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  1. I feel like this is a legacy development still and I think they will still build it.
  2. I am really excited for this development although I wish we could get one of those towers in the previous renderings.
  3. They have a mixed use development built off Washington.
  4. Super excited for this development, Todd making some big time moves over the last couple of years. Freaking love HEB.
  5. Smart investment though in my opinion, fingers crossed that both developments are built Close to their initial renderings. This could spur much more investment in other neighborhoods when these developments turn out to be highly successful.
  6. I wish screening garages would become the standard. We have real use for it here in Houston as well as it would help keep temperatures down.
  7. Great looking development to pair with the park
  8. If the first renderings are true for the scale of the high rise and the newest render is true for the quality of the entire building I think it will be a knockout.
  9. That is great news!! Hopefully it will correlate to new HQ
  10. Freeway realignments happen all the time - it’s called development
  11. I hope 🤞🏽 the amount of glass on the facade doesn’t decrease dramatically like the Arabella.
  12. I feel that because this project has an architectural component like it has that people have for some reason forgot what the whole purpose is.
  13. I wish they could add some green space on top of the galleria with some restaurant/bars and some entertainment.
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