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  1. Best current development by far. Super excited for it. I have a special interest in this area and wish I could implement my own project 👀
  2. If they can integrate greenery onto the parking structures that would be awesome.
  3. I think for luxury hotel developments, being a little of the main drag is not necessarily a bad thing. I think St. Regis is nicely tucked away as is the Houstonian. For a Hard Rock though I don’t see how it could ever work out. If a “failing” W brand can’t land in Houston in a good location, then how does a mediocre brand like Hard Rock land in a silly location on the backside of Uptown. A significant development here would help to obscure the view of the Mercer. Worst building in Houston.
  4. Does anyone know the projected height of this development?
  5. More green space integrated with the townhome developments would be nice for the aesthetic of the neighborhood, especially before it fills in.
  6. I can’t wait to scroll through when it is topped out and see the progress take shape.
  7. I always liked the sound of East End These kind of developments help give the “East side” a stronger sense of a neighborhood, I’m really not a fan of the rows upon rows of individual town homes.
  8. I would think ballpark district downtown would be better for a development like this and the W would fit in this location especially if they could create walkable retail to connect to McNair project and Post Oak.
  9. By the way I am new to commenting on the forum but I have really enjoyed following for awhile now. It is such a great tool for those a little more interested in our great city and what the future holds, as well as being able to see where projects started from-the speculation and of course who drops the first tidbits of info. Exciting times.
  10. I hope they place restaurant/retail fronting the new park.
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