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  1. Haha just a rumor I heard from someone in the industry. Take with a giant grain of salt.
  2. I heard a rumor that Bobby Huegel and Justin Yu are going to take over Night Shift as the 2nd 'Better Luck Tomorrow' but call it 'Better Luck Manana' with a focus on Bobby's beloved agave spirits.
  3. I do not envy the people who live in the houses next to this property.
  4. Would be cool if new ownership could bring back the original team involved and just start up operations under the same name. I love the custom decor and vibes of that spot and it still feels so new. It would be a waste to scrap it.
  5. I was driving by this warehouse today and the garage door was open. They were bringing out or loading in Slingshots. I've noticed some cars parked there during the day over the past month or so. Specifically a guy just sitting in a white car with the driver door open.... Kinda odd behavior. Either way, it's either being used as a storage warehouse or a rental center for these things. I guess we won't be seeing a food court any time soon!
  6. Houston Avenue? That's not at this location.
  7. Does anyone have an actual lead on what this property will be developed into? East River construction is going full steam ahead and it seems like the right time to start if this were to be a major grocery store.
  8. Are there any actual funds or work planned for Commerce St? I fully agree with this and am tired of the East End neglecting this major corridor with all the development going on along it.
  9. That's smart on their part. Think of all the extra money they'd make by charging for parking for sporting events/concerts. I wasn't a big fan of the delapataded buildings there tbh.
  10. I like the industrial look with the bricks. They match the building in the background as well as others around the east end. This is actually looking to be a really nice gas station. This area has been sorely needing one. Any word on the restaurant that's going in?
  11. anybody have any additional insight into what this property will be used for?
  12. also really impressed with their service, ambience, food and drinks. I really have nothing but good things to say about it. It's an instant staple for the east end.
  13. I can already tell this bar is trash before I ever set foot in it.
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