: *I'm not aware of the BYOB policy on any of these places. I'm not even sure if I've ever brought my own booze into an establishment before. *Skipping adding the location because you're probably going to Google the place before you go anyway. Nancy's hustle New American/Bistro Everything on the menu. Especially Nancy Cakes. Villas Arcos Breakfast tacos Chorizo taco with beans and cheese Treats of Mexico Mexican desserts and snacks Chamoyadas. Or Unique ice cream flavors served in a concha
  12. Whole heatedly agree. It's better priced than the other places down the road. They're not BYOB though. Most importantly, they have the best margaritas in Houston, IMO. Specifically order the Fresh Lime Margaritas. They blow the house margs out of the water. They're cheaper and better than others in the area. Trust me, I know from experience 😄. I've been a fan of this gem and walk over for dinner often, but I've been picking up food and margaritas especially nowadays where you can take them to-go!
  13. Anyone know the status on when these businesses will move in/open?
  14. Yes! I've been there a couple times and the staff is pretty cool. It's a no frills wine bar with great options that are afordable. Recommend checking it out!
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