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  1. Also to add to the list: *I'm not aware of the BYOB policy on any of these places. I'm not even sure if I've ever brought my own booze into an establishment before. *Skipping adding the location because you're probably going to Google the place before you go anyway. Nancy's hustle New American/Bistro Everything on the menu. Especially Nancy Cakes. Villas Arcos Breakfast tacos Chorizo taco with beans and cheese Cajun Town Cajun Crawfish ettufe and blackened fish Treats of Mexico Mexican desserts and snacks Chamoyadas. Or Unique ice cream flavors served in a concha bun. Rodeo Goat Burgers 'Boadacious' burger
  2. Whole heatedly agree. It's better priced than the other places down the road. They're not BYOB though. Most importantly, they have the best margaritas in Houston, IMO. Specifically order the Fresh Lime Margaritas. They blow the house margs out of the water. They're cheaper and better than others in the area. Trust me, I know from experience 😄. I've been a fan of this gem and walk over for dinner often, but I've been picking up food and margaritas especially nowadays where you can take them to-go!
  3. Anyone know the status on when these businesses will move in/open?
  4. Yes! I've been there a couple times and the staff is pretty cool. It's a no frills wine bar with great options that are afordable. Recommend checking it out!
  5. The development here is called Commerce Row by InTown Homes: https://www.intown-homes.com/commerce-row
  6. Here's the rendering for anyone who doesn't feel like clicking the fb link.
  7. They really want 750 for this property?
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