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  1. I believe the best place to erect an observation tower would be where the Estates at Memorial Heights Apartments are currently located, If they put METRORail on Washington headed towards bullet train station from downtown. The tower would be located just across the bayou from the Ismaili Center and in between Lower Heights district and Regent Square with undindered views of downtown and all the glory of Buffalo Bayou. Not to mention capture every skyline and even the new beltway bridge.
  2. I will still be surprised if this is the tallest building out of 5 planned for Caydon.
  3. I think they should take one of the parking lots and turn it into a park with a mix use residential high rise.
  4. Read the article, it gives more background of how Tobiuo came to be.
  5. I like UT expanding, its great for the city, I like A&M expanding too but both on the medical side. Both are doing so. The PUF money should go to UH in some kind of major deal like this, makes more sense to me since it is the public university in(of) Houston.
  6. We don’t know specifics... Sugar Land only represents around 1/7 of fort bend county anyway. You think folks in Katy would support this? Wishful thinking would be to think that Fort Bend county could think 25 years in the future. Let’s be real though.
  7. While that sounds great, I think it is great that UH is building the medical school on campus to increase the perspective of UH as a medical college. Texas A&M, Baylor and UT have longevity. UH can attain similar status maybe but it is not quite there yet. Let’s build up our medical program on campus and then expand to TMC later on and more community involvement with the university in the 3rd ward is always a positive thing. Also these other colleges have a ton of more money than UH. Land is cheaper in 3rd ward.
  8. There is plenty of room to build dense and any development that embraces green space is planning for the future and trying to set a better example. I want a couple of world class green spaces to add to downtown area.
  9. Is it the entire block including home plate?
  10. I really wish someone would develop the lot with the Cadillac dealership into a open space mixed use with green space since it is also a contiguous block
  11. What all does the 1.7 acre parcel entail
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