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  1. I didn’t realize that the Preston would be joining their podium with the roof of Hogg Palace, that is really cool 😎
  2. Something more in the 4-6 acre range along post oak 👀
  3. It was a great experience visiting the park, I am excited for the Land Bridge and further improvements. Somewhat off topic but I only wish that Uptown had a smaller city park within as well as bordering Memorial Park. Great addition to Memorial Park though, I feel that this is now the heart of the park so to speak.
  4. Wow it’s beautiful Hines Lake I love it
  5. Might make it the tallest or second tallest building on this side of the Williams we will see how it comes out fingers crossed for this and McNair and further redevelopment of the Richmond corridor in Uptown.
  6. This is what I usually refer to this area as, as well.
  7. I really hope that they follow through with the two towers, I feel like it would really elevate the area, even though it is nice already, but adding some luxury residential would raise the demand for more fine restaurants and shops; taking our Chinatown up a level.
  8. This building looks Really great driving by on 59.
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