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  1. Being in the field for a couple of decades, I've come across these type of questions countless times. Sometimes people contact me before they have the idea, sometimes after. Many times people are not even sure what polished concrete is. Too many "contractors may try and pass of staining and sealing as the same thing. Or worse, try and pass a trowel-able overlay as polished concrete. True polished concrete is mechanical grinding, honing, and polishing of the slab. The technology comes from the granite industry. If you think of the finish of a granite countertop, there is not a film based sealer, this is truly a polished surface. So the distinction is the concrete floors' gloss is achieved by refinement rather than a film based sealer. There is a huge difference in quality and durability. It's best to be open about the benefits and limitations of polished concrete prior to help someone decide on what is best for them. I wrote this and a few other articles to help educate those interested. I do not install for residential, but I hope these topics can help you. Thanks, Steve
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