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  1. The Italian Beef House was at the corner of Telephone Road and the Gulf Freeway, right under the huge Coca-Cola sign and across Knobloch Street from Sam SoRelle Lumber Company. They started as Henry's Feed Store, then became the Freeway Gun Shop. After the gun shop moved down the freeway (around Cullen, I believe), it became the Italian Beef House. It had the best pizza and Italian beef or Italian sausage sandwiches in town, hands down. Buster and Jeanne, Caroline, Maxine, and others made the Italian beef from scratch. The pizza was so loaded with toppings that you could barely pick one up! It also had a dining room and bar in the back that was popular with local businessmen. The building burnt-down in the late 1980s, I believe. There was a Steak and Egg Kitchen across Telephone Road from it and Epworth United Methodist Church was in back of it. I believe all of these places are just a part of East End lore at this stage of the game, including that giant Coke sign.
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