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  1. anybody have any additional insight into what this property will be used for?
  2. also really impressed with their service, ambience, food and drinks. I really have nothing but good things to say about it. It's an instant staple for the east end.
  3. I can already tell this bar is trash before I ever set foot in it.
  4. ya'll make good points about the lack of Dynamo interest by bars, but they're trying to fit the demand, which really is not in the Dynamo's favor right now. I want that to change, but it will take time. Anyways, this new concept is an exciting departure from the eyesore that was there for years. I think it's actually in a really good/unique location for this type of bar/restaurant. Hope it does well. I will definitely be checking it out soon!
  5. When will they tear down that run-down building down the street with a liquor store and who knows what else in there?
  6. yeah saw crowds around that area last night
  7. Big fan of Moon Tower dogs and I think their burgers are solid. Roostar was very good! The convenience and quality of it exceeds any slight increase in prices vs other viet food spots around. They also have beer on tap and a other stuff in their fridge if you want, which is pretty cool. Teapresso bar (coffee/boba tea spot) is opening up a location right next door to Roostar and their sign is up already (but I think they still have a few months before they're ready to open).
  8. I noticed today that they're piling up all the metal racks and what not in containers to haul away. I'm assuming next is tear down/demolition of the structures around the property?
  9. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/06-21-21-cafe-louie-new-all-day-cafe-restaurant-east-end-giant-leap-coffee-the-plant-angelo-emiliani/#slide=0 Culture map just posted an article with some more info on Cafe Louie.
  10. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/06-16-21-east-river-east-river-9-golf-riverhouse-houston-restaurant-wheatley-high-school-open-eado/ https://eastriver9.com/ Both are scheduled to open Q1 2022
  11. I think this should be moved or linked to the East End forum. @Urbannizer
  12. There had been utility equipment set up along that street with a pipe that ran down to the commerce street intersection for over a year. I wonder if it had something to do with that.
  13. wondering if anyone has an update on plans for a roundabout at this intersection? Those stoplights are horribly long and unnecessary for portions of the day.
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